Severe Going Into Shock Weakness . what to do, take ... mega confused

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    Has anyone here had EXTREME WEAKNESS, the kind that makes you feel like you'll go into shock? If you did, what did you do and did it help? I'm feeling overwhelmed and have no idea what to start with.

    Could be CFS (which I have). Could be Hypothyroid which I am (recent tests in 3/2016) showed TSH was high. Low iron and low D3 too.

    Tried Armour several years ago - zip. Took ThyroGold for 30 days recently - zip
    Take/took Adrenal Extracts - zip

    Considering trying WP Thyroid.
    Lack of money is a huge factor in trying things/doctors.

    Would Colostrum help severe weakness. AAARGH.

    I know Iodine is an important component in thyroid health along with various minerals (Selenium) Adaptogens (Ashwaganda) etc, but what brand, how much to take?

    I know various minerals and adaptogens are helpful ... Ashwaganda. L-Tyrosine, Selenium ... BUT how much to take and how often.

    I don't have a doctor right now as the last one was awful. No strength to search for doctor who takes Medicare and who could help.

    I've tried various Thyroid Sites such as STTMN and Thyroid Advocates on FB, but ???

    Many many thanks
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    Hi Denise. Lovely pic of you.

    For iodine, I take kelp pills from GNC, 150 mcg. one pill a day for a bit of a thyroid pick-me-up.

    Can you take some iron pills? Anemia can really wipe you out. Along with the CFS.

    Take some iron pills for sure. Just any will do. Take the amount it says on the bottle.

    I hope someone can help you with ideas.

    How are you doing now?

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