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    Is there anyone out there who can give me an alternative for depression treatment besides anti-depressants? I really need help but always have bad results with anti depressants. with waiting on ssd running out of money and the intense pain its more than I can stand. I really dont want to be around anymore, I know thats not the right way to think and I wont act on it but thats how I feel.

    Guess Im just feeling sorry for myself...but Ive got to get some releif and see just alittle light at the end of the tunnel. I know that their are others out there who have it worst than I do. My hats off to those who can get a handle on it. I have never had a problem picking up the peices before but this time is different.

    I have never been depressed for this long before. I was on antis for about a year one time and they nearly drove me off the deep end. Ive been depressed for about two years now.

    anyway can anyone suggest a herbal remedy for depression...thanks for your help and sorry for the self pity trip....
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    YOu need help immediately. Seek info from your DOC or a naturopath DOC... Do not think that you are alone out there. that always make it seem worse. I have tried ST> Johns wort or SAMI, but one should not take these supplements with bipolar disorder, because it can magnify the manic episodes. Ask your DOC about these, I finally had to go on prozac, its been years now and I have improved alot on this with no side effects... I had tried just about everything prior. THis illness really brings alot of turmoil in our lives, its bad enough to have the physical aspect of it but the psychological can sometimes be worse... Dont wait for this to go away, you deserve to feel better!!! Love Iggy
    keep us posted on what you do.[This Message was Edited on 06/30/2003]
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    How did the prozac effect you? Did you have alot of weight gain? I know I need help...Beleive me I dont hav4 any other kind of mental disorder except what this DD had presented me with...If it were not for my faith in God I wouldnt be here if you know what I mean....Love you, Trish
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    if you are depressed-don't mess around about it.get to your doc and get some help.i'm glad i did when i was depressed.please-call your doc!

    kathy c
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    You sound like your really stuck in bad place right now. From the description you have given of your symptoms I would say that you really need to get in touch with a counselor. The depression may be being aggravated by the pain, however you could also be clinically depressed hasrd to know until you have seen a good therapist or physician that really recognzes the difference. Either way you sound like your in need of a great deal of support right now. Have you tried a community mental health agency, I work for one and most of them have therapits or nurses and doctors that deal with chronic pain and depression. The good thing is that if you don't have insurance they will usually use a sliding scale for fees based on your income so it might cost you very little. Please don't wait any longer get in touch with a professional you have been depressed for far to long. A support group for depression of FM/CFS msy also be very helpful so you are not feeling so isolated and alone with this DD. Take care and let us know how you are doing I think many people have shown that they really care what happens to you.

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    I am feeling exactly like you do right now, I am trying to work up my courage to talk to someone. I am having trouble coming to terms with the betrayal of my body.

    I don't have any advice, others have given you good advice.

    Just want to say I feel for you and you are not alone, I will be following this thread for hints for myself as well.

    The sx. really put you into a spin don't they?

    mstg. please come back and let us know how you are doing in a day or two? Take care of yourdelf.
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    Hi mstg~~I've been there, and I believe that all of us eventually hit that Black Hole of Despair & Depression. I've been a therapist for 30 years, and I have been where you are now.

    If you have been depressed for going on two years now, you are "Clinically Depressed" and this requires professional help. Find you a good therapist that you trust and like. You can be upfront about not wanting any more anti-depressants. A good therapist can provide you with encouraging support, act as a guide through the issues that are causing the depression, advocate for you in your disabiity claim--especially the diagnosis of "Clinical Depression", offer you a confidential place to ventilate, be a source of comfort, offer suggestions, give you an emotional anchor, and be honest with you. And, since public mental health centers run on a sliding scale based on your income, it probably won't cost you much especially considering the benefits you will receive.

    We all need help from time to time, and we need to do our best to get it for ourselves. We deserve it. We need that compassionate, understanding heart to reach down and gently pull us up from that Black Hole into the Sunlight again. So, be kind to yourself and make that call to get the help you need. I'm a therapist, and from time to time I need go talk to my therapist for a reality check. It's a pro-active, healthy thing to do.

    Also, years ago my man was watching the morning Health Watch segment on CNN, and they were talking about a new vitamin called NADH (commercially known as Enada) that had shown amazing results with people who had depression, CFS, and alzheizmers. I went to a health store and bought a box of 5mg and per directions--took one 5mg every morning first thing on an empty stomach chased by a bottle of water. The first 7 days I noticed no difference. Then, on the 8th day at 10 o'clock while at work--I noticed a completely different feeling come over me. It was as though the weight of the world had been lifted off my mind & body. There was no rush, no high to it--just a sense of lightness of Being, a positive mind frame, a happier disposition, and an enchanced mood. Plus, I felt energy coursing through my body. As I continued to take it, I received better & better results. It completely did away with my depression and my CFS for as long as I took it. I also upped my dosage to 10mg per day after the 3rd week of starting it. It is up to you to find the dosage that works for you. It is not known to interfere with any other medications, is non-habit forming, and dosages can be adjusted to fit your needs. Research has shown that even very high dosages have no ill-effect on the body. You can buy it right here on this site for the best price. I couldn't believe the difference in me--and neither could my mate. I had all the energy I needed (in fact after a year, I ended up lowering my dose back to 5mgs and only took it every other day or 3 times a week); I smiled and laughed easier and alot; my thoughts and feelings were positive, and I lost that sense of doom & gloom that was always hanging over me like a dark cloud--it vanished! I realize that what works for one may not work for another--but have you got to lose? Yet, you have alot to gain if it works for you. Try it for 90 days. Most people start at the 10mg level. However, you have to take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, chase it with a bottle of water to flush it out of the stomach acids as soon as possible, don't lay back down after you take it, and 30 minutes later--you can eat or drink whatever you want.

    We've all been where you are my dear, and you don't have to live this way. But you do have to reach out and make the first move. Do it. You'll be "HAPPY" you did. Blessings to you, and if there's anything I can do to help you--just send me a post. Blessings, Carol....
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    I also suffer from clinical depression, my Dr. first put me on zoloft which caused weight gain and other side effects I now take wellbutrin 150mg am and pm and it seems to work well. It's hard to know what to do, especially worrying about $'s, ssd etc. Just know that this too has to pass.
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    Dear mstg,

    Please seek professional help ASAP. Most cities have mental health centers that accepts walk-ins and they are usually run by the state. If for some reason that does not work out for you please call a suicide hotline. Tell them that you are not contemplating suicide but that you DO need help for your depression. They will be able to point you in the right direction and maybe even be able to get you in touch with a dr ASAP.

    When I had my first bout of severe depression and was at the end of my rope I got out the phone book and called the 1st pyschiatrist that was listed. I told the receptionist that I felt like my head was going to explode because of all my racing thoughts and that I was feeling suicidal...I was at that point...she put me on hold and when she came back she asked how long it would take me to get to the office. I was there in 15 minutes. The dr prescribed Desyrel sp?...generic is Trazadone...very, very cheap. I felt so much better in just a couple of days. I know that usually they say it takes a week or two to get into your system but it seemed to work almost right away for me...and I am not one that likes AD's either.

    You are not alone. We are here for you, but, please seek help ASAP. Depression that is left untreated only becomes worse and you can get into even deeper despair. We care about you!!

    Please keep us updated on what you decide to do.


  10. Lynda B.

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    I agree with all above you must see a professional and (in my opnionion) should be a psyciatrist. They are the only docs that will prescribe a therapeutic dose of an anti-depepressant.

    If you were on one for a year one of two things happened if it did not have a positive effect. One, this med did not work for you or two, you did not take it at a high enough dose.

    I was on Zoloft with my internist for months before going to a psyciatrist. When she bumbed it up, all of the sudden my entire life's outlook changed. Most regular docs, outside of psyciatrists, will only prescrive a certain amount and won't go above that.

    You don't need us except as a support. You need a professional.

    Lynda B.
  11. Iggy_RN

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    the first few weeks of prozac made me feel a little queezy in my stomach, I did not seem to put on weight like the other meds, In a month I felt so normal I functioned instead of obsessing about everything. Go see a good Doc ASAP!
    Prozac took away the fog of confusion that I lived in for years, THANK GOD! Love Iggy
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    I agree about seeing a psychiatrist for anti-depressants (if you go that route). My internist put me on Zoloft, and every time I/we figured it wasn't working, she'd increase the dose. After a year of it not working, she switched me to Prozac. Same thing, but at the end she added another med--boy, I was sure HAPPY for 6 weeks (a drug-induced happiness that was "wrong") so I went to a psychiatrist. He put me on Effexor, which worked almost right away, after 2+ years of meds that didn't work.

    The downside is he didn't know much about SAMe or St. John's wort. (If you do use them, ask the pharmacist or health food store about a quality brand since the "strength" or whatever isn't regulated.)

    The bigger downside is the weasly chickensh*@ wrote in all my chart notes while I was seeing him that my symptoms were probably not caused by depression. In the chart note for the last appointment before I moved, he said "continue to believe her symptoms are caused by depression". So if you do see a psychiatrist, make sure it's one who believes in CFS/FMS.

    Didn't I read in some post that you're in SD? I live just north of Dickinson and if either of us ever had the energy, we could meet!
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    Not to sound like a broken record here, but do get some help. Get to whomever you can for the immediate help to get through you current crisis. I suggest you find a psychologist who has a lot of experience with posttruamatic stress disorder and or medical support psychology. While you may be clinically depressed, constant pain is a form of truama and I have found in my own life being treated by someone who understand PTSD and the sorts of problems that extended periods of pain can cause imporved things a lot. If the counseling part of things doesn't effectively deal with the feelings you have in response to being "tortured" by the pain and the frustrations about notgetting adequate help to relieve it you won't be dealing with th whole problem and thus you can easily alpse back into a very bad place. I saw such an expert who had also worked with POWs who had been tortured and then had worked with the militarty to develop conditioning pograms and treatments to help soldiers go on without completely cracking up.

    Call a pain management clinic, they can likely get you refferal to such an expert. Be sure to discuss in as much detail as you can the pain issues you face daily and what the worst flares were like to you body and mind. Unlike
    most depressions resulting for chemical imbalance or truamatic events of the past, chronic illnes sis truama that continues and we who suffer neeed very specfic coping thechniques and conselors who understand what unrelieved chronic pain means. Don't be afraid to educate your conselor about fibro if he os she is not very familar with it. Likewise put whoeve ris helping you with the psychologicalissues in touch with your or another psycian who is highly educated about fibro. This will help make sure the psychiologist doesn't make the mistake of writing off your perceprions of extreme pain to psychopatholgy when it is a real organic problem. I had that badness happen to me once with a shrink who wa snot educated about fibro or chronic pain. there are many out theire who do specailize inmedical support pyschology and that is what we with FMS need, not just someone who will treat us as if we have a depression that doesn't have components of truma.

    I am sure that if you know what to lok for, you can find a good one to help you. Talk to doctors, pain management clinics, and the paitent advocate offices at a hospital to get a quality referal. You deserve someone who specializes in what you are going through.

    You may email me privately at if you need anything.Perhaps, I could even help you find someone to help you in your area, I am pretty good at net research and the personi see might know of a specailist in your area.

    Last night, I was at level 9 pain with fibo flare, a migraine and asthma all it one and I had the thoughts of leaving my body forever. I know how it goes.
    I think at one time or another we all get to that point.
    Don't feel ashamed that you got there. you are not alone and we help all we can make sure you don't stay stuck in that very bad place.

    You are not alone,

  14. elaine_p

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    Oh, forgot to say that I was seeing a counselor for my counseling. The psychiatrist just prescribed the meds.
  15. mitch123

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    I have moderate depression and have has no success with ant depressents. My Traditional Chinese Medicine practioner gave me Wuchaseng extract, and it has done the trick, helps you relax too, great for CFS, that is an added bonus.
    Keep looking
  16. Wolverine

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    Its called Serenity - its apparently the organic mineral form of lithium that has no side effects and its great for alot of things according to the list on the site 'findserenitynow' etc. Look up my post titled - Anyone tried serenity?

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    Depression is very serious. You can make it through this, but not alone. You need to see your GP or Psych, counselor etc. Do you have any other support you can lean on, such as family members? It sounds like you were not dianosed or medicated correctly, but if you didn't go tell your doc, he can't fix you. This is nothing to be ashamed of.JUst swallow your pride and make an appt. If you do not have insurance go to ER. They will let you make payments.
    I have a friend who did not go talk to her doc, or those of us who loved her. We never knew how much she was suffering until we read her suicide note. She is not dead, but in a nursing home with a feeding tube.
    Mstg, you will get back on your feet again. You just have to get some help.
    We are all here for you, but you need to go seek help and not take anything but what your doc says is appropriate for you. This is even more important now with the depression/bipolar disorder. It is nothing to be ashamed of.
    Reaching out to you,
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    I understand how you feel. I have been diagnosed with Severe Clinical Depression. I am on anti-depressants as well as medication for Bipolar. Zoloft literally saved my life several years ago.

    Before I was diagnosed with Bipolar I tried herbal/alternative medication and it did not help me but it does help others. Also, being Bipolar Sam-E and other alternative meds are are not to be used.

    I always have a low grade depression which at times esculates as does the manic side of me. The pain factor does not help.

    Do you see a pdoc? Two years is a long time to suffer. I am with you as far as waiting for SSDI and're not alone.

    Feel better.