severe low back pain with swelling?

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    I was dx'd with FM in 2003. For the last few months I've had increased pain in my low back with swelling. I've tried ice, heat, stretching, I've also received trigger point injections. The pain has gotten worse over the last 5 days as well as the swelling. I've taken ibuprofen for inflamation with no relief.

    The pain is throbbing and feels like I'm being pinched (if that makes sense!) when I'm in certain positions. It's worse when I'm sitting, putting pressure on my tailbone/lower back or when I rise from a seated position - difficult to get into a total standing position. I've also experienced shooting pain down the back of my legs. I have a call in to my FM doctor but I'm starting to wonder if this is FM related or something completely different.

    Anyone experience any low back pain like I described? Any suggestions on what I could do to relieve some of the pressure/pain? Thanks!
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    Yes, I have had this kind of pain and worse, unfortunately.

    The shooting pain down your leg sounds like sciatic pain (nerve).

    Have you had any MRIs of your back yet?

    In my case, about 10 years ago I hurt my back (picked up something) and was in intense pain for months. About six months after feeling better, I did it again. Nothing seemed to help and dr. wanted me to see a surgeon. At that time, there was no way I was having surgery so I just waited and in a couple months it got better, but never really went away fully.

    A couple things I did that seemed to help. I made sure after that time to be very careful with my back. Have someone else vacuum, mop and iron if you can. These 3 things are very bad on your back. Be careful when you lift anything and never reach out and lift. Get close to the object, bend your knees and lift with your legs.

    I also started to strengthen my stomach muscles. The stronger they are, the more they take the strain off your back.

    I had MRIs of my back and neck recently and have alot of arthritis there and my back usually hurts everyday but not like when I hurt it before. The pain is just always there now and I live with it.

    As for now. I know its terribly painful but try and gently stretch as much as you can. Your muscles are very tight because they are trying to protect your back and they tense up to do this. Alot of back pain is caused from the muscles. Also try and get an MRI to see what exactly is going on. You could have a disc problem etc. Once you have the MRI, your doctor will know more about what can be done.

    For the sciatic pain, I have no answer. Nothing I did helped. I did use ice on the most painful parts of my leg to numb it for a time but it was short-lived relief. The stretching may help with this as it could be that your muscles are tense and swelled and affecting the nerve.

    Good luck to you and hope you get some relief soon.

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    I haven't had any x-rays or MRI of my back since my car accident 10 years ago and it was x-rays only. I had whip lash of my neck going both directions due to the airbag opening and hitting my neck (under my chin) instead of where it normally does. I also had a nasty fall on some ice a couple years after that.

    Thanks for the suggestions!

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    thought of this afterwards...but do you have a backbrace? If not you might want to try and get one. The backbrace will at least support your back while you do what you absolutely have to do right now.
  5. craziC

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    great suggestion! What kind should I get and where do I find them?
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    You could check with a pharmacy that might carry these otherwise you may have to have the dr. prescribe one. I cant remember how I got mine.

    I like the kind that have adjustable straps that go over the shoulders, this way it doesnt slide around.