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    I have struggled with severe depression for nearly 20 years, and have been successful on Cymbalta 60 mg, Zyprexa 2.5 x 2, for about 4 years. All of the sudden, I'm feeling like I cannot concentrate, my thoughts are racing, I'm disorganized, and I'm really super depressed. My doctor put me on Zyprexa 4 years ago, because she thought I was hypomanic. I've always been sort of melancholy, but now I'm paranoid, I keep checking 3-4 times to make sure my front door is closed in the morning so my cats don't get out, and I'm super depressed, fatigued, etc. Could I really be bipolar? My mood definitely needs to be elevated, but how to you achieve that with the meds that are on the market now, and what sort of meds would anyone suggest. Thanks very much.
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    I don't know which type of doctor you are seeing, but you definitely should be seeing a psychiatrist to get a complete diagnosis of your mental ailments. Sometimes you can have one or have several mental health ailments at one time and actually no one here can diagnose you and you need a professional psychiatrist to do that.

    Also, sometimes it takes changing meds several times until the right med/meds are found. And sometimes after many years, you may have to change meds completely because they stop working. Therapy is another vital element and with it you learn valuable tools to cope with the symptoms of your mental health ailments, like the disorganization, being paranoid, etc. Therapy is very important and essential for you.

    So before you wonder any more, find out what mental health ailments a psychiatrist diagnoses you with. Good luck.
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    "Twocatdoctors' said exactly what I would have said.