Severe Water Retention and Diet

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by juliet27, May 3, 2004.

  1. juliet27

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    I have chronic fatigue,which for the past few years has been under control,however I have severe water retention in my face,arms and upper body,which I never had originally.I have allergies(celiac) to many foods and poor digestion. As a result I am constantly putting on weight which I know is water retention.My blood pressure is normal & my kidneys are fine,so no problems there.Is there someone who can advise me on what foods I should be avoiding or supplements I should be taking to alleviate my symptoms.Please contact me if you can help.Thanks!
  2. sandy10seven

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    I can't help on this, but would think someone would have some suggestions for you.
  3. catlin

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    and look for a product that says it is an herbal supplement diuretic. They do work. But watch your salt intake and keep an eye on your blood pressure even if it is good right now. I had a few years of that "bloated" feeling when the blood pressure went up and stayed up during a bad pain bout lasting over three years.
  4. pepper

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    I am a bloater too. I keep it under control by avoiding all the bad white stuff - sugar (most important), white flour, white rice.

    Lately I have been extremely fatigued and unable to cook so have been eating some of these bad things. The bloating that had disappeared is back in spades. My fingers feel funny typing - they look like little sausages! And my face is puffy too.

    When I get a little more energy, the first thing I will do is get my diet back on track.

  5. sunnywey

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    Don't add salt to anything, and don't eat salty things.

    Drinking lots of water, like at least 8 glasses a day, will take away some of your stored water, as well as that you are drinking.

    I have always held fluid + been very puffy, but - you know- I am now on Dr. Atkins diet + don't have to take diretics at all any more.

    So - don't eat as many carbs. Carbs hold the fluid you eat, like a sponge. You will also lose weight. If you don't want to do the diet, just cut out all bread, anything with flour in it, potatoes, pasta + rice, + drink lots of water. I know that will help. If it doesn't - see your Dr.

    You will also have more energy + better digestion. That I know for sure. Give it a try.
  6. Rosario

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    Rice in a natural duretic. Maybe eating it regularly will help alleviate the water retention. I hope you can find a solution, it sounds very unpleasant. Regards, Rose
  7. meditationlotus

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    am allergic to many foods, many of the ones I need to control hypoglycemia. Too tired to prepare the only foods I am allowed to eat. Have been having some success with the product "Moducare" in helping to control some of the allergic reactions. I also eat a lot of salt and drink a lot of water because I have neurally mediated hypotension. I have found that butchers broom helps a little with the symptoms of NMH, and it also gets rid of excess water retention. Be sure that you get plenty of potassium. Good luck.
  8. nancyneptune

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    People, you may think it's ok to recommend drinking lots of water for water retention, but there are times when that is not a good idea. I have congestive heart failure, which makes me retain water, and am restricted in my fluid intake.
    A person with this disease can easily gain 5 lbs. of water overnight which is an alert to call your doctor.
    So, even tho it may sound harmless, please don't recommend pushing fluids until the water retention problem is solved.