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    I have been getting really nauseous lately. Sometimes it lasts all day and never quite gets to the point of vomiting. Other times it comes on really sudden and I have about a minute to get to a bathroom before I throw up. I don't know if this is a ME/CFS or Fibro symptom or if it's something unrelated, but it's one of the more disturbing things that has been happening lately. And I am not losing my appetite with this, which sucks, bc at least it would be nice to lose a little weight if I have to feel this awful! (This dd makes keeping my weight down really tough.)

    Sometimes ginger ale helps and sometimes homeopathic pellets help, sometimes Dramamine does, too , even though there isn't any motion involved with this (and those are for motion sickness), but sometimes none of those does any good. I'm not sure what else to try, and I am between Drs at the moment (found a new one, but cannot get in to see him until the end of May). I used to eat crackers or rice cereal when I'd get sick, but I have been trying to eat less carbs, bc those seem to make other symptoms worse. Any suggestions and/or ideas what could be causing this? (I don't have the other IBS symptoms, so I don't think that's it, but I do also have a sharp pain in the lower right side of my abdomen...not sure if that's's been there for almost three yrs, though, and the nausea has not)
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    I have such empathy for this symptom...I had unrelenting and unexplained nausea for years and years that kept me from practically leaving the house. I really hardly ever deal with it anymore (which I consider an almost miracle) and I believe 2 things have worked for me.

    One is I have a hard time keeping the good and bad bacteria balanced in my gut. I still monitor this closely with a stool test done by Metametrix. I get it done specifically by this lab because they catch way more bugs due to checking by DNA and not culture (you can find more info at the same name . com.) I get retested every 3-6 months and nearly every time, there is a new bug that has to be addressed because, for some reason, my body can't keep the good guys up in numbers on its own. And I take lots of probiotics, etc.

    Two is I hit detoxification efforts hard. I don't think my body clears toxins properly on its own. So I take epsom baths, look at issues like methylation, etc.

    The combo of these two things have made me feel tons better.

    Just wanted to share this with you...
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    thanks for the suggestions....I really appreciate any and all advice about this
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    While I very much appreciate confetti's response to this, and am going to look further into what was suggested, I am wondering if anyone else has any additional suggestions, so I am bumping this.
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    I also get nauseous. Do you have problems with your ears. Menerier's disease can cause that or ear problems. Too much sodium could be a factor. Also check out migrane associated vertigo. Have you had migranes before. MAV is different as instead of getting migranes it manifest itself as dizzy and naseous. Do you have balance problems? Look both up on web just in case. I unfortuanately have both and they are treating it with atenolol 25 mg once a day and topamax works for some. Oh and you may not know you have either as they both can be difficult to diagonois. Good luck just a though. Bobby
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    Thanks....I will look into those things, as well. I do have some dizziness, but it's usually very mild. I tried taking MSM and it got really bad, but that's the only time it was bad. I think I have had migraines many times, although, the diagnosis was made at two different times with quite different symptoms, and I'm not sure that those diagnosese were actually accurate...long story. I have tended to be low on sodium, so that's not it, but the other things you mentioned are possible.
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    some yogurt; that seems to help me sometimes too. I have always had the same problem due to chronic gastritis (inflammation of the stomach). I do take prescription prevacid (the solutabs) which has worked better than any other prescription I've tried before. I also just started taking a good priobiotic, so I'm hoping that will help as well. It is terrible to suffer with, and I don't think anyone gives it the misery it deserves, unless they too suffer from it themselves. Good luck, and hopefully you get some good suggestions! I was about to throw up the other day, my gut was on fire, I ate a small thing of yogurt (slowly) and in about 15 minutes I felt much better.
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    interesting that yogurt can help....I have been absolutely craving the stuff lately - I wonder if my body's giving me a hint?! trying to find sugar free things to combine with plain yogurt, though, bc I love the flavored stuff, but it has a lot of sugar or sugar substitutes and those cause me a lot of other far I have added stevia and almond extract, stevia and orange extract and stevia with canned pumkin...I have also added unsweetened baby food fruit, although that has a lot of natural sugar, so I don't do that often
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    I actually experience it more when I am standing and walking (MAV). Also don't rule out the sodium you don't have to have much, It is in most all foods. I have to be on a 1,000 milgram salt free diet. Next time you go in the store check out what I mean. It means pretty much no processed foods, and even the frozen and fresh have sodium in them. So you may not think you are getting alot because you don't salt things but you do.
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    I guess I wasn't clear what I meant re: sodium.....whenever I have had blood tests done, my sodium levels have come back as too low, so too much sodium is definitely not the problem for me (but it certainly could be for someone else & I know what you mean about sodium being in so many things - it's actually really weird that my levels are so low)....the other suggestions make sense, though, and I really appreciate all the responses I've had....hopefully I'll be able to find some relief soon with one or more of them
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    I like to use ginger for nausea. It's pleasant-tasting and fast-acting. You can buy it in grocery stores (either with the baking supplies or bulk candies) or in health food stores either in crystallized (candied) form or as a root. Both are effective. God bless, Anne Theresa
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    Aunt Tammie - I think you should get to a doctor before May. Your symptoms could be due to an infected or ruptured appendix, especially given your lower right abdomen pain. I was talking to my sister and she's known many people who had an infected or even ruptured appendix, which did not present with the "typical" symptoms.

    You also might have a partial intestinal blockage - this can cause nausea, sudden vomiting. I thought an intestinal blockage was due to constipation, but can actually be caused by a kink in the intestines. My sister had this -- she recommends you try a soft diet for a few days, meaning only soft very well cooked foods - e.g., scrambled eggs, toast, no salads, to see if your symptoms ease.

    Anyways, I think you should get to a doctor, these aren't "normal" ME/CFS symptoms and could be symptoms of something needing urgent attention --