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  1. heapsreal

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    Hi all,
    Sleep has been terrible, my doctor in the past has said he would try me on seroquel for my insomnia, I hesitated and exhausted other options first.Have used antihistamines, benzos didnt work at all, ambien, imovane, doxepine, endep, avanza, kava, valerian, melatonin, gabba, tryptophan, 5htp,phenibut,may have missed something, thats most of them.They seem to work for a few weeks then nothing. Ambien was good for 3 years, doxepine and avanza are good once every 3 weeks or so but to many sides. 19 years of shift work doesnt help, but i dont want to give up my job which i work part time and its rotating shifts and no straight day work.

    Now im considering it(seroquel). Wanting others experience with it. Does it tend to wear off if used eg every second night, weight gain/ apettite increase as bad a doxepine/or avanza, and next day hangover bad or tends to lesson, and what doses were taken for insomnia(im not bipolar just cfs/fibro/insomnia).

    Appreciate any advice(not much else I havent tried)
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    don't take it... My friend took it and had bad experiences with it... Gained 30 lbs, became hypothyroid, her blood sugar went out of whack (she is a type 2 diabetic) her liver enzymes went through the roof (she is hep C)..her whole system went crazy... My friend went off it and feels WAY better...she also switched drs and the new dr couldn't understand why the old dr kept her on it... My therapist says the stuff is nasty too... I would never take it myself... That is for you to decide.. Just my opinion if the drug
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    Is a drug used to treat schizophrenia and bi-polar illness. Why a doctor would want you to use this for sleep issues is beyond me.

    My daughter, who is mentally ill was put on Seroquel for her symptoms and it helped her tremendously, mentally. also caused all of the symptoms mentioned by the other poster. She's now hypothyroid, and hugely over weight.

    Please consider other options like Trazadone, which has worked for me for a few years now. I get 8-9 hours sleep a night.

    You can also do a search for this on this board and you'll see that we've discussed this medication many times.

    It's not unusual to gain around 10 pounds a month on this medication.


    Nancy B
  4. heapsreal

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    hi, havent tried trazadone, dont think its available in australia, from what i have read it sounds similar to doxepine,but less weight gain issues.
  5. Nanledaroe

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    I've never tried it but my husband used to take Seroquel to help him sleep. He never had any problems with it and it helped him immensely. He said it was the only thing that helped him get a good night's sleep. He had tried almost everything else out there prescribed for sleep and Seroquel was the only thing he liked. He'd still be taking it but we've lost our insurance coverage and it's too expensive without prescription coverage.
  6. PVLady

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    My doctor (for fibro) is against Seroquel. Another doc gave me a ton of samples and he was so upset. I also tried many different meds for sleep.

    I understand Seroquel is used at higher doses for schizophrenia. I was worried about developing some sort of mental problem by taking it. I don't need to add another problem. Also, if you read the potential side effects of Seroquel, they are kind of scary.

    What finally worked was to take one Soma and 5 mg of Ambien at bedtime. The Soma makes you sleepy also. It works great together.

    Have you ever tried Restoril? It worked pretty well for me at one time.
  7. dragon06

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    I tried it and it did absolutely nothing for me.
  8. heapsreal

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    what is the generic name of soma, is it a muscle relaxant etc. Restoril i think is tamazepam if so yes tried it, benzo's make me feel calm but not sleepy, just relaxed till the sun comes up lol. Alot of medication names are different hear in Australia.
  9. 2_TiReD

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    My psychiatrist put me on seroquel when I went on an 11-day no sleep bout (I have been diagnosed as bi-polar 2) and it did absolutely nothing to help me get to sleep. By the morning of the eleventh day, I felt as if I were in a stupor and crashed. My doctor had me continue on the seroquel for two weeks, but it absolutely knocked me on my butt the days after I took it. After stopping the seroquel, the drugged out feeling stopped. I was kind of scared by the way it made me feel and I have taken many, many drugs. Just my experience.

  10. lurkernomore

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    Hey, I'm lovin' it! Finally, I get to use some of my experience as a former pharmacy tech. The generic name for Soma is Carisoprodol. I hope that helps you out.

    I also think the generic, in this case, is just as effective as the Brand. I worked for a lot of pharmacists and much to my surprise, even they agreed that some generics are just not as good as Brand. But in this case, all agreed that the generic is just as effective..and of course, cheaper. Which is always a plus, huh?
  11. scott14

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    I tried many sleep medications, and many (like Doxepin) would work for a while and then not. I was put on Seroquel mainly because I had developed a rather severe anxiety condition, but it was also prescribed for sleep. For sleep, it is typically prescribed at very low doses (anywhere from 25 to 75 mg's). For mental illness (bi-polar) it is prescribed at much higheer doses (300 mg's). It really helped me sleep (combined with a low dose of Klonapin I had been on) and also my anxiety, but I had to keep increasing the dose after a while. So I am now somewhere in the middle range regarding doseage: 150 mg's. I have been able to remain at this level and still sleep through the night. It also keeps my anxiety down.

    Problem is that it does cause next day drowsiness (which improves over time). But it (along with the Klonapin) may be causing unpleasant side effects like morning depression and sluggishness, along with racing/crazy thoughts upon early wakeneing (or if resting/napping during day). It may also be exacerbating a low thyroid which I have to begin with. It may also be causing a bit of a constipation problem.

    In spite of my side effects and concerns, in my case I think it beats the terrible anxiety and insomnia I had before taking it. Have been on it for a little over a year now.

  12. baanders

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    I've been taking seroquel (not bipolar) for about 1 year for insomnia. Nothing else works. I do get back pain and I take 50 mg. I wonder if it causes back pain. I don't remember back pain before taking it.

    Does anyone else have this effect?

    I may get off this stuff. I think it makes me wake up in a stupor.

    Any thoughts?
    Thanks so much :)
  13. scott14

    scott14 New Member

    Can anyone explain why Seroquel is considered very dangerous?
  14. Nanledaroe

    Nanledaroe New Member

    Beats me Scott. A few months ago I went through withdrawing from Paxil after taking it for several years. The hell I went through with Paxil makes me think that it is far more dangerous than Seroquel!
  15. samaelrising

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    I know what works for one person may not work for someone else --

    But I've been taking Seroquel for a year and a half now and it's helped quite a lot.

    I've had fibro for 9 years, and horrendous insomnia. Seroquel has given me something approaching a normal sleep cycle, and with the sleep, the pain has reduced.

    You have to take it correctly - Take the entire dose at night, at bedtime, to induce sleep.

    If you take it in low doses - like 100 mg for example - Seroquel is simply knocking you out through its affect on your histamine receptors. It's like taking a wheelbarrel full of Benadryl.

    To get the long term benefits, and a far more better sleep - You need a more "natural" affect - through Seroquel's affects on serotonin - which requires a higher dose.

    Over the past year and a half, I've been taking 600 mg a night.

    I've recently gone down to 500 mg, and I'm now seeing if I can reduce it even further. But when I first started, and for a long time afterwards, I had to take 600 - 700 mg a night. It could be different for you. But my shrink at the time told me 600 mg a night was the "average" dose for fibro patients.

    I'm certainly not cured of my fibro - but it's had a huge impact on me.

    Take it or leave it : )

    But it's worth a try.


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