severe foot swelling

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  1. Chris3251

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    I'm REALLY worried about this swelling in BOTH feet. Even in the mornings after being off my feet for hours, my feet are horribly swollen. I have Factor V and I had a blood clot that started in my left leg, so I'm used to the left ankle swelling, but this is completely different and I don't understand what's going on. Has anyone else ever had this problem?
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    I don't know what Factor V is. My wife gets a swollen ankle (she had sprained it very badly) and enzymes seems to take it down.

    1) Fighting Inflammation
    2) Eating Fibrosis and scar tissue
    3)Modulating Immune Function
    4) Cleaning the Blood

    Enzymes reduce inflammation and dissolve blood clots (fibrin blockages) see the research by Dr. William Wong:

    Also watch your sodium intake. Balance with Potassium (bananas, potassium chloride)
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    I know what factor V is. Do you have any meds you take for it?

    I knew two girls (sisters) who both had it.

    CFS 6 1/2 years-- 25 years old
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    There could be many causes, but I dont think it should be left could be hypertension, it could be could be many things..but I dont recall reading anything about fms/cfs causing swelling.
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    I'm on Coumadin indefinitely for the Factor V, the blood clot I had was very involved and near fatal.

    I do have hypertension, I take Toprol XL. The last 2 times it was checked it was a little on the high side with the bottom # over 90.

    I've been told I have osteo-arthritis in both hands and wrists but my feet were never checked for it. When I say swelling, I'm talking my feet look like basketballs, the swelling is HORRIBLE.

    I have my first sleep study tonight and tomorrow is my first day back at work since before Thanksgiving. I think I have a PT/INR scheduled on Thursday which checks Coumadin levels so I'll ask them what they think.
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    I too have severe foot swelling and leg swelling. They call it Lymphedema it's very painfull and seems like it never goes away. I was in rehab for it, they had it down some and than I put on Teds (socks). The rehab is very nice. My Drs. still don't know what started it, I did have a test done to check my lymph nodes, no problem, so they are baffled. They wanted me to have gastric surgery and hoped that would help stop it, but the insurance co. keeps turning me down. Just think 5 Drs. want me to have surgery to help me ( I have alot of med. problems) some of them specialists, and one dr. say's NO. So I still go on and get my work done at home and when I get a chance I lay on the couch and put my legs up above my heart, it helps some.

    sorry for being long winded, the point is please have your Dr. check it out. Lymphedema is nothing to fool around with and it is very painfull.