Severe Vitamin D Deficency?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hdparadis, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. hdparadis

    hdparadis New Member

    I have been diagnosed with FM for over 12 yrs and it was as under control as is possible until the past 2 months. My Primary Care Dr sent me to a bunch of different specialists and I'm waiting for the results of an insane number of tests. The ruem. he sent me to sent a blood sample off to test for a severe vitamin d deficency. Has anyone else had this test run? I've never even heard of this. Anyone with this FM and vit. d deficency? I've done a web search but not alot of info.
  2. JaneSmith

    JaneSmith New Member

    7 years ago before Vit. D was getting all this attention, I asked my Endo to test me. I was very low. Even taking more Vit. D., it hasn't rid me of all FM symptoms. However, it probably will save me from the other bad stuff that could happen with low levels. Did you doc tell you how much Vit. D to take?
  3. hdparadis

    hdparadis New Member

    The Dr is sending me some info in the mail along with the dosage to take. My recheck for all the test results isn't until next week but my level was so low they don't want to wait for me to start supplementing. Any ideas on what causes the low level?
  4. bluenoser100

    bluenoser100 New Member

    I have not had mine tested yet but have a facebook Fibromyalgia group and there are several discussion that at this time. Vit D is always worse in the winter months because we should have a20 min of sun a day with no sun screen to keep us from depression and defiency in Vit D. B vit are also something that could be looked into. Have you had Fibromyalgia long? I have had the syndrome for over 40 years from what I can figure. I don't think I'm allowed to give the name of my group or likk am I here? gentle hugs, Barbara
  5. bunnyrabs

    bunnyrabs New Member

    What were all your Vitamin D levels before you began taking D3? Mine was at 21, which is at the bottom of insufficiency levels and bordering deficiency levels.
  6. scarletstang

    scarletstang New Member

    My rheumo suggested the same test and I have not had it done as of yet. A friend of mine started having back and leg pain and she was having trouble walking. She cleans homes and is down on her hands and knees scrubbing floors. Now mind you, she does not have fibro. Her dr. ordered an MRI of her spine and ran blood tests. All was fine, except bad vit b deficiency. She has to take shots and then continue on supplements. She already feels much better!
  7. dash

    dash New Member

    I've been on Vit D supplements since 2006. I am tested at least 4 times a year and am still always in the low end. I take 1500 mu daily and then I go on the 50,000 unit supplements 1/wk for six weeks at a time each time i'm tested. Since 2007, both my p.c. and my rheumy have made it a point to make sure its D3 that I take.

    I have to stay out of the sun, or I burn to a crisp, but even accounting for that I just can't seem to "catch-up" with supplements.
  8. trini23

    trini23 New Member

    A Rheumy doctor who has no real knowledge of Fibro did some blood test on me, she told me I was very very very low on vitamin D3 and potassium....of course when I asked if it was due to Fibro she had no real knowledge of it, and was sending my lab test to my GP who I will be seeing on June 3rd... I live in Arizona, we have sun all year round..well okay minus a few days here and there but they are very far in between, we get some rain but they're not your average rainy days, we get it and it goes away to be replace by sun within 5-15 min...sometimes 30 if we are lucky once in a great while it drizzles for a full day lol and that is in the area where I live, northern Arizona gets more rain then the area I live at.

    So as my friend says, I may have to streak around in the buff to get some sun absorption to get that ump of vitamin D3 in poor kids eyes lmao!! don't worry no streaking will be going on in these parts of least not on my part hehehe =)

  9. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    When I was first diagnosed, my rheumatologist tested for many things, including Vit D defiency.
    He also ordered "deeper" testing for a couple of things (I think RA was one of the).
    Anyway he told me that Vit D defiency can cause many of the same symptoms that Fibro does (not all by any means). The Dr.s have to rule out everything - if it's something they can treat, then they'll do so, and see if it relieves some of what may be believed to be FM.

    He also said, that you can be Vit D deficient AND have Fibro (like you can w/ or w/o any other condition) You may have Vit D along with Fibro, not necessarily instead of Fibro.

    From what I've read bringing up your Vit D levels can have an improved effect on how you're feeling - but you certainly may still have your FM symptoms.

    I don't believe that Fibro would be due to your Vit D deficiency, but in conjunction with.
    That is just what I understood from my Doc when he ordered the blood work - maybe someone else has more facts to share.

    I do know, like you were told that low Potassium levels can make you very tired and sluggish. My Mom was very low in Potassium and we found that getting enough in her system did make an improvement in how she felt (She doesn't have FM) Her sodium levels were also horribly low(no idea how that happens or what causes it), that can cause the same symptoms of low Pot and also make her confused etc.

    BTW - jealous of your year round sun!!!
    try not to go to the mailbox in the nude - or hey you may give some of your neighbors the highlight of their day!! LOL!!!

    Keep us posted on your next move with Dr.s, okay?

  10. trini23

    trini23 New Member

    How to make husband shake his head and my kids screaming " My eyes, my eyes!!" ( nude mailbox checking hehehe!! )

    in all the years I've been suffering with the pain and fatigue, this is the first test in 3 years that shows low vit D and potassium. I will post in june and let you know what the GP says about it, meanwhile I'll be buying tons of bananas....what else has potassium in foods?

  11. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    potassium rich foods....sorry if some are repeated - I took this from two lists......

    Bell pepper
    Crimini mushrooms
    Brussels sprouts
    Raw, baby carrots
    Raw Lettuce
    Raw Onions
    Fresh Strawberries
    Raw Garlic
    Raw Radishes
    Raw Peppers
    White Bread
    Lima Beans
    Jerusalem Artichokes
    Oat Bran
  12. lil_biscuit

    lil_biscuit New Member

    Yes! I was diagnosed recently with a severe vitamin d deficiency. My doctor said she sees a deficiency in nearly all of her ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia patients. She put me on 50,000 iu once a week for 4 weeks, and then 50,000 iu once a month for life. She said that it should help increase my energy and decrease my pain. Unfortunately, I misplaced the bottle and forgot to take it, but plan to restart the course this week.

  13. Beadlady

    Beadlady Member

    in 9 months taking D3 @ 5000IU a day--Level up to 52--Dr is happy that my level increased but still would like me up around 60-80.
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