Serious Vagina Problem.

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    Good Day readers,

    Approximately 7 months ago I have been trying with the same issue over and over again and quite frankly any assistance or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Have been to doctors, gynecologists and dermatologist and today the issue still persists.

    It began as a with a burning sensation down under my gyno was booked up so someone recommended a doc to me, I made an appointment and visited him, he said was an yeast infection that now started to act up. With no avail because within one week the burning sensation came bk and this time with a little discharge spoke to him again he said to me these things come bk and he prescribe some thing else. That did not wk. Within two weeks I make an appointment to see a gyno by that time, the burning sensation, discharge got worst and a rash was there. After taking his medication every thing disappeared for 3 weeks. I was really elated, but low and behold it was bk I made approx 4 visits to my personal doctor (the burning was unbearable, ever time I urinate it will burn very more) because my personal gyno was not available all this time. He tried but nothing. Final got an appointment to see my gyno he said from what I am describing sounds like a yeast infection that was not treated properly. I also did a test to check for cancer (nothing) within three months I was bk in is office he game me more medication and told me if the problem comes bk, check a demonologist which he referred me to. I even changed all my cotton underwear to see if that’s the issue (again nothing). Got an ease with the mediation he gave me for 6 weeks. That felt so good. Every thing was gone again, my discharge, the burning sensation and the rash every thing was going lovely. Well after 6 weeks I was in the demonologist office his visits and course of medication did me NO justice. At present I am bk with my rash. Every thing else has cleared up with the second visit to my gyno. Penetration during sex is unmentionable pain full; I went to have my sex drive bk so please any one who think they can assist, I look forward to reading your response.

    Thanks in advance.

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    First off, do not douche. Douching takes away the good flora and PH that we need.

    You really need to be seen by a good Gynocologist, that understands yeast infections, or sexually transmitted infections, and how to treat them. There are many different approaches, because there many different things it could be, or be caused from. You Dr needs to determine first with testing to see if it is actually a yeast infection.

    If you are sexually active, it may be caused from your partner. So again, finding out what it is, and why you are getting them, is key to finding out the correct treatment.
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    It was about 2 years ago, I had a bad rash that quickly reached a point of being raw and almost bleeding. I saw a good doctor and it turned out to be an allergy to the laundry detergent. I never imagined that happening.

    The doctor prescribed a special cream and also said that some of the laundry detergents are too harsh for the genital areas and to look for laundry detergents that have no perfumes, no dyes and are for sensitive skin.

    Also, he told me to only use Dove bar soap without scent when showering because some of the soaps contain perfumes, dyes and they can be too harsh on the genital areas. He said avoid Irish Spring and ones like that.

    It all worked and I was so pleased because I was scared and had no idea what had happened.

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    Because today even Drs do NOT recommend using a douche. It kills the good stuff that we have to have.
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    Thanks stick2013, but the Gyno said it not my partner, he said its something woman go is not something you get from your partner, there is no fix him to fix me.. I have asked that question numerous times.

    And you are correct the gyno stopped me from douching.

    have a nice day....

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    First for all thank you for your response.

    I was also advice to use the Dove soap which I presently doin the other soaps are a no no....yes the perfumes are nt to used on your genital and can be very harsh. as for the laundry detergent, i have always been hearing about it but never really tried it..... May be I should.....

    have a great day TwoCatDoctors....
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    I agree with laundry detergents and perfumed soaps,and also colored unde wear and clothes that are to tight around that area,try to soak in a tub of warm water with sage
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    Your body has all these natural antibodies (good and bad). You wash away the good ones with the bad. That is very conterproductive to your system. Do get a feminine wash for external. It is more gentle than your bath soaps. Yes...take a break from sex and let your body heal. Maybe your partner should be checked out to see if he has an infection. I would use a non perfumed baby detergent for you fine washables.