severe painful ulcerations of the tongue

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by gobigred8, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. gobigred8

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    Hi: I am new to the board but so desperately need help with tongue problems. I have fibro, interstitial cystitis and arthritis. But my tongue causes me severe pain and I can find no relief anywhere other than very strong pain meds. I have huge red sores and red sides of the tongue with a yellow/white coating. I have had thrush but not recently and alot of digestive issues. I've tried the topicals and pain meds and anti-depressants. No help.
    Does anyone have any suggestions that might help me. I am absolutely desperate. Thanks, much. Linda
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    Have you ever tried Apthasol 15% Ointment.It is sort of a dry stuff that you put directly onto the sore.I will say I had a heck of a time geting ahod of some.Finally found it at a CVS drugstore. This is a prescription ointment. My son had a mouthful of those sores and they are now improving. annie
  3. grannyanne

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    I goofed,it is 5% not 15 and they call it a Paste not an ointment.annie
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    Ouch that sounds painful. I have alot of mouth ulcers and irritated gums and have had the tongue problem too. My dentist and internist told me to start on B-12 complex vitamins and also use Biotene mouthwash and toothpaste which can be purchased at drug store. They also have Biotene gum in the pharmacy. That might help. There is no alcohol in this mouthwash. I find B-12 vitamins help with my mouth sores. Hope you get to feeling better.
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    Hi, I have CFS/FM/MCS and Chronic Lyme. I get this awful recurring thing pretty much as you have described it. Mine comes and goes and I can't figure out what it might be related to other than a guess about some meds side effects or strange food allergy symptom or even a particular vitamin or mineral deficiency. I even took a photo of it to show to my doctors next visit. If I figure it out I'll get back to you. Good Luck
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    Go to your Dr and ask for a prescription for Nystatin USP which is a powder that will stop those painful sores in your mouth. Just mix 1/4 tsp. in water, swish in your mouth and swallow. It will help any Candida in the gut also. It works because my Dr gave it to me and the sores are gone in a few days. It helps Leaky Gut too. It is not systemic so it just passes though your gut and isn't absorbed into your blood system (and gets rid of Candida to boot). My Hubby takes it too because it can be transmitted to others in the family!!
    Hugs Shirley