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    Can anyone please tell which other foods help with serotonin besides bananas. My partner is newly diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I'm information gathering. Thanks.
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    Bananas, avocados, tomatos, asparagus, sweet potatoes, turkey, milk, chocolate (you knew there had to be a good excuse to eat it, right?).
    If you have serious neurotransmitter depletion, getting more sunlight and eating right is a good idea, but will not be enough. You will need to modify your lifestyle to be slower, quieter and more simple, permanently, and you will need amino acid supplements.
    The usual starting program is a good quality mega-dose multi-vitamin with minerals, and 500 mgs. of Tyrosine 2 times daily, and 100 mgs. 5-HTP twice daily. The tyrosine can be slowly raised as high as 2000 mgs. and the 5-HTP can go up to 200 mgs., though I have seen it prescribed as high as 300 mgs. 3 times per day, or just 300 mgs. at bedtime.
    Do not take tyrosine without careful supervision if you have high blood pressure.
    Do not take 5-HTP while on anti-depressants or MAO inhibitors.
    You may want to see a holistic practitioner to help with this.
    Good luck,
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    Thanks to layinglow and klutzo.