Severe burning/tingling in neck and arms and spreading :(

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    For quite some time, my "normal" migraines have been changing. I started to experience worse neck/jaw pain. Then my neck just started to hurt all the time. About a month ago, my neck hurt so bad that I could barely turn to the left. The pains were shooting down my shoulder and into my arm and hand. I went to my PCP three times. Bascially they did nothing. Not even an xray. My PCP is worthless. He actually said..."I don't know what i can do for you." The last visit he put in a rheum referral. I work for rheum, so I figured they would take care of me. They put me on neurontin and ordered a MRI of my cervical spine. My insurance denied it because they wanted me to try PT. Yeah. Neurontin helps a bit. In the past couple weeks the "burning pain" in my neck has gotten MUCH worse. I am getting "electric type"sensations down both my arms and even in my legs and stomach. They don't really hurt, but they literally feel like I am being shocked all the time in different places. My arm/neck is still quite painful. My headaches are almost everyday. I had and EMG today. It was normal. I can't take it anymore. I feel like I am going insane. They drs don't seem to care. I work a full time job plus have kids. It is getting more and more difficult to function. Depression is right around the corner. Can anyone help?????
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    I don't have any answers for you, but I do have some questions relating to what you are going through.

    My sister has been experiencing burning pain in her neck for quite some time. At first whenIt would happen her ears would get cherry red, and hot. The burning pain would be horrible for her. Now it is spreading through out her body. She gets red blotches all over her torso, and the burning pain too. NOT ONE DR has been able to tell her what's wrong. Some have basically laughed at her.

    She did have surgery on her neck a yr ago, but the pain has gotten worse, not better.

    Please let me know if you experience this too. And if you do get a diagnosis, please let us know. Vise versa for my sister if she gets one.

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    I get furious when a medical insurance carrier says that you have to have PT before you can have an MRI. I had that happen with another medical insurance carrier years ago. It makes no sense and actually you need the MRI first to see what is happening so that the MRI can properly ascertain what is happening and then the doctor can direct PT. Otherwise it's backwards and you don't get the value of the PT without knowing what is wrong.

    For the migraines, when they change and particularly when they are now almost every day, it is time to get into the neurologist that is treating you for migraines. If it is a primary care doctor that is treating you, he should be referring you to a neurologist that specializes in migraines. The neurologist needs to know of the changes to the migraines and would want to do a neurological physical on you and I get that from time to time. It's not a test on machines, but the neurologist made me walk a very short distance heel to toe (like a DUI test) and he looked at certain particulars (unfortunately for me I started to fall and he caught me--I'm not good for that stuff and I had to go back into my electric scooter). He did much more on the physical and was gauging movement, how quickly, etc.

    The botox for migraines is directed in many places including the occipital area at the back, the neck and the shoulders so they all apparently play a part in migraines. That you mention those areas as problem areas makes me wonder if there is a connection to the migraines.

    I had an EMG and it showed I had nerve damage in my hands. The guy doing it sent so much electrical current through each time, that it brought me right up off the examining table and had me shaking. I hurt so bad after he was finished. A result of normal doesn't mean you are not experiencing other ailments. Don't give up.
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    Thanks for responding. My upper chest gets quite red. Almost like I am blushing. That has been going on for years. Other than redness. I just can't take the quick "electric like" sensations. At my elbow joint...but on the inside it hurts like crazy. I noticed when I had blood drawn theh last time when the phleblotimist put the needle in my are, the pain shot all the way down to my wrist. My wrists have really been hurting a lot lately. No swelling or anything. I have lost all hope in my doctors. It is like they don't care. Like I am crazy. I tried to get him to fill FMLA papers for me because at times I can't stay at work. I am a secretary and sit all day. Which seems to be worse. The dr literally said "what should i put on the FMLA papers...we don't know what is wrong with you." So I suffer through the pain sensations, the neck pain, the everyday headaches. I suffer through the Physical therrapy. i must complete 6 weeks without getting any better before my insurance will pay for the MRI. Frustrating. I wish your sister well. I hope she gets the answers she deserves. Doctors only seem interested in the "normal easy answers within the box."