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    I've recently developed drenching night sweats for several nights before I start my period. They sometimes occur at other times of the month, to. I'm only 36 and have been recently dx with Lyme. I haven't started on abx yet. Does anyone else experience night sweats? Do any natural supplements help? Thanks, Kim
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    Hi Kim,

    Drenching night sweats are usually associated with the common coinfection Babesia.

    I don't have drenching sweats myself, just hot flashes.

    You may want to post this on the Medical Questions board at to get help from people with the same problem.

    See pages 22-27 of Dr B's paper in the following link for Babesia info...

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    Hi Kim,

    I get these and have pretty much the entire time I have been sick. Unfortunately I haven't found anything that has stopped it. Sometimes they come and go but for a while now it has happened every month. I have the night sweats the entire time I am on my period.

    Sorry I am not of any help. I just wanted to let you know that you aren't the only one getting this. I am 33 by the way.

    Take Care,
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    Sometimes I get the nightsweats so bad that I have it in my eyes and I just soak the pillow and everything. It's awful. I haven't really found anything to help with it. You can ask the doc to run hormone tests, see if you have an imbalance there.
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    Hi Kim

    I have yet to receive a positive test - i KNOW I have Lyme and believe that I have had it for about 5 years. I attributed the night sweats to my age - 44, thinking it was perimenopausal along with the forgetfulness, etc. I also had over the years this awful itching in my shoulders - the ouside of my shoulders that I could scratch til I bled with no relief - I was tested for MS, RA & Lupus - then I found out that this is a lyme symptom also. I have also had tingling/numbness in my lips and tongue which I though was low blood sugar - turns out thats a symptom as well. i have gotten to the point that I could not walk or use my hands.
    Please share some more of your symptoms - it helps to know that you're not alone out there, and this is so hard for others to understand.

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    When my tests results came back and I read up on babesia boy, I new the results were not a false positive.

    My night sweats were nothing like menopaus. Night after night this would happen, I would have to change four or five times I used to cover my pillow and sheet with towels and have another towel for my face. Do you also get ice cold?

    This was two or three years ago and now it comes and goes.

    I am also warning others about the risk of not getting head MRI, diagnosed with CFS 9 years ago, tested positive for lyme and babesia in April. LLMD did many tests and first MRI= Extensive white matter disease present = diagnosis MS. Pending neurologist appointment.

    I had all the tingling, numbness, shooting pains and many other symptoms.

    All these years everyone telling me their was nothing wrong with my tests while at the same time the white matter in my brain is disintegrating.

    Even though my LLMD said MS I don't believe it for one minute, this is damage done by borrelia. I don't think my LLMD believes it either but he is just protecting himself.

    So yes your symptoms sound like mine, are you on antibiotics>

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    Hi, my night sweats didn't get better until i started 600 mg Zithromax. It also stopped by rib pain. I do have Babesia as well as a few other co-infections.

    When I started taking an additional antibiotic and went to 1/2 Z, i have a hard time drying off if i take a morning shower, night time showers work much better for me.

    Hope that helps.

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    I wonder if there's a difference between older females and guys of all ages. My son had head sweats at any time, would just flush/sweat when and where-ever, temps and time didn't make a difference.

    On the other hand (altho maybe I don't have babs), I've always been estrogen dominant (& have Endometriosis, either as a result or reason for it) - & I have never had a hot flash or any other kind of sweating, ever, and I'm way thru menopause... but again this may mean I don't have it even tho I have Lyme. Wish testing were more reliable in any case.

    Everyone's talking about this XMRV virus, someone I know who researches constantly said that there are progesterone receptors on this virus... wonder how that will play into those of us who have lyme... as this could mean(?) some could likely become estrogen dominant this way.

    all the best,

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    Just wondered if you had considered seeing a Lyme literate MD?

    You may have lyme and babesia.

    The gut problems can be caused by the chronic infection.