Severely Swollen throat... for months! Getting worse. Any thoughts? Please?

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    Hello Friends,

    I have had a sore throat / swollen neck for several months now. I have had a sore throat for over a decade, but this has been much worse. This has been actually swollen. I have been to so many doctors at this point, even a really great Naturopath, and nobody has anything! It is starting to scare me, because sometimes, I choke and cough because I can feel my throat sort of swelling and folding in on itself. I still have an open airway (a nurse told me that that is what they look for..Is the airway too constricted or completely closing in.) ... But I am fearful that it may actually close up. The selling does go down at random times of day, but it is almost always worse at night time. Hard to sleep this way.

    A doctor just told me last week that he didn't think that it was swollen lymph nodes / glands. I think that my lymph glands are tender and sore all over my body, but he says that this red swollen soreness is not from swollen lymph nodes. I am totally housebound now in life, but I can sometimes go to doctor appointments. Sometimes. This has gotten so bad that I went to a doctor. I am now very bed-ridden because of back to back appointments. Hopefully I will be up and walking very soon!

    I try not to let anxiety run away with me. (Can be hard with this illness of ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia and POTS)... Any thoughts, my friends? I would really appreciate any stories of someone relating, or remedies or SOMEthing. I have no answers...

    Thank you everyone, in advance!! (God, there are such great people in this community!!)
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    Hi, maybe a silly question but im going to throw it out there. Could you be allergic to something. See i dont get this all the time but my throat is never quite right, and it does swell. Im waiting for allergy testing, and they are going to give me an epipen. Have they swabbed your throat?

    So im guessing theres nothing in blood tests, what tests have they done?


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    I use it to keep my gums from bleeding and keep my mouth fresh and clean. HP is used as an oral debrider and I would imagine gargling with it would help immensely and get rid of the sore throat. Do not swallow it.

    Google it and see what comes up.
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    I am going to try just to get full-body healthy is juicing. I also read that wheatgrass is a superfood and will fix almost anything. Then I read that Kamut is 1000 times better than wheatgrass and found an organic barley grass juice extract from Pure Planet, so ordered it and will order their Green Kamut next month.

    Also, check out the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead with Joe Cross. He is an Aussie that went on a 60-day juice fast and lost 85 lbs and got fit and healthy. I believe what I am putting in my mouth on a daily basis is killing me because I feel just that way...fat, sick, and nearly dead. So got the juicer and am starting soon. Since the juicer I got does not juice greens or wheatgrass well, I looked for an alternative and found the organic juice grass in powder form. Will take that in a glass of water or juice every day.

    Really looking forward to starting this and getting healthy all over.

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    I know this is really obvious, but have they checked your thyroid? could it be a goiter? that will cause a swollen neck, although not a sore throat to my knowledge.

    I used to have chronic sore throats my first several years of being sick with CFS. I think it was linked to weak adrenals. Pantothenic acid is one of the B vitamins which is crucial for adrenal health and dealing with stress, and a chronic sore throat is one of the symptoms of a pantothenic acid deficiency. Since I've gotten my adrenals in relatively good shape, the chronic sore throats have stopped. My chiro who does muscle testing helped me with this. He was the first to diagnose my weak adrenals, and helped me enormously by giving me an adrenal glandular, Drenatrophin PMG by Standard Process. I also started taking 500 mg. pantothenic acid in addition to my regular B complex.

    And, as someone else suggested, definitely check for allergies. Dairy and wheat are very often huge culprits, and if you haven't tried cutting them out, I would do so right away.

    And generally regular docs are pretty helpless when it comes to CFS. It's good you've seen a naturopath. You might also try an integrative medicine doctor - they are about the only ones I've found who know anything about CFS and nutrition, etc. is a website for IM doctors. At the top of the page if you scroll over "health resources" you'll find a link to find IM doctors in your area.

    And I always do recommend chiros and their muscle testing - it has helped me so many times when the regular docs were helpless!

    Good luck!

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    Taking some extra virgin coconut oil. It is antibacterial, anti microbial , anti fungal, and can help with inflammation. 1tsp in hot water (or tea,coffee) a couple times a day. You should also cook with it.
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    check your liver functions. I kept having swollen throats and back pain, and a check of my liver panels revealed I have portal hypertension and NASH (non-alcoholic steato hepatitis). If the portal vein is clogged, then it can create new blood vessels in the throat called "varices" and these can cause you to have a swollen feeling in your throat. At least it did for me. It's worth a check!

    Soft hugs,
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    One possibility might be silent reflux. In Silent reflux you don't get the burning sensation that you do in regular reflux, but it does cause slwelling of the throat.

    A very easy way to see if it's that is to just get some pepsid AC and start taking it. If you get relief, then that's the problem. I have reflux and I get swelling of the throat all the time. Worth a try!

    Take care,
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    My throat does that from time to time and it is my esophagus that is opening and closing at the wrong time. I am even aspirating food and drink. They can do what is called a Vital Stimulation therapy to strengthen the muscles around the esophagus. Alot of us have this. Go to an ENT specialist and ask them to check it out. I did a type of xray where they can see my throat and watch me swallow. They could see me aspirating food and drink because the esophagus didn't close properly due to weak muscles. Hope this helps!