sha6058 Need help with Headaches!!!

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    I seen your response to a different posting, it was from chilly and seen that you have daily migraine headaches, I have daily headaches and I have migraine headaches quite often. I was wanting to know what medicine you are taking to control these, if you don't mind? My DO has me taking Relpax and it seems to work well, however the Insurance said I could only have 12 a month. I have taken that many in two weeks before. It seems like when something is going good for a while someone has to foul it up. Anyway if you do not mind, please respond to this and anyone else that has a suggestion. I am open to any suggestions. Thanks and you people are great.

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    Hi Sha6058:

    Those pills sound very expensive I hate to have someone controlling the medicine I want to take!!

    This may help- Go to a Chiro who is a kinesiologist. They will test your body's muscle tone to determine what medicines,vitamins,or supplements will work for you.(For me I tested for A multi-glandular product with whole adrenal as a major ingredient. When I start to get a headache I knaw off what I need to make it decrease and disappear.)

    Hope that helps (As my old friend Mordachi says It can't hoit ;-)