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  1. gypsy101

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    So, I was dx with fibro, called it "early fibro" last month. I had some trigger points, not all. I had several months of joint pain (thought it was reative arthritis, not ra), increasing achiness in shoulders, neck, back of head, back, down upper arms a bit. No real fatigue, though I had bouts of foggy brain that were quite pronounced.

    So, test after test. Joint pain goes away, back aches and pains replace the joint pain. All my tests come back negative. Doc tells me I have early fibro and that it will get worse from here on in.

    I come here.

    I go slugging through all my problems, file for divorce, take stock of my mistakes in life, decide to live life to the fullest, go to be earlier, get rid of sugar, and love myself for a change.

    I'm sleeping better than ever. Pain is virtually gone....though, it was only here for about three weeks anyway.... so why did the doc tell me I had fibro?

    Do you think I had it? I mean, I feel so much better. I've been reading plenty here and I think my doc made a mistake.

    I think he dxed me wrong. I think I had stress.

    Can stress really cause all the pain I had? Can it cause some trigger points to be painful? You know if I go to the doc and tell him this stuff, he'll label me crazy.

    I went to two therapists/family counselors this past two weeks. The first said he didn't think I needed to be his patient because he's more into medicines and that he thinks talking through my issues is really what I need to do. I went to his recommended dr. She was really nice, listened to me and ended the session by telling me that I don't need to become a "Patient" of her's either. I was shocked. I insisted I'm screwed up. She insisted that my life is difficult right now, my plans are clear, my ideas on how to recover from all this crap are great, just what she would recommend and the only problem she sees is occasionally I dwell a little too long on "what ifs" that increase my anxiety but that all she believes I need right now is reassurance that I'm doing the right things.

    What a kick in the head.

    No one wants me to become a patient.

    They think I'm doing great.

    But anyway, my pain in my back, shoulders, neck and arms has nearly vanished... unless I begin dwelling.... like for instance- right now, just typing all this out- I can feel the burning in the back of my neck and upper back creeping in. I know that my shoulders are hunching upwards and getting tight.

    You guys KNOW about fibro... live it daily. Am I not really a fibro patient???!!!! Can stress cause all this????? Trigger points too!!???

  2. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    About all I can say is that (for me) the best thing to do is rest and rest and rest and rest.

    I feel so much better when i do that. When I am up for an extended period of time, the pain starts.

    If I am stressed I will usually end up with a flare up.

    As for the couselors you saw...hmmm... if I were you I would try a psychiatrist (M.D.) as opposed to 'counselors'.

    It never hurts to let an M.D. check up on your health.

  3. Slayadragon

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    What kind of insurance do you have? The only time I've heard of doctors systematically not wanting patients is a) if they have a full schedule (in which case they wouldn't meet with you to begin with) or b) if they don't think there's money to be made.

    It would be interesting to hear if there's a third reason, though.
  4. abcanada

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    my docs are on the verge of diagnosing me with FM, buut have been adament about ruling out other things.I've been in alot of similar pain on and off for 5 years. Since my last baby,(early Pregnancy), I've been on a downhill slide with all these constantly acting up at once. No matter what I do , the pain will not subside. This is probably the least stressful time in my life. It tookk until this MAJOR episode for me to realize there was a serious problem. Seems that stress is the culprit for some people.
    Wishing you health, Laura
  5. Bruinz

    Bruinz New Member

    Glad you are better.

    I don't think anyone can make a diagnosis if the symptoms haven't been longer than 6 months and there has to be pain in all four parts of the body.

    I think too early a diagnosis is one of the worst things that happen to a patient and to this illness.

    Best of luck at remaining FM free.


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  6. Callum

    Callum New Member

    Can stress cause all those symptoms - most definitely!

    Can you rule out Fibro? In my opinion, only the future, you and your doctor can do that.

    If you have good insurance, my suggestion is that you try cognitive behavioral therapy. If it is stress, it will give you tools to keep these terrible physical symptoms from returning. If it's fibro, it can help give you a firm foundation to deal with the disease in the healthiest mental state possible.

    Best of luck!

  7. Susi-di

    Susi-di New Member

    I would say for a truly correct FM diagnosis, or to rule it out, go see a good Rheumatologist. Your Family doc' can refer you to one. They need to look way back at your medical records, and ask you alot of questions, and you need to have all of your pressure points checked, maybe even x-rays to rule out anything else. Pain is usually in all four quadrants of the body, and for much longer than what you have experienced (months/years). Chronic fatique, anxiety, depression, problems with short-term memory (fibro-fog), and of course the daily pain etc... are some of the symptoms. Hopefully you just had a brief bout with something else. Take Care and see a good Rheumatologist. Susi-di
  8. gypsy101

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    throwing out a dx of fm like that. I only had the pain in my upper areas for about a month total. I knew nothing about fm. I believed him. I am shocked that stress could be the culprit. I have spent time walking with the fear of becoming fatigued due to "my fm".... Been careful to do anything too strenuous so that I don't burn out on my three kids.... I never slept so POORLY as I have since the dx... Then I woke up every freaking hour convinced it was normal for people with fm... Then I began to prime myself for a solid night's sleep with repetitive phrases encouraging me to not wake up, I can do it, sleep throught the night, be healthy, etc... I've been sleeping throught the night for the past week just fine. I think the dx really screwed me up. I had maybe 5 trigger points that hurt. Not a dozen. Could have been stress? I feel so poorly treated by that doc. And he's a GREAT rheumatologist, btw. Well known. Sold me $300 worth of suppliments that day. Hmmm.

    As for the counselor, the first one was a psychiatrist. I went all hard core on myself initially! Talked with me for an hour, told me I was not a good patient for him. He deals more with pharmeceutical management of issues. Saw no need for them in me. Also, said he couldn't be objective... was on my side and thougth a divorce was a great idea. Told me to go see a woman in town who deals with these issues, talks, helps find solutions. So, that's what I did. And, like I said, after listening to me, my plans, my every detail... she said I was on the right path, didn't lack self-esteem, my anxiety level seemed appropriate for the situation... didn't need to become a "client". Told me to call for an appt if I felt that I was becoming too anxious and needed to go over what was causing too much stress. Other than that, she said I have to expect it to be a bit scary, a bit confusing and that's normal... not a medical emergency. I think that shows a healthy level of ethics on thier part... not robbing me blind under the guise of "helping me".

    I'll look into the mfp.

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