severe pain in left shoulder

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    I've had pain in my left trapizoid (sp?) for two weeks. It started out all over my neck and back and then has stayed in my left shoulder/back. I've gotten a massage, chiropractic, and even had trigger point injections last friday and still NO RELIEF.
    I've never had a "flare" this bad.
    Just so I know I'm not going crazy, can anyone tell me if you've had this too..and how long it lasted?
    I'm going back to the chiropractor as he does a technique called "active release chiropractic". that temporarily helps me.
    I don't think I can stand any more of this pain...
    Please help!!
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    Hi momof3inks,

    If you have CFS it's very common for us to be weaker on our left side and have more problems on the left. Are you talking about rotator pain? Like the movement you make when you swim? As I developed severe Fibro I began to have major pain in my left shoulder when I would swim. It did subside when I stopped swimming.

    Alot of times with Fibro and CFS pain can occur in an area of the body and stay there for a long time and then just go away on its own. I've had this happen throughout the past 2 decades I've had these DDs.
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    Yes, i think it is rotator pain but it hurts not only when I sit still, but also when I try to lift my arm up to the side or over my head.
    There is a shooting pain that goes straight up my arm when I left my arm out to my side. It's become worse and worse over time. When I rub my shoulder where it hurts there are huge knots in my muscles all around the area that hurts the most..
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    Wow that sounds awful. Considering all that you've done I would tape a couple of Lidocaine patches on and change them every 12 hours. I've had to treat some bad pain in my left thigh that way. I would then keep it immobilized as much as possible for several days at least and see if that helps.

    I would also suggest getting a second opinion about your shoulder, maybe an Osteopath? Because it sounds like more than Fibro.
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    Hi Glenp,

    No my doctor has not done x-rays. He just pawns it off as just another subset of symptoms from FM. My pain doctor said that I just have Myofascial pain and need to do stretching. My PC doc told me to get physical therapy. (pain specialist that I see is the only one in my area that is finding a new doctor isn't as easy.)

    It's really frustrating when both the specialist and your PC docs don't *listen* to your complaints of pain. If I don't get better in another week, I am going to see at Orthopaedic doctor to make sure it's nothing serious.
    It's definately NOT FM paiin b/c it's not widespread. and I don't have the usual fatigue and other symptoms I get with a flare. it's localized in one spot on my left shoulder. shrugging my shoulders upwards is very painful. It's like a knife is stuck in my shoulder..
    I've been taking ibuprofren and putting a thermacare deep muscle pain pad on my shoulder. When I get home I alternate hot and cold compresses on my neck, shoulder and back.

    I think what really bothers me is that my doctors aren't seeming overly compassionate and understanding. Perhaps that is a chip I have grown on my shoulder..but it seems to me that they don't fully understand the root of my pain.

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    I'm no dr. but I can almost guarantee you those are trigger points you are feeling there in your muscle(s), and your PM doc is correct; its myofascial pain. I have severe CMP and those tp's hurt terribly. They are completely different than tender points. Save yourself some $, and get a massage therapist to work on them for you (shoulder is a tough spot to work on yourself, trust me). the therapist will be able to tell you exactly where they are, etc. I don't know how much $ is wasted on tests, meds, dr. visits, when the pain is actually caused by tp's. It also never ceases to amaze me how much pain they create, but since I live with them from neck to buttocks each and every day, I'm reminded! Please try a massage therapist before you wait to see a dr. and waste more $ when he says, "I don't know"
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    I was interested to see your post because I am having the exact same issues; severe left shoulder (upper back) pain with swelling and huge knots. The pain has worsened over time and has now started to go up the side of my head.

    I first saw my pain management doc who said it was a neck problem and I got steroid injections two times and got no relief.

    Then I saw my Rhumey and he agree it stemmed from a neck problem and recommended over the door cervical traction, wearing a cervical collar at night, getting local anti inflam injections, physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractics, and massage.

    I wanted this to be something that had a quick and easy fix. I didn't want it to be diagnosed as related to FM and become something chronic and 'incurable'. I am afraid that is what it is though.

    I am going to see an ortho, I am going to have MRI's on my head, neck and shoulder. But I think I already know what they will say: this is a complicated issue with many factors that add up to the severe pain. There won't be just ONE thing.

    What has helped me the most is the acupuncture and the chiropractic treatment along with the massages. Unfortunately none of it is covered by my insurance.

    I hope you find relief, please let me know.

    *Jamin what are prolo injections?*
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    I have Fibro and have had back problems since teen years. At present am having pain at night when I lay down in Spine, hips,Shoulders.
    About 3 mos ago, I tried to trim a tree , holding up ( basically overhead ) a long handled trimmer for only a short time. Since then, at first starting only on the right side, my shoulder/arm have been giving me pain if I lay on that side at night and in various positions mostly trying to reach overhead or out in front & side of me. After several weeks of this I decided to see a Physical Therapist and was given several treatments that used Massage Therapy in part. The rest was specific exercises most including the use of stretchy, plastic tubing and accompanied by a print out of instructions to use at home. I believe it may be considered resistance exercises as the tubeing is shut in a door and stretched at various angle across the body etc.
    I was supposed to do these 2x a day, which I have not kept up with but even at that, it has helped considerably. The problem now seems to be that the right side now hurts, off and on.
    I do feel the results have been worthwhile enough that I discontinued the treatment. I don't know how long it would have lasted otherwise. It was covered by my Ins. but I went through my AARP .