Severe pain in both wrists 24/7???Any one else?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KathyM, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. KathyM

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    Hi, I was diagnosed in 2000 w/fibro,osteoarthritis,and mps. My wrists have been hurting for the past two months almost non stop. At moments it is so severe that I must stop what ever I am doing; be it washing dishes, driving (of course I'm most concerned about driving) I'm doing much less of my daily activities. This pain is different than the pain I have had for the past few years. It's as if I can no longer use my hands at times. Even when just lying still or doing nothing my hands will just start throbbing. I also have noticed my nuckles are always red (index finger's mostly) I have just assumed it's the osteo. Lab tests have always been normal for RA. Any input would be appreciated. I will be seeing my rheumatologist soon, and of course I will have "wrist pain" at the top of my list.
    Take Care, Kathy
  2. karen55

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    for carpal tunnel syndrome? Could be that. I have that + arthritis + FMS, my hands and wrists hurt all the time. If your Dr. doesn't suggest it could be CTS, then you should bring it up, IMO.

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    I'm sorry to hear about your wrists. Problems just seem to be added on, eh?
    I had the same problem. Ihad been off work for 6 years by then so it's not something I got cuz of work, nor did I have a computer to type on all day.
    I got diagnosed with carpal tunnel. I never thought it could happen 6 years later. Now I see it listed in the "side effects"
    of FM. Side effects doesn't cover the pain we go through. The neurologist hooked up my wrists separately to a machine and he diagnosed it. He also said to get cut by a plastic surgeon as he would do a better job. He was right. You would never know. Just something to think about.......basket21
    ps. they do not do 2 wrists at one time to get it over with.