Severe Vitamin D deficiency hi protiens in urine

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    Hello everyone,

    New Rheumy order extensive lab work and Xrays. Due to severe level of vitamine D deficiency and high protiens in urine and blood, doc prescribes high dosages of vitamin D and a referal to Hemetalogist. Rheumy feels this may lead to future cardio problems, because their's a family history of stroke, heart attack, diabetes, ect...Okay, I can't be in the sun to long so I usually go out for walks at sunset. I have tried to walk during sun light, but my eyes and head can't handle this -photo sensitivity. I find if I walk in the sun or spend a descent amout of time in the sun I end up with a bad migrain from you know where and then a major flare up. Hot weather seems to cause my flare ups as well as a feelign of being totally drained.

    Last, I happen to mention the latest symptoms (blood in eye -whites, blurred vision, sever bloating in stomache and back) normal eye sight not restored.

    Anyone else have these problems and what was the outcome?

    T~ in NM.

  2. tcpolchies

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  3. tcpolchies

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    I don't get a chance to be online as much as I need to these days. Especially with the blurring of the eyes on and off.

    Thanks for the tip, I'll make sure to mention other possible deficiency's.


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