Seriphos problems!!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by crickett, Jan 19, 2012.

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    Do not know what to do now .? Evidently since I have started taking seriphos it has fired up my hital hernia and my stomach has been killing me . Not sure which direction to turn to. Feeling very hopeless. Any ideas
  2. crickett

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    Thank you Leah for your reply. It is a supplement I am taking. I tried cutting back to just 2 at a time but no it fires up my hernia. My current dr was the one who told me about seriphos . And she has not been very helpful to me at all. I have been working with a compounding pharmacist who try's to help me best she can . My surgeon who removed my gallbladder told me about my hital hernia but said bland diet was all you can do for it and avoid acidic foods. So I quit taking my seriphos and will try magnolia bark to see if that helps.
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    I'm really sorry to hear that the Seriphos seems to be firing up your hernia.

    My standby remedy as almost always is to find a chiro who does muscle testing. They can tell you if the Seriphos or something else is causing teh problem.

    You might tolerate the Relora better too, it's supposed to lower cortisol like Seriphos.

    Several years ago I had right lower abdominal pain (a dull ache) and felt sick, fluish, went to the doctor who did a barium enema and found nothing. Went to my chiro who found that my ileocecal valve was stuck open, and s**t was literally backing up into my body making me sick. The reason I'm telling you this is because I read a little about hiatal hernias and read that often the ileocecal valve is involved. And also stress. At the time I had this problem I was under severe stress - my marriage was collapsing but I was still in the house with my now ex-hsuband, and I was sick, it was really bad and I'm sure stress caused the problem. The chiro was able to "fix" it by pressing down on my abdomen in the right place. I learned how to do it myself and when the stressful situation finally resolved, this problem stopped happening. I also read on-line that some chiros can actually help the stomach go back into place with a hiatal hernia, so another reason you may want to go see one.

    Good luck -

    Best wishes,


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