sexual side effects of neurontin and zoloft?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by darlee, Feb 16, 2003.

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    I know that zoloft is notorious for side effects, but I have been on only 50 mg a day, plus 150 wellbutrin SR twice a day for a least six months-with no problem. The dr. said that the wellbutrin would counteract the zoloft and aid in being an antidepressant and it did. Then I got on neurontin 100 mg spaced 4 times thruout the day , and it has been a godsend as far as helping relieve the terrible pain. However, sexually- no go- so I cut out the zoloft for about a month now-feel more depressed, but still no go- does anybody else notice neurontin doing this? some of you are on much higher doses! Is this going to be my reality-I can,t function without the neurontin! But what about my marriage?
    Any suggestions? darlee
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    I had an opposite reaction with neurontin...actually asked my Dr. if it had any mood elevating qualities to it. I am on a much higher dosage...300mgs.PRN. My Dr. suggested that the mood elevation might be due to an increased uptake of serotonin(since the pain interferes with serotonin uptake).
    I guess everyone is different. I am like you...I can't and I don't want to live w/o my neurontin.
    Guess I wasn't much help with your question. Sue
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    I take 300mg of neurontin at night for sleep. If I take any more than that it causes sexual dysfunction (as the literaure calls it). So, I try to stay on the lowest dose possible for both the pain and my marraige.