Severe and incapacitating back pain and meds

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    I'm new to this. I just wanted to ask a question that nobody will give me an answer to. I've had severe and incapacitating back pain for almost five years now. I do take a narcotic and muscle relaxers daily, but I also take several psych drugs for those symptoms of my fibromyalgia. Right now, I'm having a bad flareup, but my physician won't order anything because of all the meds. Pretty well, I just lay in bed and cry. Could any of you give me advice on what I should do. I have no life at all at these times............Paula
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    Hi Paula,
    Unfortunately for us, there are still so many doctors that have not had any education on FMS/CFIDS/CMP and many still belive that it is in our heads. My original doc would not give me the meds that I needed for fear of my becoming addicted. HA! I can't blame hiim though, he has been taught that it is a psychosomatic illness (all in our head).

    I was blessed recently with a nurse practitioner that is now working in his office and she has FMS/CFIDS/CMP and Lupus. I am now getting the treatment that I need and extra meds as needed. If your doctor insists on not treating you as you feel you need to be, then maybe it is time to consider looking for another doctor.

    Also, I don't know if it will help or not, but I spend a considerable amount of time on the heating pad and I have to get massages (or figure out how to do it myself). The majority of my back pain was coming from myofascial pain and that can be worked on. If you don't have any massage tools for your back, try putting a hard rubber ball in a sock (the sock is to help control the positioning) and lean against a wall with the ball behind your back. If there are knots back there, you may not even know it until you hit one of them. My worse ones are behind my shoulder blades and difficult to reach without a triggerpoint massage tool.

    Hayleycole has some good info on here about myofascial pain, trigger points and massage. You might try searching some of her posts. The muscle relaxers didn't ever seem to really help me. I current take lorcets and xanax and that combination helps me more than anything, but I do have to work those trigger points on a regular basis.

    Gentle hugs and wishing you comfort and relief soon,
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    It it amazing to me how much back pain can affect everything that you do. When it gets to a point where you are it can sometimes seem hopeless.

    My pain management doctor put me on the duragesic pain patch when I was in between my two back surgeries. It was a God send. Perhaps you could talk to you doctor about the meds you are already on and what the pain patch could replace or work with.

    Pain is hard, it puts a person thru a living h**l, but don't give up. Somewhere somehow there is a way for you to get thru it all. If your doctor is worried about all the meds you are on, there has to be a way to work on what to take and what you can replace.

    Sorry i am rambling but I am having a really bad pain day and can't seem to think very straight.
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    So sorry hearing of all your back pain~
    I know what thats like,...I've had back problems for over 13 yrs. (Herniated disks,sciatica,scoliosis)
    and arthritis. Along with FM.

    For me,..heat works best. Try a moist heat.
    or take a hot bath using a cup or 2 of epsom salts.

    Although I HAVE to use pain meds everyday, I take mostly OTC pain meds. Partly because I can't get a script for anything strong.
    But a few yrs ago I had a dr. that would give me just about anything. I found that the more I took, the more my back would hurt when the pain med wore off.
    so I guess I was building up a tolerance.

    It sounds as tho you need something stronger now for flare ups.
    Can you ask for something stronger just to get you by?? like just a small script without refills?

    I've noticed that if I can go without meds a few days then when I do take soemthing it helps more.(very hard to do)
    I hope this helps~
    Have you tried PT? or massage?
    feel better~

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