Severe lower leg pain with Fibromyalgia

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by campbeck97, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. campbeck97

    campbeck97 New Member

    How many have mod-severe leg pain with Fibromyalgia? I have had really severe pain in lower legs all day today and morphine medication not helping at all.I am soooo sick of this disease i could scream if it would do any good.I try not to complain most days but the pain has a way of wearing you down.and yes I would like some cheese with this wine LOL.Blessing to you all!!
  2. K5VLK

    K5VLK New Member

    I try to keep my legs propped up on the sofa with pillow under knees, or on otttoman if at somebody's house, or have used a chair with a pillow on it sitting in front of me on a sofa at church sunday school even.

    I have been checked for circulation in legs and it is normal.

    Sometimes I rub my own feet and lower legs (wishing DH would, but oh well).

    Orthopedist did tell me I have tendonitis in ankle. Take anti=inflammatories.

    Tried custom orthotics, don't fit into my shoes, can't wear them, how weird is that????

    Be good to yourself. Try calcium and magnesium, too.' Vicki from Texas

    HURTIN New Member

    I've had daily leg pain for the past 6 years or so. Sometimes they're moderate, but more often than not; they're so severe that it interferes with my sleep.

    When the pain gets to the point that it's excruciating, I take Carb/Levo ....... 10/100 mg , 1-2 daily & at bedtime . It helps. Tonic water is somewhat effective.
  4. keke466

    keke466 New Member

    I have severe pain in my legs and feet. I work in a small hospital on night shift and we're not as busy as most but still I hurt so bad I could just cry. I've already cut down to 3 nights a week and it's not helping. I'm also in foreclosure right now and having to pack and move and it's been h***. I'm having a very bad time. I'm thinking of trying lyrica but there's so many side effects and I'm sleepy enough as it is. I think I'm gonna ask the dr about neuropathy and poor circulation. My arms,hands,feet and legs go numb in a matter of seconds.
  5. k5334

    k5334 New Member

    I suffer from leg pain too, it's one of my most prevelant symptoms. It feels like I've stood for 3 days straight and I may have only stood less than 20 minutes. It's a deep ache in my muscles from the top of the leg down to the foot. It keeps me from being able to do so much.
  6. luv2float

    luv2float New Member

    I have leg pain also. So bad some days can't even walk.

    I use a heating pad wrapped around them, use muscle rubs and use tons of 70% alcohol splashed all over my legs.

    Also, you can try soaking in a hot tub with epsom salts.

    hope we all feel better.
  7. msnova74

    msnova74 New Member

    I have severe leg and hip pain with my FM. In fact it was my first symptom. My arms and chest ache, but my legs HURT.

    I have found that my cocktail of Zanaflex, Malic acid, & Magnesium, seems to do the most for my leg pain.

  8. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    Can also be caused by some heart conditions. I know this as I use to work for a large clinic in Kansas City.

    Have you been checked for any heart problems?

    You can't blame every pain on FM/CFS but should be checked to be sure it is not something else.
  9. Leaknits

    Leaknits New Member


    There I was at dr's office again, mentioning again that calves of both legs have 24/7 pain (feels like I'm a prisoner of war being tortured...okay that may have made feel dr I was exaggerating but I wasn't)...I've had this for years and he snapped at me.
    "I told you to take cal/mag/zinc in large doses and if you still have the pain you say you have you haven't been doing what I told you to do."

    Darn it, I have too done what he told me to do but when I for instance take the Cal/Mag/Zinc for months, large doses as ordered to do, trying to be the good little patient, and gotten have NO help with calf-pain at all aside from a bit of relief from no-sweetener-added tonic water.
    He always trots out the statement that FDA has claimed that "quinine has not been proved to ease leg-calf pain." He refuses to believe me when I mention the reason FDA can get away with saying the no relief thing is that (Oh how I wish I could underline or bold print right now)FDA did NOT test it...

    Yes, he said "The pain you say you have." If that's not the closest thing to "you are lying," I surely don't know what it is.
    I've tried to explain to him I have used large doses C/M/Z (sorry micrograms or milligrams are lost to brain-gone problem) for as much, sometimes, as a whole year without any relief at all.

    Told him I found that quinine which is in tonic water helps least it takes the edge off the ongoing PAIN ...and saying that to dr resulted in yet more snapping at me that "Quinine only works for malaria and you don't have that."

    I'm pretty sure he's right about my not having malaria despite the fact I've been misdiagnosed with it among several other things such as lupus I've been tested for and don't have.

    Due to FDA's own foot-dragging, I suppose because it wants to keep us on pain-maskers which don't do anything but keep us coming back month after month for more and gives dr a perfect chance to utter from his throne "You do know this stuff is very hard to get off of when the pain is gone, don't you?"

    YES I KNOW THAT --- in the cases of some people. Myself, when miraculously I've sometimes had a little less pain, I have no problem daily using just what my body says it needs when I "check in with myself" to see how I'm doing, ditto no problem cutting back from the daily allowance of four 5/325 percoset when I don't have four-pills-per-day type pain. I've told him that but I think he should grow a bit taller; such statements go right over his head.

    NO, I didn't tell him I think he has short man syndrome, despite the fact at my 5'6" I can look down at his bald head.

    NEWS: first off We Are All Different, no groups of 10, 20, 30, etc., have precisely the same sx in the entire group(s).
    Dr doesn't seem to understand that nor the fact there are subsets of ME and FM and won't even glance at the reputable site-info which say there are, indeed, subsets that I dig out of the 'net and bring to him in an effort to educate him where his med school, UC San Diego, seems to have failed, leaving me to have to try teaching him myself if I have the brain power to help him to understand this d'd.

    He doesn't even wait till I'm out of his office before he tosses the one or two pages of info into his trash can --- quote "I'm not going to read all this stuff that you say you have found on ME sites." Nor will he allow the pages to be put into my file. HUH?

    He hauls out the same old bs about "If I took the time to read the stuff you bring in for me I wouuldn't have time to do anything else."

    That's the same thing he said about how I can't have my dr-office-filed data..."If I did that for you I'd have to do it for everybody else," and he wouldn't be the one copying my skinny file.

    I asked his front desk person to gradually when she had time to get a couple pages from my file and shove them into the photo-copier, also offered to pay and am very glad to have found on the 'net the fact I can print out a Privacy Act form 810 and he (I guess) would have to comply with my request.

    I'm not going to do that until I have a competent and understanding dr re this d'd since I know present doc can "fire" me as a patient if I get on his poor little nerves (he ought to try to live with MY nerves especially if I've just met with him for an appt).

    I leave his office saddened, confused, even more depressed than usual and I wouldn't have thought such a thing could be possible because he drags his Medical School Educated feet regarding nearly everything I ask him to at least think over as regards treatment for the unfixable monsters.

    His attitude often makes me fall into rage-weeping after I give up and leave empty of all hope which, of course, makes me feel even worse and more distrustful of him, him with his Brilliant Ideas as to the "Let's try THIS on you," followed immediately by "I know you say you can't tolerate this or that med I just know would help you if you would only try it."

    He blows right past my telling him I've tried whatever-it-is and reacted badly..."Oh, you say that about nearly everything. You say you can't take NSAIDS, you won't let me give you steroids..." Gee wouldn't it be nice if drs actually took a couple minutes to look at our sensitivity/ allergy notes we've written out for him and, sometimes, he has allowed in-file-placement of the allergy/sensitivity page but what good does that do when he won't glance at the page?

    Friends tell me "Get another dr." I would think I had sense enough to do that and I believe I do. The issue is that dr wonderful is IT as regards any ME/Fibro semi-literate dr within less than a four to six hour rest then, of course...which means that one day out in The World, especially with no help given from the MD's, I have to stay in or on bed the next day because I'm wiped out.

    I've again done two Bad Things: too-long post and segued off into a Rant. I apologize.

    Campbeck and other calves-hurting legs people, might think over the quinine pain easer. All I know is that it helps a bit here.
    FDA should have at least tested quinine for us. Of course it's not as adversely effecting as Big Pharma nostrums and it's cheap, maybe that's why the testing wasn't done.

    Thanks to those who listened!

  10. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    We take Hyland's leg cramp pills with quinine. Now why would your doctor suppose they are called leg pills?

    They work for RLS, achey legs, tired legs, and cramps.

    You use to be able to buy them at town but too many kids were taking huge doses as the "morning after pill" so now you can't.

    I found them online not long ago, but how long they will be available is beyond me.

    Please read my post above about another cause of lower leg pain, have you had this checked out?

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