Severe pain in hip?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kjade, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. kjade

    kjade New Member

    I have FMS and I just had a baby 6 weeks ago. While pregnant, my Rheumatologist basically told me to stop taking all meds, and told me not to come back until I had the baby???
    Anyway, I got this really bad pain in my hip while I was pregnant. It hurts right in the bone...where the hip joint is. At the time, I just chalked it up as pregnancy related.

    So after I gave birth, I went back to see my Rheumy because I needed my meds, and I am still in a lot of pain. Especially my hip. It hurts so badly that I can hardly walk sometimes. He just gave me an injection in my hip (I believe it was Prednisone maybe?) and it did NOTHING. He sent me for tons of blood work, and it all came back normal. Nothing seems to help this pain I have in my hip. The Dr had said it may be bursitis, but he never talked about any treatment or anything. He just took 3 weeks to call me back (well his secretary did) to tell me my blood work was normal.

    So my question is...could this severe pain that never goes away in my hip be Fibro related, or could it be something else? And what can I do to help relieve the pain?

    Thanks....any advice would be appreciated.
  2. TeaBisqit

    TeaBisqit Member

    I know you said you had been off the meds, but some of them, like Prilosec are famous for hip problems. I developed severe pain in the right hip after several months on Prilosec and then when they changed the Armour thyroid med it made it a million times worse. It's getting better now that I'm off both of those.
  3. well I had my two children many yrs ago. But I have had that severe pain in my hips especially at nite OMG and the right is bad bad bad. I get injections and they help most of the time. Then in between I sleep with my tens machine. the rheum dr told me its fibro and or bursitis.
  4. caroleye

    caroleye New Member

    For months, couldn't sleep with this. New to me after dealing w/my illnesses for 35+ years.
    This is what's helped me. Bought a great new al-natural latex bed ($$$$$), started taking 1.000mg of tryptophane; upped by Klonopin; Rhus gras 30C; magnets; Topical Stopain;
    but still when I do my nightly wakeup, if they hurt (usually right side which I sleep on); I spray the Stopain on & add some of the above.

    It's bursitis I'm sure, as inflammation is throughout my body. Good news is that with the above program, my shoulders stopped hurting & unless under undue stress I'm sleeping better.

    But aging has set in big time as well for me (67).

    And, like many, it just bothers me at night.

    Healing light.................caroleye
  5. kjade

    kjade New Member

    thank you for all the tips and advice. I am guessing then that this is bursitis, since my Dr never said another word about it. I am so frustrated with him.

    Anyway, he only has me taking Lyrica now, and I take Ibuprofen, which only helps the pain minimally. I do use a heating pad, and I do have a tens unit. I will have to try it on the hip (I normally use it for my neck/shoulder pain).

    I am that the age when bursitis and tendonitis can set in like this? Or can it be frmo the Fibro? Every joint hurts pretty knees, elbows, ect..
    This is so hard anymore. :(
  6. hottxxxtopp

    hottxxxtopp New Member

    I have severe pain in both my hips to the point that I can't walk either. I went to my doc yesterday and he xrayed them. He said I have Arthritus in both. I already take DICLOFENAC NA 75 MG. So I guess if I wasn't already taking that I would have pain all the time. He said that there is nothing else I can do for it. I hope this helps a little. Patti
  7. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    I, too, have horrible hip pain, to the point of disabling me. Wish I could get rid of it and walk normally again.

    But, I was thinking, the hormone RELAXIN is a possible explanation. During pregnancy, the hormone RELAXIN is present in 10 times its normal concentration in the female body. RELAXIN is good in the sense that its function — as you might guess from the name — is to relax the joints in the pelvis so the baby has room to pass through the birth canal. Unfortunately, RELAXIN also causes abnormal motion in many other joints of the body, causing inflammation and pain.

    When I was pregnant, the pain in my back, hips, and pubic bone were unbearable. My youngest is 21 so it doesn't explain my pain, but if the RELAXIN is responsible for yours, it usually resolves by about 3 months post-partum. Here's hoping it does.
  8. kjade

    kjade New Member

    I am praying it is not arthritis. I did see my OBGYN yesterday for my 6 wk check-up and I did mention the hip pain, and that it started while I was pregnant. She did explain to me that it could be from the joints and ligaments relaxing during pregnancy. Which makes sense since it started during the pg. I am so hoping you are right Elliespad and that is does go away soon. Pregnancy does crazy things to the body but so does Fibro. When I mentioned the Fibro to her, she didn't say anything. But she did say if it gets worse, I should see an Orthopedic Dr. (I think?)

    But thank you all again...this has been very helpful.

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