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    What problems can I encounter using Seriphos. I called Clymer Healing in PA and they said I should see their doctor first. Since I live in Michigan that wasn't on option. I did tell them that I have an Endo doctor and they advised that I have tests done first. I had blood work done last month showing High Cortisol of 24.1

    I have have problems sleeping for the past year and have tried Doxepin, Klonopin,Eavil, Xanax, Trazdone and Lunesta. They still don't give me a solid nights sleep and they all make me feel like a Zombie the next day.

    I won't be seeing my Endo till first of November. She increased my thyroid from 112 to 137 and said it will take that long to take effect for energy.......

    I know I can order from other sites on the Internet but am concerned that perhaps I should wait for more complete testing of my adrenals. Scarflady
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    to do an ASI (Adrenal Stress Index) done if you haven't already? I haven't been to Clymer in about a year, but it is my understanding that the ASI is the initial test they've used in the past to determine the particular stage of adrenal exhaustion so that they could treat it.

    The ASI is a saliva test, not a blood test, so you do it yourself, at home, then send it in to the lab to get results. They'd take about 10 days to 2 weeks. In addition to cortisol levels, it checks DHEA, and a couple of other things.

    This is the way I started w/Clymer. I did six months of phone consults before I was able to go up for a week.
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    Thanks Julu!

    Perhaps I should call my Endo and request the ASI test. Since I won't see her till November she would then have the results to discuss when I do see her. Perhaps a test for B12 would help too.

    Thanks again for your input.


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