Seriously Odd Muscle Spasms

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ashleymarie, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. ashleymarie

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    Does anyone have muscle spasms while sleeping? I wake myself several times throughout the night because of these spasms. They aren't just like a little twitch, it's a total spasm- arm flying through the air, leg shooting up, etc. It even waked my boyfriend up, he says I pretty much do this all night long. He's gotten used to it now, thank goodness. It also happens when I'm not fully asleep, like when I'm just starting to nap or fall asleep in that stage when you're still aware of you body. Anyway, I'm just wondering if it's a Fibro thing or not? If anyone knows of a way to make this stop, I'd love to hear your suggestions!
  2. Engel

    Engel New Member

    I jerk myself awak even. Happens other times too. Sleep clinic DR thinks it is associated with RLS.
  3. jmq

    jmq New Member

    I do it too...wake myself up with them. Daytime naps too. I also stretch and moan alot in my sleep due to the pain...r wake up numb in my legs or hands. My hubby said he watched me last night waving my one arm around like I was conducting a symphony..

    I wish I knew what would make it stop so I could all get a good nights sleep too.

    Glad you made this post...
  4. Reidsbeads

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    I get them when i am half asleep and then i just jerk myself awake. It is so weird that was going to be my post if no one else asked. I have also noticed that my legs are so sore lately i can barely walk from my hips to my feet. My hands are sore all the time to which makes it hard to come and post but i need to cause no one else understands so i come here to be understood while i whine:) I do the moaning alot too. Thank goodness my hubby understands pain cause he has problems with his feet real bad problems. Tam
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  5. mujuer

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    from what I have researched, it sounds like dystonia is what happens when you have rls all over the body. Type it in your search engines and find out what you can.

    I take Requip but it doesn't help from the waist up. I take a muscle relaxer for all of the other weirdness and it does the trick.
  6. roge

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    Hi ashleymarie

    I started getting these same jerks at the start of 2005. Some say they are nornal (hypnic jerks) but I am not so sure these are not a sign of something or as normal as people think. At the very least I would bet the % of people who have this problem on a regular basis is much much higher in the CFS and FM population than the general pop. Yes, otherwise healthy people (ie. Lisaloo's hubby) gets them and why I refrain 100% from saying they are abnormal.

    However I think we can agree if it is occuring at increased frequency (nightly or even 2-3x /week) , this is not normal! That doesn't mean one has some serious malfunction here and is going to die (although when they first start happening to you it feels that way) but that it is likely a symptom of something else, quite possibly fatigue and why it likely happens to normal people who are just fatigued from time to time and why I would argue it happens more in CFS and FM people cause we are fatigued much more than the general population.

    I get mine mainly at night and mainly when just drifting into stage 1 sleep. I will say they are much worse in the daytime when I try and take a nap when I am fatigued, I would say almost guaranteed i will get them in the daytime when trying to fall sleep compared to say 25-50% of the time when falling to sleep at night. These things seem cyclical with some periods being worse than others, there is simply no rhyme or reason to them and I was trying to figure out what brought them on but after 1 year I gave up and have come to the conclusion that there just seems to be no reason why some nights they hit and others they don't.

    I also get some in the day when I am actually awake and not trying to fall alseep (more so when my brain gets very fatigued or if I am staring at the t.v or the computer screen and then all of a sudden I get zapped and my whole leg jolts or I feel a zap and literally my head jolts back a few inches. I have to say this was the scariest thing that I have ever experienced when they started as I felt like I was losing control of my body and just a very unpleasant feeling when you get zapped and parts of your body are moving at lightning speed. Still bites, but with time like a lot of things you get used to them and they no longer freak me out.

    According to a Nuro the day time jerks are not normal (or are less normal than the nigth time ones when falling alseep) and he felt they were due to a "viral insult or a metabolic disorder that may progress". They sure do feel seizure like.

    I had FM from 1990-2004 and was able to work full time, then I got a sinus infection (viral , bacterial - not sure) in late 2004 and got run down, and then these jerks started, among more symtpoms that I never had. Been off work ever since. It would appear I now have CFS in addition to the FM, or maybe the FM just got worse, who knows. It would be interesting to know if this symptom is more common in FM or CFS. It appears initially that it is more common for FM, but I am not sure.

    I disagree with a poster that these jerks are dystonia, they are defincitely myoclonic in nature as this is the fastest movement disorder, dystonia is not as fast.

    It could also be RLS or more like atypical RLS, although I suspect it is a separare sleep disorder all together on the myoclonus spectrum (RLS, PLMD, ect). I thought a pretty major of RLS is the urge to move one's legs and having other weird sensations. I don't get any of that and why I don't suspect these myoclonic jerks (when one falls alseep) is RLS, but again maybe atypical RLS, who knows.

    I would be curious to know also, for those that get these jerks and even RLS, how many were on a seretonin medication prior to them as there is an association with AD's and other seretonin meds and RLS and maybe even these sleep onset jerks

    As for what to make it stop, well there is clonazepam if want to go that route and I take as needed on bad nights as this drug has anti- seizure properties. Others have had success with other various supplements but can't rememeber. There is very little know about these jerks and even myoclonus at large but initial thinking is an imbalance with either GABA or Seretonin, but maybe even dopamine assuming these jerks are some type of atypical RLS cause dopamine has been implicated in RLS and many with RLS find some relief with dopamine increasing meds. So maybe experimenting with supplements that increase these neurotransmiatters might be worth a try which is essentially pasrt of the treatment for FM and CFS at large. Some are GABA, L- Theanine, 5-Htp, L- Tryptophan, SAM-e. And then there are other many prescription meds that work on these chemicals as well.

    Obviously, if the jerks do not interfere with you getting to sleep or staying alseep, then no need to take anything and just have to endure these suckers when they hit. But is does sound like they are actually waking you up from your sleep? If so, then this is quite significant cause mine for the most part are when I try to fall alseep. Sounds like you could also have PLMD (periodic limb movement disorder) where you get jerking in stage 2 sleep predominately. You might want to get a sleep study done.

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