SEVERE HIVES...I looked like a monster all night

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  1. Butterfly_of_grace

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    Hey everyone.
    Im trying to figure out what the heck made me break out with severe hives from head to toe (HUGE WELTS)including in spots Id rather not say but you get the idea. Yesterday after work I came home and ate lunch. For lunch I had vegetable Sushi which I have had in the past before. NO fish was on it...just veggies. I did use the ginger slices for the first time with it becuase i know ginger is good for your tummy and my stomach has been bothering me. I actually skipped the wasabi becuase of my stomach but usually I like the hot stuff LOL! I did use the soy sause as well.
    About a half hour later I broke out in huge welts...thru out the night it continued getting worse and worse and worse. By 2:00in the morning they covered my entire body (HUGE WELTS I caant believe how big) except my face. They framed all the way around my face (I looked like a creature from Start strek or something LOL).
    Anyway, Im feeling a little better today. I still have welts on my calves but they are smaller. My skin still is very itchy though so Im a little uncomfortable.I could not take benedryl or go to the hospital for a shot because today I am seeing an allergist and they are skin testing me so no antihystamines for 48 hrs before hand. In the meantime I didnt sleep a wink...I scratched scratched scratched and tossed and turned. Again, Im better this morning but my skin feels like its on fire...and I still have the itchy scratchies (yes even in those areas I did not want to mention LOL). I see the allergist at 9:45 this morning so I figured Id wait and talk to her about it since Im going. I hope I didnt do a stupid thing by waiting though. I havent had problems breathing or anything so I guess Im ok except for the discomfort.

    Can I be allergic to Ginger? I mean, Ive had the sushi before...never had a reactiion though...BUT Ive never really eaten the fresh ginger slices either....the only other thing I can attribute it to is that maybe it was prepared on a dirty cutting board that maybe still had fish residue from other sushi and maybe I reacted to whatever fish it was exposed too?I dont eat fish other than flounder and shrimp once in a blue so I dunno....all I know is that it was
    a L O N G night for me last night. I even had to go back to work last night at 6:30 until 9:30 and I was covered and scratching away while I was at work. It was aweful.

    A yr or so ago I use to break out every night with welts and no one could tell me why but never THIS bad. Last night hubby couldnt believe what he saw and he was really scared.(I think I was too but I was playing it cool LOL...especially since the kids were freaking out as well LOL) He wanted me to go to the hospital but I was breathing fine so I figured Id wait to see Doc today (I HATE THE ER...and the Docs who dont give a crap).

    Can anyone help shed some light? I have really racked my head against the wall trying to figure out what the allergic reaction was. I mean, god forbid the next time it happens my throat closes and my face swells so I really need to find out.

    I still think its the fresh ginger slices.

    thanks for listening.

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    could have been the ginger. My guess is that the surface they were working on cross contaminated the sushi with shellfish, tho, or something more volatile.

    My experience with shellfish has been that I ate it well in the past, but then one time my fingers swelled when I ate a great deal of it. I did okay for awhile, but then one night I ate shrimp and got HUGE, and I mean HUGE welts like you are describing from eating just a couple. At the emergency room they said that can happen any time, and next time it can be anaphylactic shock. I think it was as much the iodine as anything.

    Since FMS/CFS I have also started to have a problem with latex, and if I put a band aid on I will have a swollen red spot in that place for days. I never had a problem before. I have to make sure to get latex free now.

    Since it was the first time you had the ginger slices, I would definately not try them again!!! With such a strong reaction you may want to consult a Dr and get an allergy test done. Our Dr does it with a blood test. Our neighbor is even allergic to black pepper, so it is not outside the rhelm of reason to suspect the ginger. But I would want to know for sure so I knew what to avoid.

    Yours in Health
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  3. opticaltech

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    Afer eating chinese food!...I took benadryl and the welts and itching went away almost immediately....I carry them in my purse just in case!....I havent eaten chinese food since because I suffered with those things....My sister suggested the benadryl....Her doctor gave it to her. This is the first time in my life this has happened...My husband couldnt believe it!...I even had them in my mouth!...L.
  4. sept

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    I've had several bouts with this......I would swell so much you could not recognize me. Felt awful and kept taking benedryl (sp?) and was taking more often then directed. Dr. told me no antedote for benedryl....people have died from taking too many. Said to buy meclazine. It is cheaper and works better for me. I've been told by 3 dr's that this goes with fibro.
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  5. carebelle

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    it is soooooo bad .I would also itch very bad. I feel so bad for you.

    I will tell you I had this happen off and on for about 3 years ,with it getting worse every time. I went to doctor after doctor nobody could figure out what it was.

    Finely I went to a homeopathy Dr. He also was a MD. He told me he thought I had Mercury Poison and gave me a homeopath drug it cost like $4 and I had two treatments and I have never had that happen again. But I had the problem for 3 years before I got help.

    I hope this helps you to get to the right kind of Doctor
    My allergist put me on steroids to try to get rid of them I gain 100 pounds and it never took them away.

    You need a Homeopathic Doctor

    I'm so sorry for you ,let me know what you find out

    Oh MY I did get it in my lips It was terrible I looked deformed like someone screwed up on a lip surgery.We laughted but it was terrible. HUGE LIPS lol
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  6. Butterfly_of_grace

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    great responses thanks so much

    I went to allergist today for my appt that I had scheduled last week per the ENT. It was kinda weird how all this happened the night before this appt though LOL.

    After discussing the main reasosn I was there (because ENT told me to go otherwise I wouldnt have bothered LOL) she didnt know what to tell me about last nights hive attack and then she gave me an rx for an Epipen becuase next time whatever I reacted to may not just be could also end up becoming a real emergency and cause my throat to swell and close so better to be safe then sorry she said.

    As far as the first series of testing on my skin for typical allergens, nothing showed on the first series of my shots so far. I USE TO BE allergic to dust mites, mold, mildew, ragweed, and some tress back when I was a teen (20+ yrs ago) so I must have outgrown those allergies (yeahy!). But she said because I just had the allergic reaction that it may not be accurate. Next tuesday I go for stronger tests, including food allergies. As far as the ginger though she said there isnt any test for that. But she is testing me for certain fish (shellfish, tuna etc.) so who knows...My guess also is that something got cross contaminated and I reacted to it violently.

    Anyway, Im feeling better. All is calmed down now...not even any more red from the hives...Im just EXHAUSTED from being up in the middle of the night scratching myself to death. Hubby called me from work this morning to make sure I was still living LOL! He was so worried about me last night becuase I looked aweful! Someone at his job yelled at him for not making me go to the ER. I wouldnt have anyway...I HATE ER's and have had NOTHING BUT NEGATIVE come from Ill avoid them as long as I can.

    thanks for responses.
    love ya big and HUGS!

  7. NyroFan

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    I am so sorry you had to go through that. Hopefully it will not happen again. Don't let it get you down.


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