Severe Pain in right arm only

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by GooGooGirl, Aug 10, 2003.

  1. GooGooGirl

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    Last night I woke up during the night with severe pain in my entire right arm. It went from my shoulder all the way down to my hand. It was so painful I could not go back to sleep. I did have some pain in the left arm too but it was nothing like the right arm. It still hurts now and I've been taking Tylenol and Advil all day. It is normal to have severe pain in only one limb like that? This is definitely the worst pain I have ever had since I have been diagnosed with Fibro.
  2. vnr27

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    hi i have that now in both arms since i woke up, i keep running to doc thinking myheart but all test are fine, he says its fibro, it goes away and comes ,i put bengay on myself now. feel better u will, val
  3. txangel

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    Ijust got back from the er about an hour ago because of this horrible pain in my left shoulder. It is the only thing that sends me to the er. It started about 3 yrs ago and aches most of the time now. But then there are times I think I would let the docs just cut it off. The hydrocodone doesn't work for this pain and neither did demoral. The pain meds with icy hot and a heating pad gives me some relief but for the most part I just wait it out. I hope that helps you more than it does for me.