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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Staceymarie, Jul 13, 2006.

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    Okay, I have been trying to explain this to friends and co-workers and they look at me as if I have 2 heads.

    First problem....the other day I was driving to work and suddenly my vision went completely out...with no warning...for about 5 seconds. I didn't even have time to pull off the road. Someone mentioned "optical migranes" maybe...but I didn't feel like I was having a migrane. I just had a tiny, dull headache behind the eyes which is almost a given for me on a daily basis. Anyone ever experienced this??? What could that be?

    Next weird thing...I was laying on the couch trying to take a nap and even the smallest sounds felt like they were "shocking" me. Maybe shocking isn't the best word to use, but it's like they would cause my heart to race and make me jump. This has happened to me a lot lately and it's weird because it's not even loud sounds. I have no idea what it is and why all of a sudden little sounds are affecting me.

    Last thing, I have a few tiny places that have come up on one of my arms and its on my chin as well. They look like red bumps and when I scratch them, it takes them forever to go away!

    I had a huge cold sore on my upper lip 5-6 months ago and when that went away, this stuff on my chin comes up. It started on the right side of my chin and stayed there for 3 months. Finally it cleared up but not before spreading to the left side of my chin.

    It's NOT acne...I'm sure of that. Each morning, when I wash my face, it is like dead skin flakes off of this rash (with little red bumps), and the next morning, there's more skin to be peeled off. The bumps on my arm (3-4 of them), just end up being sores that scab over but won't go away.

    I know its really gross, but after so many months, I'm very curious. Could the "herpes" virus be causing this? I ask that because I get cold sores a lot...or is it probably something else??

    Sorry so long...thanks in advance for any input on these disturbing symptoms.

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    hey concerning your sores have you been checked for lupus?
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    Yes, have you been checked out for Lupus? My niece has Lupus and I remember her having a short period of blindness. And then there is that rash. Something to think about if you haven't already.
    I also have been having weird symptoms. Itching without a rash, knee pain, hip pain that starts with one hip radiates acrosss my lower abdomen and then settles in my other hip and then goes away. Not very painful, just weird!
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    Because you are blanking out while driving, I would call the doctor right away. I would hate to see you driving unsafe rather hurting yourself and/or others.