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    Hey All,

    About 6-7 years ago I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. My doc suggested Seriphos. I took that with another adrenal support supplement for a couple years and things normalized. I have been reading up here that Seriphos actually lowers adrenal levels.

    So I am confused. Can anyone educate me?

    I have a lot of health problems causing a ton of symptoms.....so my health is complicated. I am going to an integrative doc next week. And getting more and more happy I made that appointment!

  2. freida

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    i am just too ill to answer you right now.

    and Mary, has a very bad cold,

    but I hope she will come back in time to see your post and answer you.

    if not, i hope the posts we wrote firstone, titled melatonin questions,

    and then the followup 2 strings, will help you figure out what we were saying.

    you could click on Mary's or my username, to get our profiles,
    and then our posts, select this board, and you could find all of it.

    sorry i just cannot explain right now, i'm in a very difficult way.

  3. lesliesue

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    I am so sorry you feel so terrible. My thoughts are with you for better days soon.

  4. freida

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    I see that Mary must be sick with her bad cold, and hasn't been online. To answer you better than me.

    So, the short version,
    is I think, that the Seriphos might help to lower it at the times it is high and should be low.
    If it is going up and down, ( which it should)
    but not at the correct times it should fluctuate, or not in the correct directions,
    during the 24-hour cycle.

    And then that the Seriphos would actually help it to work better, so it regulates itself.

    If the adrenal function is too low all the time, maybe Seriphos won't help,

    but if it is too low at some times of day, such as morning and afternoon,
    but if it then goes up at night and disrupts sleep, (because it should go down in evening, not up)

    then the Seriphos might lower it at night, and help it overall, by perhaps reversing its mistaken times.

    And it might support the overalll function, so the adrenal is not straining so hard to try to work right, so it might help some people.
    Some people have anxiety during the day, because the adrenal is trying so hard to work, so it may help calm that.

    I don't know if it's all true, or much about it,

    or if it would be right for you or not,

    but that is how I think I understand what it might do.

    Is that Any help?

    I still hope that Mary will return and explain it better than that, for you,
    or that she will correct me, where I may have not understood or explained it well.

    Thanks again, for your wishes for me.
    It's a very hard time for me.
    I really appreciate the support.


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  5. mbofov

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    Seriphos helps lower cortisol levels, not adrenal levels. They're not quite the same thing. I took both Seriphos and an adrenal glandular to help support my adrenals. My adrenals were very weak at the time. But I had high cortisol at night, so the Seriphos helped normalize my cortisol levels, while the adrenal glandular helped strengthen my adrenals.

    HOpe this helps - good luck with your doc next week -

  6. mbofov

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    I'm sorry to hear you're so sick - I'm finally starting to feel human again.

    One thing I started taking while sick was honey. I generally avoid it because of the sugar and extra calories but one of my sisters takes it when she gets sinus/cold issues and it helps. She was in Italy I think once, very sick, and the waiters brought her honey, everyone told her to take honey, and it actually worked. I don't need the calories but nothing was helping so I started the honey, as well as yin chiao (Chinese herbal combo) and zinc lozenges.

    I hope you feel better soon!