SEVERE headache during evacuation

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mstg, Jun 23, 2003.

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    has anyone ever experienced a severe headache while having a bowel movement even though no straining was involved? this happened to me a two different occasions and I had to be rushed to the ER as they thought I was having a stroke. none of the pain meds they gave me would releive the pain. they did all the test but could not find the cause. I stay constipated because Im afraid it will happen again....This headache was like nothing I have ever had and I have bad migrains...I cant spell today either...Had anyone else had this to happen? God Bless...Trish
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    In the pass I have gotten some serious headaches from constipation, but I was doing some heavy straining.

    But I don't have the problem anymore because of taking ZMA every night.

    But I don't understand why you would get a headache and you are not constipated? What did the doctors at the ER tell you? I have not hear of this before.

    HOpefully someone else can relate to your problem.

    Holding in a bowel movement is not a good idea, it could cause other problems. You need to find out what is causing this, soon.

    Let us know how you are doing, or try making a post to Madwolf, maybe he can shead some light on this one for you.

    Hope things get better for you soon.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    the only thing that they could come up with is that I was having muscel spasams in my neck and head. I have DDD also with protruding cervical disk. I know my spelling is terrible this is one of the things I really hate. Even though I know the word or phrase I sometimes cannot remember how to spell or say a pharse...I havent had the headache thing to happen in a while but I was curious if this had occurred with anyone else. My daughter has just gotten her RN and said like ac that it might have something to do with the nerve that runs from the anus to the...I think she said brain...I cant remember...

    another thing that I thought was interesting...I ask her what they learned about fm and she said nothing really, that it was mentioned but that was about needless to say she doesnt take my fm seriously at all...since my Mother and sister also has it I hope that its not something that she will also get. I think sometimes I got this DD because I didnt take my Mothers pain seriously since they, the DRs couldnt find the cause...

    Thank You for the replies...and by the way I know about the impacted thing...I got that way so I went on-line to see how it was treated and took care of it myself...Hope I never have to do that again....Trish
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    I have had this happen very frequently when I am really constipated..but this originates in the anus..I explained this to a doc, and he indicated that I would have this, with all the constipation problems..I think it must have to do with that nerve running up the anus..

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    I sometimes get a headache too, never severe enough to go to the hospital though - ow!

    I was having alot of problems with dry stools from meds a couple of years ago and ended up with hemmerhoids (sp?) - ouch, had to have surgery.

    Since then make sure I get plenty of water and add fiber to my soy protein drink each morning - no more constipation!
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    Have you been tested for a possible aneurysm? That was my first thought upon seeing your post?
    Have you tried daily fiber supplements? They can help immensely for both constipation and diarreha.
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    I believe it was a cat scan and they did a spinal tap...they put me through the ringer and still could not find the real cause...I have very bad in the bed headaches and migrains but never nothing like this....

    On one occassion in particular I was really treated bad at the er they must have thought I was a drug seeker...I was talked down too, and then at least four different workers there at the er opened the door to the room I was in and just looked at me. I could just imagined them out there talking about me so everyone had to look at me to see if they could tell if I was a drug seeker...I wrote a complaint to the hospital administrator and never got a response back from him...that was a couple of years ago..thankfully I have a dr who understands chronic pain...