Severe pain after MRI

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Rosetta, Aug 25, 2002.

  1. Rosetta

    Rosetta New Member

    I had an MRI on my head 5 days ago and have been in severe pain in my head, neck, shoulders and arms. Has anyone else had this happen?
  2. Rosetta

    Rosetta New Member

    I had an MRI on my head 5 days ago and have been in severe pain in my head, neck, shoulders and arms. Has anyone else had this happen?
  3. KYRock

    KYRock New Member

    I had a catscan done of my neck and back this year.
    I was in so much pain while I was on that table!
    I thought I was going to die before they got done.
    It took me 3 or 4 days to get over it. I pray that I don't have to have another one. So I kindof know what your going thru. Just hang in there.
  4. MicheleF

    MicheleF New Member

    so sorry you're in pain. I told my husband I couldn't believe how long it took the muscles in my lip to get better after my lip biopsy. The wound healed wonderfully, the stitches dissolved, and I was still hurting...I figured it's one of the gifts from fms; I didn't take so long to recover from having all 4 of my wisdom teeth being pulled.

    It probably wouldn't hurt to give your dr a call, maybe he/she can give you something for the pain or at least a muscle relaxer. Have you tried heating pads? If that makes is worse, try ice.

    Let us know how you're doing. Michele
  5. Lanie

    Lanie New Member

    Laying on that table for so long is no picnic with this stupid DD. Had that and the CT scan, which I think was worse. It was much longer than the MRI, plus they had me holding my arm up in the air for like 1/2 hr. to get the dye thru my body quicker or some such thing. ICK!
  6. kredca4

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    I too have had Pain after an MRI, it depends on how long I have to lay on the table. I haven't had it hurt quit that long tho, 5 days is quite a bit.

    What was the MRI for? If you don't mind my asking, I have DDD,SS,OA, so I have a lot of MRI's done. I average about 2 a year, none so far this yeah!

    Did you have an MRI with the contrast dye? That's something they cannot give me any more. I get terrible headaches from it, and no matter how much they "Promise" it won't hurt me, it does. Ususally set's in around Midnight.

    I hope you feel better soon, and if not better call the Doc. I also have the combo of FMS/MPS and that can make the Pain worse.

    Hopeing for a Great day for all,
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  7. Cactuslil

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    (I love that little dude (icon) blinking his/her eyes).

    I had an MRI I guess Thurs. or Frid. of this past week and have had tics on the l. side of my face since! Now, I had that problem some 3 years ago but when I quit SSRI's from Tardive's side-effect I have not had this symptom!

    Yes, when I call the doc about any results today I will let him know about the tics! I had forgotten how irritating these are!! I had the MRI to ck on the SS w/nerve entrapment due to increased weakness in lower body.

    The MRI lasted over an hour, even when they did the brain and/or cervical/thoracic did not take that long! I needed more than those piddly ear plugs I needed some real noise reducers like the pilots in the military wear! Do feel better today.

    Let your doc know. CactusLil'
  8. deecrossett

    deecrossett New Member

    Hi Rosetta. It's possible that you were tightening all of those muscles during that MRI. Are you claustrophobic or were you nervous? I am and have experienced this type of pain afterward. The second MRI, I was in the tube longer than the first and even though I knew I would tighten my muscles over the stress of being in there and had plans not to stress, I still did it (relaxation techniques didn't help me or the prayers and singing to myself). I hope your pain ends soon. Have you tried moist heat, relaxation techniques and/or aromatherapy? I use these a lot to ease the stress in my muscles. God bless, Deena
  9. Roz51

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  10. G

    G New Member

    and at the end of it my whole body couldn't move and they had to help sit up until I was able to stretch my limbs, neck and body before I got out of the room. They also had to help to my wheelchair and push me out to the person who had taken me. It took me days to get over it and the pain was the worse. My back was the worse.


  11. Rosetta

    Rosetta New Member

    I have a friend that is a Chemist. She has over 20 years of experience using an NMR for lab samples. The MRI and NMR uses the same technique in analyzing samples. The thing she told me many years ago when the MRI first came out for use on people was that she had noticed that the lab samples she ran experiences some swelling during the process. I just wondered if the pain was the result of being exposed to the super magnet. I have had three MRI so far this year and have experienced severe pain after each one. One was on my lower back one on my neck and shoulders and the last on my head. I took zanax before each test to relax. Just thought that some of you may experienced the same thing.