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    Hi, I am new here. I found this site, looking for information on Fibromyalgia. I am soon to be 33yrs. and I feel like Im 80. My patients in the nursing home seem to feel better than I do. Approx 4 yrs ago, I began getting mild discomfort in my legs at night. I wouldnt be able to find a comfortable place for them. Then about 2 yrs after that, I had a nerve block for pain in my neck and arms due to a car accident. The night following the block, I began having severe pain in my legs. From then was occasional severe pain, sometimes just really "sore". About 6-8 months ago, I began having pain in my arms, and the pain in my legs is daily now. If the weather is changing, I can barely walk. I feel as though my legs are gonna break. Every morning I wake up, feel as though I have the flu, and terrible pain in my legs. Only in the front part. And no joint pain, except for my ankles. It is a deep pain, like a bone pain. Although I know its my muscles, cuz sometimes they go into a spasm. My family doctor has been putting me through a battery of tests, and prescribing medications. I am so upset with my self. I feel I am too young to feel this bad, and needing medication just to function in my daily life. I have been purchasing everything under the sun, and sometimes end up overdosing on Vioxx, Tylenol arthritis, Ultram, Vicoden ES, Advil, etc.
    Is there anyone out there, that have the same problem with there legs, as I do??? Please help, need someone to talk to, that knows what I am going thru. I am presently seeing a rheum. She is schelduling a EMG, but says she really thinks this is fibro.
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    Hi Tracy:

    Welcome aboard, sorry to hear that you are in so much pain, hopefully this site will provide you with some directions on how to talk deal with your doctor. I have FM and one of my symptoms are aching legs ususally in conjuction with painful points at the joints which range from tha neck to ankles. Check the library to see if there is adiagram and see if you have any painful points. Are you getting any sleep?? You also sound like you could be experiencing Restless leg syndrome which many of us have, the symptoms sound familiar. however you should have the EMG done to find out if you have something else going on. If your doctor thinks its fibro the deep ache in your legs may be from the muscles not getting relaxed which occurs during level IV sleep, therefore, you need to address that problem. Anyways I hope this was helpful, We are all so different here, but you will find support. Check out some of the links on FMS see if they help. Hope you feel better and keep us posted on how you are doing.

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    You sound just like me. I have really bad leg, ankle and foot pain. Has been really bad for about 2 months. I even went to pediatrist (sp?) because the shooting pain in my feet wakes me up time and again during the night. He's treating it like tendonitis but he believes it really due to FM.
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    I have just what you described. My doc says it's restless leg syndrome. I have been having an "episode" for the past 3-4 days. My legs hurt so bad at night even with my night time meds I've been waking up 4-5 times per night. I take .5 mg. of Clonazapam at night for this. Doc says I could take a half or quarter pill during the day. Smaller amt. during day because it puts me to sleep.

    As someone else suggested, you should really get it checked out to make sure it's not something else. I don't know what else to tell you to do. I just put up with it & eventually it goes away. Sometimes within a week - sometimes it sticks around a couple months or longer.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Take care......Kathi
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    I have severe pain in my legs at night sometimes & last night was one of them. It's sooooo painful. My husband told me I was groaning for a long time last night.

    I'm sorry I couldn't read your entire post, as it was too long for me right now. May I suggest that you put it, (copy/paste) it into your profile. When I'm feeling bad, I can only read so much of a post. If I feel better I do go into profiles to see what's exactly cookin' with people.

    Hope you feel better. dolsgirl
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    I am 32 so I know how you feel to be "too young" for this kind of pain. I am currently being checked for everything under the sun. I go Tues to the rheumatologist for my blood test and bone scan results. I am really worried about it. My legs, hips (butt) and back are the only things that ache me right now. They ache like a toothache all night. It takes me forever to go to sleep! I put Biofreeze on them before bed and I sleep with a heating pad most nights. I also feel like I have the flu often. I have been a little better lately and have only felt "flu-ish" 1 time this week! I can usually take advil and it makes me feel better. The Dr. put me on Bextra (while they make sure it's not RA because my rheumatoid factor was positive) so I can't take advil and I really suffered for that the other day!! I also have sore throats a lot. Do you?
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    I went to a rheummy and was Dx'd w/FM and mycoplasma pneumonaie. I have severe pain and I was given Neurontin to help and it does. What also helps is heat paks. and stretching in my pool. for some reason, My pain usually subsides w/ this med and exercise, but sometimes it is too painful and I just sit on the couch w/my feet up and my heat pak. This is a FM symptom. I hope you get some answers here and at your Doc's office, Blessings, Iggy
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    Thank you, everyone. I dont feel so alone now. After reading more and more posts on the message boards, and fm sites. Some of the other things going on with me, ie: terrible migranes, ibs, pain in arms, back, etc. numbness in arms, are all part of the disease.
    God bless all of you! Thank you Tracy
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    I noticed via your profile that you are in WV. I am new to this board but am very dissatisfied with my family doctor. I was forced to change doctors due to my old Dr.(who I saw for 9 years) no longer taking my HMO Insurance. I have been having terrible lower back, hip, and leg pain. Getting little sleep. Have had FMS for 10 years. Flared up this spring after a virus/cough. Now when I clear my throat or cough I have pain in my lower back. Dr. never ordered x-rays or anything just said he thought it was probably a disk problem pinching my siatic nerve. He was to arrange PT. It has been over a month and I just got a letter that it was arranged at a local hospital PT Dept. not the place close to where I work that I asked for. I cannot stand up still for more than a few minutes. Walking a short distance at a slow pace produces pain. Cannot walk fast without pain. I am so frustrated. Do you know a good Rheumatologist in WV?
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    Hi Tracy,

    I too, feel so angry that I too am in my thirties and have been a prisoner of my body since Feb 2001. I have the throbbing aches in my legs , its mainly in the muscles. Right now,. its so bad that I can't even sleep and its almost 4 am . Also my arms ache as well as my back . I can only compare it to having the worst tooth ache. I also have vertigo, insomnia. So bad, that my husband has to help me out of bed when I have those bad attack days.
    It all started with what I thought was the flu. It is hell. I have been thru so many tests and drs and they don't seem to care much.
    I live on pain meds which will probably destroy my liver. Kiddo its so unfair , because I am sure you were like me a very healthy active person before this happened. Just 4 years ago, I used to powerwalk 12 miles . Now If I can walk down the corner of my street that is it.So you are not alone. try to keep your chin up.Believe me its hard when your whole life and dreams are shattered and you wonder why me?

    Take care.

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    One thing that helps me is crutches. I've been using crutches for the last 9 months, mostly because my legs are weak since this dd started. I've noticed thouh that using the crutches does seem to help the pain somewhat. It's hard to say exactly how much they help since I can't walk without them and so there's nothing to compare them to. I think they would help to get around on really bad days, but you have to have the right kind of crutches and use them correctly, otherwise they will not help at all.

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    Ask a neurologist about dysautonomia. My sister has had FM for years, but began getting worse about 5 years ago. She was diagnosed with neuropathy in her legs and feet, then about 3 years ago was rediagnosed as having dysautonomia. The drs. don't seem to know much about the disease because it is rare, but in searching the internet for info, I've found that FM and dysautonomia seem to go together quite often. Betty is in almost constant pain in her legs and feet, and has to take Neurontin, clonipin, and several other drugs just to get her out of bed in the morning. Her legs will "paralyze" periodically to the point where she can't walk, but then will regain feeling. It's very difficult to describe, but I know that it is degenerating and very painful. She is 49, but has been told that her insides are those of a 60-70 year old woman.
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    I have had the same terriblel leg pain since 1993 when I worked as a CNA.. Had a back sprain , then it spread down into my leg. Never got a diagnosis of Fibro til 2000! Didn't work for years. Anyway alot of rheumys don't recommend neurontin. It has changed my life. It is the only med ever ever ever to alleviate the horrible leg and ankle and foot pain. It is not addictive, very little side effects and lots on this board are on it. It beats all the hard core pain meds, Try it! My best to you-hang in there and try not to isolate yourself and key in on the pain like I did for a year after it started. It's hard to function and nobody who hasn't experienced this pain can empathise, but we can.
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    I too have this terrible pain in my legs, and the only way I could describe is deep pain that goes all the way to the bone. It's as bad as the worst toothache you have ever had. It's very hard to explain to someone who has never experiences it but most of us here know exactly what you are saying and can empathize with you.

    I just wanted to reply olong with the others and let you know, YOU ARE NO ALONE!!!!!!! Jan C.
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    Same here!! I've had FM now for 11 years and the legs aching has only come about for the last year.Thats why I wondered if it were my fibro? How was I spared so long?? Seems everything else on me ached but not my legs!!Well pooey on that!! now its effecting my gait at times,they ache so bad!! I even thought about maybe vasculitus?? What ticks me off is everything that hurts me,wether it be my neck,shoulders,hip,upper arms,legs.....My dr. shrugs it all off to this FM!! How can they be so sure? I usually have to get off my feet and elevate them when they're bad.But so far no meds. that I've tried have helped my legs? Has anyone had any luck with any meds? I sure can relate here!! Thanks for the post of interest~ :)
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    All of a sudden I am having severe pain in my lower back, legs and hips. I'm going to an Orthopedist tomorrow to see what he says and then I will go to the Neurologist if the Ortho does not find anything. I told my Rheumy about this pain and he pressed on a few of my tender points and said "oh, it's your Fibro" when I whinced (sp?) in pain. Thank God my insurance allows me to see any doctor I want without referrals. I'm not convinced this is all from the Fibro.
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    Hi there
    Im also new to the board
    I was diagnoised 11/02 with RA & Fibro I was 33 and now 34.
    I know I've had this for years, they just finally took a blood test.
    I had severe leg pain since I was about 18 years old
    I would wake up crying casue of the leg pain, I didn't know what it was from, It was like a numbness in my legs I would go in the bath and run hot water on my slef
    didn't help much.
    I'm still having pain as we speak!
    The winter time is real bad for me. I have the ankle pain, neck, shoulder, thighs and big time Insomnia and real irritable.
    I've tried Mobic can't say it helped, Docs wanna put me on a low dose of Prozac. can't see myslef on that
    I have to be sane for my 3 year old daughter.
    I also tried Soma, which knocked my out!
    Good luck
    Im still looking for an answer
    Dr is now sending me to Infection Disease Dr

    Jessica (Jess)

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  18. trasestry

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    It is nice to see that im not the only one..makes me really believe that im not crazy, then to meet someone my age. I am interested in knowing what is making them send you to an infection control doctor. I am an infection control nurse, but for a long term care facility.

  19. iggie

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    Hi Tracey, I have the leg pain too seems to be in my feet up the front of my legs and lt. hip . I find using a pillow out of desperation even while I sleep under my knees and some heat reallly helps. I don't use much in the way of pain meds so I have to find alternative ways to help reduce the pain. This actually helps.

    Good luck.