Severe Sinus Headache... HELP if you can

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ja1grump, Sep 19, 2003.

  1. ja1grump

    ja1grump New Member

    Hello - I am suffering from a severe sinus headache. I have had it since yesterday. The weather changed on me. I have taken benadryl, and actifed, used vicks vapor rub, used a migraine ice patch, used an ice pack, tried to sleep. Hubby has rubbed my head off and on all night. I have heaved and heaved, and with this tooth that is killing me, oh man I wish my face would just fall off. I was wondering if ANYONE had ANY suggestions on relief for this kind of headache?? I sure hope so cause I am miserable. Please hurry with any replies that might help! THANKS SO MUCH
  2. kayfrey

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    I don't know if I can be of any help, but I also suffer from sinus headaches and migrains. I have a drippy nose all year. It seems the older I've gotten the worse my allergies have become.

    I take Allegra occasionally, my sinus headaches can be as painful as my migrains!!! So I sympathize with you!!

    But, from experience, if you have a bad tooth, that can also cause alot of the same type of symptoms. You could have an abcess(sp). Have you been to the dentist? Maybe you should call him this weekend!!!!

    I don't know if this helped at all, but I wanted to know I share in your pain!!

    Hope you feel better soon!! Let me know!

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  3. achy

    achy New Member

    I can offer this advice from 1st hand experience....
    If you top teeth hurt, and you have a headache that lasts for more than a most likely have a sinus infection.

    You do need to see a doc...try taking some ibuprofin and a should help until you can get to the doc.

    Warm fuzzies
  4. Rocinante75

    Rocinante75 New Member

    I agree with the other posts. If you have a bad tooth on the upper set, chances are the sinus headache and tooth problem are interrelated. A dentist will not work on such a tooth until one has taken an antibiotic. Any chance of your calling and getting an antibiotic today? The supplements Echinacea and Goldenseal (I use the one that has both in it and widely available in drug stores) might help if you cannot get antibiotic. One is supposed to help viral infections and the other helps bacterial ones -- can't remember which is which so that's why I use the combo supplement.

    Another idea to relieve headache is drainage. I sometimes massage my face -- anywhere that I can tell that I am getting drainage results. Guaifenisen also helps. It is the expectorant in cough syrups. It liquefies mucous and helps to drain it. I use presciption but see it is now available throug this site as supplement. It is also in cold syrups.

    Attention to the nasal area is another idea. The most basic thing to try is to spray in a saline solution or do the nasal wash with a netti (sp?) pot. Do you know what that is? There is a prescription nasal inhaler, Nasacort, that reduces swelling and that helps with drainage.

    I have one other suggestion but it is really gross. I assume you are desperate. I have constant sinus problems (lost two upper teeth because of it and root canal did not work) and use a Q-Tip continually to dislodge what I cannot blow out without also blowing out my brains. On two separate occasions -- before I got all of the above down to a routine, I had terrible problems that the Q-Tip helped. But you have to be careful. I did not have the above meds and was really suffering. After using Q-tips little by little, I was able to discharge giant mucous plugs which evidently were sitting in my sinuses and breeding infection. Once those GIGANTIC plugs got released, I got relief.

    I know the pain and wish you luck. Will you tell me how you made out? I also use Midrin for the sinus-migraines.

    Hope this helps.
  5. IgotYou

    IgotYou New Member

    Place a cool rag or ice pack on your head and get in to a doctor right away. You probably have an infection.
  6. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    If you have not already tried it, use a nasal *spray* decongestant like Neo-Synepherine, but only as directed on the bottle, and no longer than 3 days because you can have rebound swelling. One of the ways sinus tortures us is that when the nasal passages are too swollen to allow free air exchange, the body absorbs the oxygen in the sinuses (especially true of the maxillary) and creates a vaccum. PAIN!

    I've have sinus problems for years, leading to surgery two years ago next month. My antibiotic use has cut down from 14 rounds the year before the surgery to just 3 this year. Unfortunately, when an infection starts, I still require antibiotics to get it, but being able to keep open passages and clean them out (sinus irrigation) does help cut down the time involved in getting better.

    Oops, forgot. This may not help now, but to deal with future sinus problems as they are starting, look into the accupressure points that relieve the pain. There are several, on the inner/upper bone of the eye's socket, on the bone ridge under the cheek next to your nose, etc. -- sorry, too hard to describe with words! -- that you can find and manipulate yourself. I've got a great book..."Accupressure's Potent Points: A Guide to Self-Care for Common Ailments" by Michael Reed Gach, but it helps to learn this before you are desperate for it because it takes some practice finding the right points on your own body.

    I hope you feel better SOON. My college roommate used to have such severe sinus pain that she would just stop talking for three days while she dealt with it. Now that I'm familiar with what she went through (my sinus problems started in grad school after my wisdom teeth were removed), I can completely sympathize.[This Message was Edited on 09/20/2003]
  7. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Sure hope you got some relief by now. But in case you are still in pain, try hot compresses across the nose/eyes where all the sinus cavities are. The heat will cause the sinus cavities to drain, breaks up those 'clots' of mucus. Am also having a horrific cough from the post nasal drip.

    Also try a small bottle of peroxide in a warm mist vaporizer.

    I have not had a sinus headache is almost a year because of drinking water, but I got a virus last week and have been fighting a sinus headache for the last two days . I know where you are coming from right now!

    Drink hot fluids, coffee/tea it also helps loosen it up.

    The salt/water solution helps also, I make my own and use an eye dropper to put it in my nose.

    I take Tylenol Sinus caps, they do help. Only OTC that I can take for the sinus that won't cause me to climb the walls.

    I use an ice pack on my head, and the heat on my face, yea I alternate it.

    Sure hope you are feeling better soon, I know how miserable I am right now.

    Shalom, Shirl

  8. Dara

    Dara New Member

    I know that most people benefit from ice packs, but for the sinus pressure the hot wet wash clothes across my forehead and sinus area help me the best. It helps the pressure feeling to subside.

  9. ja1grump

    ja1grump New Member

    I got up feeling somewhat better this morning, then I had to go the to the firemans hog roast because my hubby is a volunteer - well it was really sunshiny out and then lifeline came in to demonstrate - and all the dust they kicked up, I was back in bed this afternoon. This evening this tooth is hurting again so the left side of my face is achy! I am planning to go to bed shortly with a hot pack, am going to put sweet oil in my ear again- I had an ear infection about a week ago then it went into the jaw and tooth. UGH I can't seem to win. And why the heck are evenings and nights so darned long when you don't feel good and you always feel worse in the night!
  10. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    I sure hope you get some relief and sleep too tonight. I am pretty miserable myself, but that ear pain you have is bad.

    Take care of yourself, and I will say a prayer for both of us to sleep peacefully tonight!

    Shalom, Shirl
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    When I have had serious sinus headaches, I have used nasal spray like Neo-Syneferin (sp?) and Extra Strength Excedrin. I lie down in a dark room and put an ice pack on my head and warming mitts on my hands. Warming the hands is an old trick for migraines. It pulls the excess blood from the swollen blood vessels in the head and draws it to the hands.

    Standing under a hot shower is also helpful.

    Love, Mikie
  12. illumine27

    illumine27 New Member

    I know someone else mentioned this...

    I tend to suffer from chronic sinus issues. I've taken advil c&s & claritin & all the stuff but the only thing that ever truly HELPS is this... it IS messy & gross & not attractive but honestly it does bring relief! Close the bathroom door & don't think about how you look. :) My kids are 4 & 5 & so they MUST watch me... it's so curious to them... they say... "Mom, you're weird!" :)

    I use a solution of 1 cup *warm* water, 1/3 teaspoon salt, and a pinch of baking soda. (I've researched this to know this is ok... but please, do some reading yourself!! to verify!!) Make sure the water is warm, but NOT hot. You can use a neti pot. I just use a measuring cup. Plug one nostril and bend over the sink a little... tilt the cup, place the unplugged nostril into the water & inhale. It will drain thru your sinuses & out the roof of your mouth... spit that into the sink. Repeat with the other nostril & blow nose GENTLY. Repeat to use the whole cup of water. I also use a baby nasal aspirator to suck up some of the solution & blow it into my nasal passages... I think this is kind of like the neti pot idea... but I can't afford to actually BUY anything right now, so I'm using what I have. :) Anyway. It is a really ODD feeling and the first few times--hard to get used to... like that little fear of drowning... but it does come out the roof of your mouth etc etc. The first time I did this... after several days I coughed/hacked/blew out copious amounts of YUCK. But even though that took days... the headache relief came after the first cleansing. You can do this I guess up to 3 times/day... The salt/baking soda makes the water close in ph or whatever so the nose doesn't freak out as much to the solution being in there. It does moisturize the sinuses and the salt helps combat the infection... (this is from what I've read) And no racy head from the psuedoephedrine or whatever it is that's in those sinus concoctions! :) Please, do some research & decide for yourself if you'd like to try it. I know that this is what I do now... it helps "clear" my head... those sinus headaches can be cruel!!

    Good luck~
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  13. DragonBall

    DragonBall New Member

    ive had sinus problems for years,after a operation that didnt work,ive found no actual tabs work,and please no nasal sprays!.all you can do is dont eat any dairy prouducts or have any chocolate,i know i love it!as for toothache,i get it alot but theres nothing wrong with my teeth,after 5 x rays.i suffer from arthritis of the jaw,and it presses on the nerves!.i hope ive been some help.
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    The idea is not to use them on a constant basis except for saline sprays. You can make your own saline solution and sterile water sprays and use them every day. This helps keep the sinuses clear. Using Flonase or Neo-Synefrin when one has a headache can help and it won't hurt if not used constantly.

    Love, Mikie
  15. suzbee

    suzbee New Member

    If you don't like the idea of a neti pot and tilting your head back, you can buy a large infant ear syringe at the pharmacy and squirt the warm salt water up into your sinuses while leaning down over the sink. Then the water won't go down the back of your throat -- it'll all drain back out your nose. Works great.

    When you mentioned about the terrible headache and heaving for a long time -- let me tell you, there's a bug going around. It's almost epidemic around here in lower middle Tennessee. Starts out with what feels like a horrible sinus headache, extremely stiff neck, then severe nausea and vomiting for several hours (or severe cramps and diarrhea). Almost everyone I know around here has had it, including myself. Excuse me for being gross, but I thought my insides were going to come out. After two days I was back to my usual (achy) self.

    Hope you get to feeling better,
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I almost never get sick with this kind of stuff, but for two days, I was vomiting and had serious diarrhea. I thought it was Herxing to the bromelain. It still might have been. I also had a headache which I almost never have anymore either.

    But, I digress. I just wanted to add that the biggest part of dealing with sinus problems is prevention. First, it is important to ensure that there is no physical narrowing which does not allow the sinuses to drain. A good ENT doc can check this out.

    Second, it is important to reduce allergens. Good air cleaners can accomplish this. Third, if the air is too dry, a humidifier can help. Fourth, using the saline solution spray every day will keep the sinuses drained so that bacteria will not thrive there. When you use the saline spray, tilt the head slightly forward to ensure the spray reaches into the forward sinus cavities.

    I think taking the Guaifenesin is also good because it thins mucus. I am on the Guai treatment for FMS, but it also works to thin the mucus.

    Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
  17. Mrs. B

    Mrs. B New Member

    that helps me and my sister (including prescription and over the counter) is Allerest. works like a charm for both of us but, nothing else does.

  18. fibrotigger

    fibrotigger New Member

    to what's already been said except, if what you're blowing out of your nose is yellowish or greenish, you definitely have a sinus infection and having a bad tooth could be causing the problem. When do you see your dentist?

    I had a cyst removed from one of my sinus cavities (they found it cuz I had a headache that wouldn't go away)and I've had problems with my sinuses ever since. Right now, I'm using Benedryl max. strength for severe allergies and sinus. It's working for me, but I periodically have to change what I'm using.

    Hope by now you've gotten some relief.

    Gentle bouncy hugs,