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    Hi, Just wondering, what teeny little town in Idaho do you live in and how do you do with the weather and your FMS? We currently live in Alabama and are seriously considering Mtn. Home, Idaho as a new home of residence. Mtn. Home is about 50 miles South of Boise. We will be putting our home on the market this month due to the loss of my income and I just can't keep it up any longer, it's time to downsize. I really would appreciate any input you might could give me and all responses from anybody else who lives in Idaho. The humidity and pressure changes here are about to do me in.

    Thanks an Oodle,
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    I love the state, but it dosen't love me. It's to cold during the Winter month's, and then during the Spring and Summer month's, I got chewed up by Insect's.

    I was living 52 mile's from Boise, on the Ore./Idaho boarder. I still have friends and family up that way, and they still can't find a Dr. that understands these Syndromes.

    The Doctor's there have no clue, no compasion, and will not give you anything for Pain, because that will make you an Addicit. This was after a Neurosurgeon Tore my Rotaor Cuff, during a surgery on my neck. Then let me suffer, cause, it was all in my head and I didn't want to get well.

    I'm 75% better now, 7 years later, I moved back to my Home State of Ca. Better Doc's. lot's of people tho.

    I have a Friend, who used to live in Mt. Home and I see him quite a bit. He miss's it too.

    Good luck, the weather, is hard to live with, as least for me, but there are a few who still Live there.

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    Thanks so much for your input, I hope to get a lot more. If I have to move and can go just about anywhere, I'd like to know about the Drs., how people feel and where they are and have been. Glad to hear your better.

    Thanks Again,
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