Severe fatigue and weakness and dizziness

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    How many of you with CFIDS/Fibromyalgia and Chronic EBV have flareups where you are completely weak and dizzy, stuffy ear and glands hurting. This is a horrible disease, and I've been in and out of the hospital trying to help me, but it isn't working. I feel like I'm dying. My nose and ears are all plugged up all the time. Seems like my body is on overdrive and reacting to everything. I had an ear infection and ear canal infection, but I don't think the ear infection was fully treated and not sure if it would even help or make matters worse at this time because of all antibiotics hurting your system. I'm scared and alone. My husband has to work and my son doesn't have much use for all this, and my poor daughter with 3 kids tries to help me. Do any of you have to have help walking sometimes because of the weakness and vertigo? This is ridiculous.
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    My dad used to use Olive Leaf Extract. I wish he was still alive. I would not be going through all this. He was a great chiropractor and very good at reflexology. He helped me get well when I first got sick in 1995. Oh how I wish he was still alive!!!! I know I already said that, but really do miss him and need him right now. He was a very smart man! He passed away several years ago, and I was not able to see him because of this disease. I miss him so much!!!
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    It is horrible! Part of my daily symptoms involve feeling weak and dizzy and aching all over. It really is like you have this 24/7 infection that won't go away. Many of us have that feeling of reacting to everything and just being so hypersensative.

    Jamin really loves grape seed extract a lot so perhaps that might be something to try for your nose and ears. I have read up on it and it appears to have multiple applications. It helps circulation, antihistamine, some antimicrobial properties, and the proanthocyanidins and anthocyanidins that are in the extract are antiinflammatory as well as antioxidant. It also crosses the blood-brain barrier. Perhaps worth a shot? The olive leaf extract is also another idea for viral infection, although it did lower my blood pressure a bit when I took it years ago.

    I am currently not using anything at all because I am waiting for some blood tests, but will be trying some protocols very soon to get myself back. I'll keep you in my prayers and I hope you can find some combination to help you.

    PS: I am so sorry about your dad. My father passed away a few years back and miss him so much.
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    I'd suggest you find a chiropractor (especially since your dad was such a good one!) who does muscle testing - mine helped me so much.

    He found my weak adrenals, which were causing severe weakness and fatigue and no doctor picked this up. He gave me Drenatrophin PMG by Standard Process an adrenal glandular product, and it was great - my energy started to increase in just a couple of days after starting it. He also helped me with several digestive issues, that again regular doctors were helpless with.

    How are your vitamin D levels? I used to have chronic sinus infections but since my vitamin D levels are up where my doctor wants them (close to 70), I don't get those any more.

    If you go to the Standard Process website and call their customer service, they will give you the names of practitioners in your area who use their products (and genreally do muscle testing). I think I would have been bedridden without my chiropractor.

    Also, you might look into an integrative medicine doctor - go to the website and you can find one in your area. I have found that regular doctors are useless, and sometimes worse than useless (prescribing inappropriate meds) with these illnesses. Integrative medicine doctors will combine the best of allopathic and alternative medicine, which seems to be the only way to go.

    Best wishes,

  5. GBHope

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    as you Mary, and I too am taking some Drenatrophin. I also am waiting for some hypothalomex to come in because my thyroid is being affected. I take Congaplex, Immuplex, Cataplex ACP, digestive enzymes, heavy probiotics and Catalyn. Most of these products are Standard Process, but some are Biotics. How much of the Drenatrophin are you taking?

    I am not entirely sure what is causing all the dizziness. May be partly yeast-related. I keep on having so much stuffiness and fullness in my ears and sinuses, which seemed to get worse when I was on the antibiotics. I'm a hot mess, LOL. Do you yourself suffer with any dizziness? I just know my system has really gotten messed up bad over the last year with the reactivated EBV, vaccines, working and antibiotics. I hope there is light at the end of the tunnel for us all. This sucks!!

  6. GBHope

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    I can't even walk sometimes lately and it got really bad when I started taking more antibiotics. My balance is all screwed up all the time. I just hope we all start feeling better soon. I'm sorry to hear about your dad as well neoplus1. I just know I do pretty well with the Standard products and some Biotics. I know the chiropractor wants me to take a homeopathic antibiotic detoxification. That makes me very nervous. I know she is trying to help, but I react to ridiculously to everything sometimes.

  7. mbofov

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    Wow, it does sound like you are covering most of the bases. You very well could be right about the yeast - I have read that many sinus conditions are yeast-related and especially since it gets worse when you've been on antibiotics.

    I don't have dizziness. So the dizziness may be related to your sinus condition. But I was weak as a kitten many years ago when my weak adrenals were first diagnosed by my chiro. At that time I think I was taking 9 tablets a day (at least) of Drenatrophin for probably close to two weeks and then gradually decreased the dose. I've taken it off and on over the years since. Pantothenic acid is also essential for adrenal health and can help a lot.

    I found that virgin coconut oil is very effective against yeast infections. I would start with one tablespoon a day and see how you react, and work up to two. I herxed quite badly on it several years ago when I was fighting a recurrent yeast infection - it worked really well so it is important to go slowly with it. Coconut oil has lauric acid and caprylic acid and something else I think which helps kill yeast and even some viruses.

    I hope there is light for you too! I am better than I was several years ago so I think there is hope - just too bad we have to wade through so much c**p to get there!

    Take care -

  8. GBHope

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    I am taking some heavy doses of probiotic right now, (6) tabs, and she wants me to work up to (9) because my gut tests so bad right now. I am on some regular medications. Unfortunately whatever is going on with balance system, either neurologic, yeast or ears, I am having to take a little more than my 1 mg of lorazepam at night to help with my balance. I wish I could find a good doctor who could figure all this out with my being unable to be upright lately when I first get up a lot of the time. I know all the drugs they keep pumping me full of in the ER when I have these spells are not helping entirely.

    I myself was doing better than I had been in years in summer of 2009 and went to work FT from home, then started working nights, then EBV reactivated and having chronic sinus infections, so wanted me to have some vacciness, which I wish so badly I could turn back time and take that back because I feel that pushed things over the edge, and then too many antibiotics just finished it all.

    I just hope there is light at the end of the tunnel. I don't want to stay like this. I have not been this sick since 1995 and some of this that's going on is a tad bit worse.

    I am supposed to take up to 5 or 6 of the Drenatrophin, but starting off slow.

    Hang in there.

  9. I used to get chronic sinus infections, but since I started using a nose bedet (netty pot) nightly, along with cutting down dairy intake, my sinus infections are a thing of the past (thank God!). And if I start to feel any mucus in my throat or nose, I cut the dairy out completely (since it is mucus-forming in the body). Also, if I feel like I'm coming down with something, I irrigate my sinuses with the netty pot 2 to 3 times a day (be sure salt is dissolved in the warm water first... use distilled water or boil water and then let it come down to a warm temp) AND I swab the inside of my nose with DMSO, which kills some viruses and bacteria. But I only use the dmso if I'm coming down with some bug or cold. Usually this routine stops it in its tracks.

    Also, I, too, am hypersensitive to drugs/chemicals and I almost always have adverse reactions that send my me/cfs off the charts. When the cfs is at its worse, I get so weak that I can't move and can't even talk... I feel paralyzed....that is when it is really scary. That usually only happens when I've really overdone it physically along with severe stress (like a death in the family) or a severe adverse reaction to some drug.

    Right now, I've been having a bad flare/relapse for well over a year due to last year (2011) being so ridiculously stressful (3 close family members died 3 months apart from each other in feb, may and august, then in early September, I got a severe case of food poisoning, landing me in the hospital, and in the midst of all this, I had to plan my daughter's wedding which was in December).... any ONE of those would have been enough to cause a flare, but all together, it has put my body in a deficit that I still haven't bounced back from). So I understand the dizziness, weakness, etc all too well. I've been trying to research more ways to help my condition, but even mental work like that (reading, computer, etc) wears me out and makes me weaker. I love this site, but sometimes I'm too weak to even read or post anything. Even now, as I type this, I can tell I've overdone it! Uuugghh! So frustrating! But I'm glad we can all help each other and encourage each other.

    Hope you start feeling much, much better, Ginny! I will be praying for you! God gives me the strength to go on, even when I'm at my weakest. He is my comfort! May He comfort and strengthen you as well!

    Blessings and Hugs,
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  10. GBHope

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    I really appreciated your post. I am so depressed right now with all this dizziness and ear plugging, along with the crazy neurologic symptoms I am experiencing. It is almost like I am experiencing some dysautonomia with the palpitations and intestinal issues with tremors, etc. I have to take lorazepam just to function. I start shaking and can't breath right, and it is not anxiety. Sure the anxiety builds as the spells get worse. I have had anxiety attacks, and this is not it. What's really scary is the weight loss. I have never been the same since my EBV reactivated last year and then I like a dummy had 2 vaccinations. I am afraid I have put myself down an abyss I will never crawl out of. I am dizzy 24/7 and it is so hard to focus. It is like something neurologically has been affected. I had some of these symptoms when first becoming ill in 1995, but this is pretty bad. I will pray for you as well Shelly. I am tired of the weakness and collapsing and sometimes not being able to walk due to fatigue and imbalance/dizziness. We all are suffering in our own way, but I pray everyday that God will in his infinite wisdom allow me to return to some level of semi-health and you as well Shelly since you are in such a flareup. I pray that God will give you comfort and strength as well, and God bless us all with this horrible immume dysfunction that unfortunately is a little different for all of us, but just as horrible for every one of us. I am thankful that God gave me the last 17 years (sick since 1995) to be with my family even with this disease where I was able to do things with them and spending time with them so some extent.

    May God Bless

  11. GBHope

    GBHope New Member

    Thanks. Definitely good food for thought. I'm sure this horrible allergy season is not helping any of us either. I live in what is known as the Black Swamp Area (Toledo, OH).
  12. I can relate to your thought that "you're in an abyss" that you may never get out of. I have that same thought from time to time, but thankfully it never stays for long. God always gently reassures me that He is with me and won't ever leave me. He reminds me that His power is perfected in weakness and that I can lean on Him and rest in the knowledge that He has a purpose even in suffering. I trust His Word that promises that He brings beauty out of ashes. No abyss is too deep for Him to bring us out of... we just have to hold on to our faith and wait on His timing. I KNOW it isn't easy... I have my moments too, when I don't think I can bear it another second, and I get depressed. But as soon as I begin to pray, cry out to God or pick up God's Word and begin to read, I am comforted and encouraged once more. Another book that is perfect for folks like us who are suffering and going through such difficulties is called "Streams in the Desert". It is more uplifting and encouraging than I can say. It would be great if you could get a copy. You can order it online if need be. It is such a blessing!

    You are going through so much, Ginny... I am crying out to God on your behalf and asking for relief and healing. And if you should get to a doctor, I'm praying God will bring a good one to your attention. Just know that I care and am lifting you up in prayer. Hang in there! God is our hope and strength. And I know that "He makes all things beautiful in His time", if we keep looking to Him, and never give up.

    Hugs and Prayers,

    "He knows the way that I take, when He has tested me, I will come forth as gold." (Job 23:10)
  13. inprog

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    You don't say how long you have had the tremors. There is something called Essential Tremor and it can effect breathing. You can read up on it and see. Not the same as Parkinsons. Some medications can bring on tremor as a side effect. Get a product insert on your prescriptions, not the same as the summary you get from the pharmacist and scrutanize it to see if anything you are taking causes a tremor even remotely. Also, we find it helpful to wear rubber ear plugs when we wash our hair or shower. It cuts down having any ear infections. We will get one every time we get water in our left ear. Sending you good thoughts to not let this get you down. We have had some attacks of horrible dizziness while laying down, maybe ears, maybe not. We try to be mindful of our ears.
  14. GBHope

    GBHope New Member

    I thank you for your prayers. I am not sure if I will make it through today, not to be morbid. Throwing up a little this morning and bad diarrhea, which is how this all started, the diarrhea part. I am losing a couple pounds a day and feel like my life is slipping away. I wish I had someone to stay here with me. I hope the Lord will take me into his loving arms because no one can figure out what is wrong.

  15. GBHope

    GBHope New Member

    You have no idea how scared I am as I feel myself getter weaker and sicker. Thank you for the good thoughts.

  16. herbqueen

    herbqueen New Member

    In addition to the above- are you off all gluten, sugar, dairy? Dairy I have discovered contributes to my neuro symptoms. Yes I've had weakness, dizziness- and I numbness, optic neuritis- twitching- the whole gamut of neuro symptoms. After becoming housebound from taking flagyl/diflucan which provoked a year long neuro attack for me and left me numb all over - I am back to exercising, shopping, taking care of my family. I make drink green juice-- a quart everyday (cuc, celery, ginger, green apple, greens or zuchinni)- I've been on a highly raw vegan mostly grain free diet the past year or so. Doing better. Not a cure all, but I'm functioning and I'm grateful for that. You need to be on a pristine diet--I'm not saying go vegan- but give up most grains, dairy, red meat (unless it's grass fed 100%)-- free range organic meat only when you eat meat, eat tons of veggies, and some fresh fruit, preferably organic and lots of it raw. Eat a few grains-but not every day- and when you do stick to quinoa, whole grain rices. Add in the supplements of your choice to keep the beasties at bay, exercise, meditate and prayer. Listen to what your body wants. Keep the faith. You can get better.

    I'm looking into Annie Hopper's DNR at the moment-not sure if that will help but giving it a go.
  17. herbqueen

    herbqueen New Member

    My mom also suffers from fibro/ibs/cfs symptoms etc. She has gone through periods where she got REALLY sick and had bad diarrehea. She got dehydrated--Make sure you are hydrated and have electrolytes-pedialyte if you need it. Coconut water is also good for electrolytes- so is juicing/cuc juice and other veggiesl

    She went on some type of antibiotic for a few days and helped clear up the diarrhea.

    Sending Blessings and healing light to you.
  18. GBHope

    GBHope New Member

    I am trying to stay strong. I just don't get why I'm going downhill. I thank you for the blessings and healing light. I have been praying too. I just think my system is just really overloaded right now and perhaps my endocrine system is failing. This started after taking a double dose of azithromycin. Totally screwed up my gut and I just can't get things back in order. Then I developed another sinus infection and had to take more, plus they gave me IV Rocephin, which was way to strong for me. My nose and throat were on fire with that and it just made my have to start spitting like crazy. It was clear and white, but it was bad. I have been in and out of the hospital trying to find out what all this diarrhea, palpitations and weakness is all about. I have been trying to take my regular vitamins and probiotic, but that even overloads my system. I have been eating my healthy foods and even those don't seem to agree with me. They have put all kinds of IVs in me, medications and the worst was the stuff to clean you out for the upper GI and colonoscopy. I just think my system is fried, and I don't think there is any coming back from this. I don't have a lot of help. I'm alone and woozy and weak. Husband has to work. I have also had CT scan and MRI with contrast, plus other IV medications. My body feels like it is just shutting down, and my gut is ruined. It will be okay for a couple days and then starts with the diarrhea again, so I'm not always with diarrhea, but my system now seems like it can't even take my probiotics or my regular vitamins w/o reacting badly. My daughter told me last night that maybe I just need to rest my system because it has had so much lately, but for like 1-1/2 to 2 months after all the diarrhea and everything started, I just took my vitamins and probiotics and tried to take it easy and it just keeps going downhill and I get weaker. Now I did notice that I got weaker when I had to take an antibiotic again and that is when things have gotten really bad around the beginning of July. Thanks again for your support herbqueen and everyone else.


    God Bless
  19. Ginny, have they checked your thyroid? I had thyroid cancer 14 years ago and have no thyroid gland anymore because of it. I have run the gammut of being severely hypo-thyroid (not enough thyroid hormone) and severely hyper-thyroid (too much) and the symptoms are similar to what you're describing. They need to not only check your TSH level, but a full thyroid battery, including Free T-3, Free T-4 and thyroglobulin levels. Be sure they check all levels because if they only check some but not all, the results can be misleading. The TSH level is most important. If your thyroid levels are out of wack, it will wreak havoc on your entire body and is very serious. It can def cause all the symptoms you're having.... don't know why I didn't think of that before.

    Still praying for you! Hang in there!

  20. GBHope

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    You know what, I really feel that is a lot of my problem. I have a h/o of being hyperthyroid and my TSH has been steadily dropping from 1.69 end of April to 0.792 last I knew a couple weeks ago. It is been checked in-between there too and has been dropping each time. My free T4 and free T3 are okay, but no thyroglobulins or anything else checked. I asked him too, but he wouldn't. He did check my cortisol and ACTH at about 8 a.m. and okay, but when checked at chiropractor, adrenals are crap. They found my thyroid low too, but coming from my hypothalmus. My problem now is taking the supplements. I had been hitting them the last few days since my last discharge from the hospital, and now I'm so sick today. My hubby says maybe the probiotic is killing some things off. I don't know. Just very weak and sick. When I was hyperthyroid before, I had tachycardia, which I have now, but not the diarrhea, but I was dizzy and felt horrible. My TSH was non-existent. I managed to get it functioning again with Tapazole, to which I had a horrible reaction and supplements, but I still think it is swinging back and forth because I would gain weight and lose weight suddenly since 2007 w/o doing anything and fortunately did not feel totally horrid. I am also losing weight like crazy down about 15 pounds at least in the last 3 months. I have just gotten more and more exhausted. You can have diarrhea and palpitations with the thyroid too. I just know I have wrecked havoc on my system somehow. I know have a really stuffy nose because I have been crying all afternoon. I'm so said right now. Don't mean to wallow (spelling?).


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