serotonin and sleep

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  1. heapsreal

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    A question I have always wondered, they say serotonin helps sleep, but why when alot of people take ssri's that raise serotonin, it causes insomnia or worsens insomnia? Even when using it for long periods. 5htp has never done anything for me either way.

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    I also had tried 5htp like 4 different times. I thought that was more a feel good supplement.

    I've tried melatonin for sleep several times too. Some things work on me for awhile, but then all the sudden they stop working.

    I'm now looking for something to help me sleep. I'm on Ambien CR and 2methadone, 1 flexeril or 1 soma and a vicodin es. I've tried any combo of these.

    Here I sit at 4 am wide awake. My little poodle even gave up on me and went to bed.

    What to do? I don't know................Kathie
  3. heapsreal

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    u sound similar to me sleep wise. I cant take anything more then twice in a row and it stops working. I rotate between a few things, my 2 favourite compo's are doxepin 50mg/valium 10mg twice/week, the other seroquel 100mg with 150mg lyrica once/week. I use these combos sparringly as its good restorative sleep. The rest of the time its zopiclone or antihistamines and herbal stuff.

    I was just wondering about ssri's as in the past have found them good for mood and cognitive energy but bad for sleep, although have read where after a few weeks they help sleep, not in my case. Have read that drugs that block 5ht2a can be used to overcome insomnia of ssri's. 5ht2a antagonists eg avanza, seroquel, periactin (cheap over the counter antihistamine), maybe phenergan, trazodone. So trying to get alist and see what i can maybe take with a low dose of zoloft like 12.5-25mg.
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    Here's what helps me alot. At bedtime, I take L-Tryptophan & a Klonopin. When I wake up midnight, I take another Tryptophan, Klonopin & Dalmane 30mg. I usually get 8-9 hrs sleep a night.

    If I've been overstimulated during the day, I can also add Hyland's Calms Forte (it's a homeopathic, so you can take as many as you want).

    I only take 500 mg Tryptophan at a time, but others take alot more. Also the vitamin D3 which is now recommended for seasonal affective disorder will raise your serotonin levels.