Severe pain when twist ribs

Discussion in 'Ask the Doctor' started by jacc123, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. jacc123

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    I have had several episodes of bad pain lasting 1-2 minutes when I twist my upper torso to side or back. It feels like something "catches" and when it releases the pain goes away but there is soreness for awhile. Not chest pain. to the outside of ribs below breast. Any help would be appreciated. I called my doc, but, no answer. Makes you moan out loud and you cannot move for fear of worsening the pain.
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    I've had this happen about four or five times in the past year myself, when I twist to reach something or when I'm waking up and do a big yawn and big twisty stretch. Only happens sometimes, not always.

    Don't know what it is, I just call it a cramp. Like a really painful charley-horse. It's exactly as you described.

    The same location and duration. Like something 'catches' and I'm disabled with the pain and 'stuck' like that for a minute or two moaning "Owwww, owwww" until it subsides. Always in the exact same area - where the ribs are to the left of lower left breast.

    I haven't noticed any soreness afterward though. Just relief that the cramp is over and back to totally normal again.

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  3. jacc123

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    Exactly. So curious to know what it is.....
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    I have something similar to that now.. Only have been sick with allergies and now a sinus infection and its started in my lungs.. went to dr today but. I think I did mine when I was rinsing out the Vicks heated humidifier.. and realized last night when I went to lift it out of the tub.. ( it didn't fit under the faucet with my bathroom sink).. and when I started to lift.. i realized.. it was pulling all in the same place it hurt!.. So think it was from lifting that.. it is painful.. and hurts across the whole left breast and in the chest wall and the top of it..
    . I have also have had the same spot.. just about. just under the breast in the rib.. I was told it was a rib contusion.. which I guess like a sprain?.. Also.. if I remember right.. some have mentioned Costrochondritis.. inflammation in the chest bone areas.. if You google it.. it will tell more about can be in other places along the ribs..
    I hope You all feel better with it.. I use my rice packs and Ibuprofen..
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  5. jacc123

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    Thanks for responding. I just can't see having so many contusions. May be costrochronditis-not quite sure. Went to doc but forgot to ask. Have mild case of the flu.
  6. MsBrandywine

    MsBrandywine Member

    I'm sorry to hear You have the flu.. from what the GNP told me yesterday.. even coughing can do all kinds of things.. You can also look up myofacial pain syndrome.. its trigger points in our body.. and when they get out of place or triggered with our muscles.. it is very painful.. I have the workbook.. and it shows them all and where mine is.. there are trigger points all in that area..
    Feel better!.. God Bless,

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