severe panic/chest pain upon awakening

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    I have awakened to the worst chest pains/feelings in years.

    Just now am I able to type after almost an hour of severe pain/fatigue/chest cramps/disorientation/etc. When I tried to move, even crawl, it caused my symptoms to get far worse. I still feel the residuals of cramping and pain in my chest. It is as if someone is squeezing my chest. I don't think I'll ever get used to that sensation, despite the fact that I have experienced it in various degrees over the past few years.

    I just took .5 mg klonopin. I'll try that today and see how I feel.

    Background: The doctor had me go from 1.5 mg K /day to .5 mg/day (only made it to .75 currently) after taking it for over 7 years. I've been feeling the above symptoms, unfortunately, throughout my CFS battle. Again, to various degrees, yet it seems to be worse in the winter.

    All for now. Afraid to sleep but I know I must try to get some rest soon.


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    Thanks for the reply.

    I've had a few EKG's over the years, stress test, MRI, etc., with nothing abnormal showing.

    What is odd is that I cannot exercise for more than a couple of minutes (sometimes a couple of seconds) without serious cramping in the chest, light-headedness, etc. It is not from being out of shape. I used to be extremely athletic, ran track, soccer, bicycling, etc., and I know what it feels like to hyperventilate. This is not it.

    Thanks for the advice. That would be my first thought if this has not happened before. What is odd, is that yesterday, I pressed on my chest area near the center and had sharp, piercing pains in certain areas. Odd.

    Still puzzled . . . feeling a *little* better but extremely fatigued,

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    Thanks for the advice Lane (and all),

    I did manage to fall asleep around 8 AM and awakened around 10 AM. I felt somewhat "refreshed" but have being going downhill since. The only activity that I have performed since awakening is eating a bowl of cereal and a banana - and typing this.

    The symptoms are similar to whan I first awakened today (approx. 5 AM) but not quite as severe. I do plan to take .5 mg of K (like I used to do) this afternoon.

    I cannot see very well. This has been common from the beginning, but it seems to be more pronounced now. Normal light through the window hurts my eyes a great deal and I continue to see spots or flashes (much like after having your photo taken with a flash) but the "white" spots don't go away. At least they don't for a while.

    I do feel numb and tingly all over, mostly in my chest, where it feels as if someone is sittling on me. My head feels as though someone has kicked it, yet it is not in too much pain. Just very dizzy and disoriented.

    Yes, there are painic-like symptoms as well. But it seems to be after the fact. I am very weak as well.

    I was very close to going to the hospital this morning. Now, I have those feelings again. I have always been a stubborn one when it comes to letting others treat me but this is starting to feel overwhelming. If it is some sort of bizarre panic, what could they do anyway?

    Lane, I believe that I normally fall asleep on my back yet almost always end up in a different position. I believe that I am a very restless sleeper. Not certain but my covers have ended up just about everywhere in my room, at times.

    I am not certain as to why I would have pain on my chest. Pressing certain areas near the center of my chest should not cause pain. Here's the odd part: It doesn't always cause wincing pain! Sometimes there is no pain at all.

    I will take your advice into consideration. Sounds interesting and I have never tried it before. If nothing else, perhaps I'll sleep better?

    Need to stop now. The monitor is hurting my eyes and I am feeling quite faint.


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    Get thee to a doctor. They have equipment to run tests for your complaints to see if anything is wrong. You're not going to find that kind of help here on the board. They should be able to let you know if they detect anything that needs immediate attention or where you might get further help finding out what is wrong. Once you've been tested and assured there is no immediate threat then you could also search through some of the old posts for symptoms such as yours. This might help give some leads to avenues you could explore to find out the source of your problem.
    For right now if you have no one living with you then call someone/a friend who lives close to you immediately and tell them you have not been feeling well. This way they can check on you in case you should get worse. If you're feeling dizzy you may need them to drive you to a hospital. It may be nothing, but chest pain is nothing that should be ignored.
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    I had the same pain a year ago. It was in the center of the chest as you discribed. The result from the ER was that the fibromyalgia was causing my heart to have seizures. I was given nitroglycern and that helped. I took other tests and they came out OK.

    The point is Don't mess around with your chest pain. They say that FMS does not kill people but the complications that can happen will affect other organs, & according to my DR., that CAN be fatal.

    I urge you not to delay. Ask yourself is my life worth a few embarressing moments ? Also you mentioned disorientation. That could be related to the lack of oxygen. There are many things it could point to, not just fibrofog.
    Good Luck. Carina
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    Hello to everyone and thanks to those who have responded.

    I want to first say that I am not trying to scare anyone with my comments. I have had to live with these seemingly extreme symptoms since my illness, amongst other symptoms. However, today, the "chest pain" and "kicked in the head" feelings are extreme.

    I currently have an intense headache and extreme "heat" on my skin. My chest pain is still here, but I was able to walk over to the computer. First time since this morning. I have been crawling, literally, from room to room because I an not able to obtain balance AT ALL while in an upright position. However, I was able to walk again about an hour ago but have done so sparingly in my apartment.

    I agree about the comments regarding "not taking any chances". To the best of my knowledge, I have had the following tests performed relating the the heart:

    Several EKGs
    Stress test (do not recall if it was nuclear) - and I believe that it was just me on a treadmill
    MRI or echocardiogram(?) of the chest area.
    Ultrasound of the left side of the chest
    (possibly other tests)

    Can I request a test, as strange as this sounds, and which one would that be? Since Dr. Lapp discovered mild seizure activity in my temporal lobe (yet, other doctors do not view those reports nor do they say I have a seizure problem), I have wondered if it could affect other areas of my body besides my brain.

    I hate to sound pessimistic about tonight, but I do not wan to go through what I did last night. Already, I am near the discomfort level of this morning.

    I left a message late morning/early afternoon for the doctor regarding my condtion. I did not receive a call.

    Another problem related to this is that when I inhale, at the apex, I have cold chills throughout my body. This is not new! However, it is much worse today.

    I would be nice if there was a moble doctor's service (Imaging doctors roaming around in nice vans awaiting a call . . . they show up at your residence with all of the essential skills and a nurse or two, then decide if you need to go to the hospital. At least it would help persons such as myself who are unable to drive while under this spell.)

    Regarding driving, I have had doctors ask me why I can't or why I didn't drive to the office. I tell them about my problems and it is shrugged off. Let's see. I have driven cross-country TWICE by myself and used to enjoy driving. The fact that I can't because of extreme balance and disorientation plus other symptoms should be an alarm in and of itself! Alas, I never seem to get a sympathetic ear regarding what I used to take for granted.

    Back to the issue at hand, I hope that I can find some comfort resting tonight. To be honest, I am scared - and that is something I do not like to admit. Very humbling, this CFS.

    I promise that I will attempt to see the doctor tomorrow. We are supposed to get a decent amount of snow over the night, but the hospital is close by.

    Thanks for any and all suggestions. It is comforting.

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    I do feel better today than yesterday. Here's what has changed/happened:

    SEVERE headache from 12 AM - 5 AM. I slept from 1:15 AM to 2 AM. Looked at the TV (couldn't comprehend what I was watching due to the pain.

    Managed to feel "tired" again around 5 AM and awakened at approximately 8:30 AM. Headache has shifted to the right side of the head and it feels like a knife in my head (whatever that feels like!). I still have the pain now but it is not as severe.

    Also have the odd pain in my chest. Seems to be more isolated today but in a familiar place. Just right of center of my chest area. Sometimes it is piercing, other times just to the touch.

    My skin is not warm to the touch anymore but my vision is not very well. I am seeing bright "things" when I blink. And after I blink I notice the symptom the most. Again, not a new symptom. Just aggrevated today. Of course any type of light hurts my eyes so I'll need to stick with soft candles today.

    Too much snow to go to the doctor. I will make a trip in the morning if I feel the same or better than today. I should be able to guide my way there.

    I'll keep you updated. Thanks for the support.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I have been told by friends that they are probably migraines. Again, only started with the onset of CFS. I used to have them very frequently early in the illness. Wow. That was not pleasant.

    Regarding Benedryl, is this considered an antihistamine? I recall taking one early on in my illness and boy did I pay the price. This was in late 1994. I went to the emergency room. I believe it was something for "flue and cold". Tylenol something or other? Can't recall anymore.

    I will try ANYTHING to relieve the head pain and ensuing domino effects.

    Can you stop the pain after it has started? Most of the time I can tell when it starts.

    FYI, I have not had a caffeinated beverage for over 2 years (on purpose). Acutally, I had 2 Cokes last year because I was celebrating the release of my CD. Just my part in trying to stay healthy - abstaining from caffeine. If caffeine will help (in any form) then I'll take your advice!


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    I am new in here but I was reading your past posts. I have Fibromyalgia along with a host of other auto-immune disorders and I am on disabality as a result. I also think you should see a doctor for chest pains reagardless if you have this condition or any condition. Always better to be sure. Also, I just wanted to point out that exercise has been very effective for me in learning to cope with this body of mine. I walk and I also practice Tai Chi Kong. Keeping your body moving is very important. I realize that it needs to be carefully done so I sugest you go to a pysical therapist who can help give you some exercises for you not to rule out swimming exercises. Another thing that I have found helpful is going to a clinical psychologist to learn effective ways of coping with having a chronic condition. It's nice to have someone to talk me through my frustrations and it helps me more than anything to learn effective ways of coping in this world. Hope this helps and good-luck.
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    The doctor wanted me reduce my 1.5 (.5 x 3/day) to .5 x 1/day. He said "take it whenever you feel comfortable". I know, I am giving this doctor a bad name with these comments. It was the first time that he has seen me. Quite frankly, I'll just tell him that it didn't work. Going off of K does not help my current situation.

    Forever the optimist that I am, I am determined to get to the bottom of my problems. At the very least, have a doctor willing to investigate my symtoms a bit more and to understand what "off label use" means.

    I'll see what I can get out of him my next visit. I don't want to play musical doctors but I really shouldn't have to explain myself too many times, especially since he has access to my previous records. I swear they never look at them. Why do thy exist? *question mark over my head*. Alas, if only all of us could be in a large auditorium and be seen by someone who is familar with these types of symptoms (CFS and FM). Wouldn't that be quite the convention ;)

    I'll post infor about my next visit . . .

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    i went to my rheum. for having chest pains, however they would onset and no specific time of the day...just whenever only 19 but i very much understand where you are coming dr. told me there was nothing to do about it since it was the FMS and gave me muscle relaxers...they didnt really help however, only made me MORE dazed and lethargic :(

    take care!