severe sun sensitity... anyone "recover" from this?

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  1. Chilene

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    i've had this dd for over 13 years, but only have had sun sensitivity for the last two (i HATE it!... i miss the sun!).

    also, i started having herpes symptoms a few years before this sun sensitivity (mainly the lower kind!) about six years ago (may have been laying dormant, not sure...)... and the herpes somehow feels connected to the sun sensitivity i have... meaning, the herpes definitely gets worse with summer sun (and yes, i know ultrviolet light can aggravate those symptoms)...

    but then i have unique symptoms that i ONLY get from summer sun. again, just the last 2-3 years. it almost always begins around Memorial Day weekend if i'm out at a bbq or something (i now try to avoid such things between 11am and 6pm if i'm not sure i can sit under a tree, and even THEN sometimes i get symptoms). don't have it too much over winter, but it's happened with major flares, too.

    i searched old posts and noticed way back that bigmama2 on here had VERY similar syptoms, they are:

    i start to get what feels like mosquito bites, but they aren't. they itch like that (on legs, feet, somtimes hands and upper arms)... they become tiny clear watery blisters... then become pink and flat, then red with a dot of dark red in the center about the size of an aspirin tablet (or smaller than a dime). and they scar!... (don't fade well). one dermatologist said it was "erythema multiforme" (a unique allergic reaction related to (yep!) your own herpes infection, or from drugs (i pretty much ruled the meds out, usually don't take any; allergic)... or a mild case of Stevens Johnsons Syndrome.

    i also get horrid mouth/lip ulcers(that i'm told do not look like traditional herpes simplex)... they often end with black hideous scabs. and itchy red eyes and face and skin (though a hot shower can make my skin super itchy, too, sure it's heat, not the water).

    anyone have anything similar and get better?!... this is just too much, with all else i can't do!;(

    ;) chilene
  2. PVLady

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    I would see a doctor on this one. Maybe being treated with anti-virals would help but I would ask a doctor.
  3. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    thanks for the thoughts on antivirals.

    unfortuneately, i'm allergic to them.

    doctors and dermatologists are all stumped. figures!

    ;) chilene