"shake" ingredient questions

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    Where do I buy the flax? Are they seeds?

    Do I chop up the apples? Red or green apples?

    Does it fill up a whole glass or is it just a small cup? It just sounds really thick.

    I bought the vanilla flavored whey protein powder from Trader Joe's. Is this the right stuff? I read the ingredients and it has so many vitamins in it. It seems like a multi-vitamin. I take Dr. T's Fatigued to fantastic do you think it is too much to take both?

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    That was what I was thinking I want to get it all together before I venture out shopping. It seems like I have to go to a couple different stores.

    It seems likr a pain to cut everything up too but I guess that is why healthy food is not deemed fast food! I am use to just popping an eggo in the toaster.
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    Jane and Diana,

    I’ve altered and updated a past post of mine telling details of how I made the shake. Hopefully I have answered any questions you have about making the shake.

    Recently I timed how long it took me to make the shake. It was 8 minutes. 10 minutes if I was taking my time. That includes clean up time. It really is quick once you have everything you need. It’s been an easy habit to keep up. I eat it every single morning. It’s been three months, and I’m not at all sick of it. It’s easy to make and since it makes me feel better, I WANT to make it and eat it daily.

    I started making The Shake 10/28/05 (3 months ago). Since I started it, my GI tract is in better shape than it has been for years. Constipation was my biggest problem, gut-wise. I also credit starting probiotics and taking aloe vera juice and lemon juice daily. I am seeing some sleep benefits, but have a bit to go on that.

    A huge benefit for me is that I have stopped craving junk food. Both sweet and salty junk. Cutting way down on junk has helped me tremendously. I know it all started with the shake. It made it easy to cut down on junk.

    I have altered Stormy’s basic recipe just a bit, but I think the changes are all acceptable, and it makes it so much better (to me anyway!). Personally, I don’t like the idea of eating the shake with a spoon. I like walking around the house with my big plastic glass and drinking it with a straw. The OJ, banana and frozen fruit are my additions. For the original version, look to Stormy’s post titled “the shake”. Here is my version of The Shake:

    4 almonds
    1 apple
    ½ banana
    Orange juice
    Frozen fruit
    Flax Seed, ground
    Green Food supplement (optional)

    Almonds – I buy raw almonds and store them in a small plastic flip top container in the freezer. They taste much better straight out of the freezer and will keep longer. Like Stormy, I eat them while prepping The Shake. I found if I put them in the blender, they would not chop up very well. Too many big chunks left.

    Apple – I like Gala apples. I tried Fuji, but they were a bit too tart for my taste. Red delicious has too thick of a skin. It just doesn’t blend up well. Use your favorite thin skinned apple. Try different apples for a different taste.

    Orange Juice – I’ve been using the OJ in a half-gallon carton, for convenience. Fresh would be great, so squeeze away, if you have the time.

    Banana – I have been using ½ banana. You could use a whole one, too. I cut one in half and leave the other half in the banana pile. It keeps just fine until the next day. Just cut off the icky end the next day. I also found that bananas freeze very well. I bought a big bunch of bananas, peeled them and cut them in half. Store them in a Ziploc bag in the freezer. These work great right out of the freezer. I cut them up a bit to make it a little easier on the blender.

    Frozen fruit – I’ve got several bags of frozen fruit. Mixed berries, strawberries, pineapple, peaches, blueberries. Again, pick your favorites. Choose different berries for different shake tastes.

    Molasses – I use 1 T of molasses. You can start with 1 tsp, if molasses bothers you. I bought a 12 oz jar of molasses in the regular grocery store. It is found by the pancake syrup. The brand I bought has a big open mouth top (Grandma’s). It was too much of a mess to pour and even to stick a spoon into. So I bought a 12 oz bottle of pancake syrup with an easy pour flip top. I poured the pancake syrup into our big bottle of pancake syrup and, voila, I have a terrific molasses dispenser. Much neater. Found at regular grocery store.

    Whey – I am using 1/2 scoop (~2 heaping Tbsp) of Whey Protein. I bought the Jarrow vanilla flavored brand, but there are many out there. I’m still looking for what Stormy calls cheap undenatured whey for $4 a bag. Mine cost $18-20 for 2 pounds. I have found this at Whole Foods, Wild Oats, Vitamin Cottage and GNC. At times, it does go on sale.

    Flax – I am using 2 heaping T of ground flax seeds. I buy the whole flax seeds and grind them in a coffee grinder. Go ahead and spend the $10 for a coffee grinder just for the flax. Others have said if you use your regular coffee grinder, your coffee will taste like flax and vice versa. Ick. I’m grinding mine once a week. I have a special plastic bin for the ground flax and I store it in the freezer. I keep a little scoop right in the bin.

    Or you can buy the flax seed already ground and store that in the freezer. I also store the whole flax seeds in the freezer. I have found flax seeds at Whole Foods, Wild Oats and Wal-Mart. I have used Barleans Forti-Flax as well as the cheapest whole flax seeds I could find. The whole seeds are usually in a vacuum sealed pouch. Grinding it yourself is cheaper than buying the pre-ground flax.

    To make the shake:
    Wash the apple with a veggie/fruit spray. Core the apple. I like to use an apple corer. Cut the apple into chunks and toss in the blender, peel and all. Add ½ a banana. Add a glug of OJ (1/2 – 1 cup). Blend. Add the molasses and a good handful of frozen fruit. Blend. If it is too thick at this point, add a bit more OJ. Add the whey and ground flax (and green food supplement, if desired). I have been adding 1 scoop of Ultimate Greens. Blend. Pour into your favorite pint (16 oz) sized glass. It fills a pint glass. Add a bendy straw and enjoy! It is about the thickness of a smoothie. Definitely drinkable through a straw.

    For convenience, I have two separate Shake bins. One is in the freezer and holds the container of almonds, the container of ground flax and the bags of frozen fruit. The other bin in on the countertop and holds the whey, the molasses, the apple corer, a small knife, a small cutting board and the glass top part of the blender. My plastic pint size glass fits right inside the blender for storage. Keeping things together makes it easier.

    There are some perfect sized bins at Wal-Mart made by Rubbermaid. The size is 11” long x 8” wide x 5” tall. They are white plastic and have waffle weave sides. The inside bottom is flat so things don’t wobble around. They cost around $3.50 each.

    Hope you enjoy your shake! It's a great way to start each day!

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    This was very helpful. I will try it both ways. Unfortunatley I can't set my alarm. I learned very early on with this illness that my body has to get up on its on or I fell miserable for the rest of the day!
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    The only problem I forsee is that I can't take any form of acid for two hrs. following the NADH. Which means no OJ and I see the Whey protein contains panthotic acid. (spelling not sure)I take the NADH as soon as I wake up. If I were to take it when i wake up to go to the bathroom it woudl wake me up-it works that well!
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    You could use water to thin it out instead of OJ.

    Pantothenic acid is just Vitamin B5, so I'm not sure it is classified as an "acid".

    Can you drink the shake for lunch?
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    Yes I could that is when I take my fatigued to fantastic drink though. I will try the shake in the morning and add a different type of juice.
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    Apple juice or white grape juice would be less acidic than OJ for the shake.

    Keep in mind that the pH of stomach acid is 1 or 2 which is VERY acidic. Far more acidic than OJ mixed with the other shake ingredients. So you are already putting the NADH into an acidic environment even on an empty stomach.

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    If I was you.. I would just start out with the main ingredients of the shake..Just to see how you handle it all. You can always add things later..

    I had some problems with some things and had to back off on some of the ingred.

    If time is a factor you should just make it at night and put it in the fridge. That is what I do. I make it for the whole family. My kids I make into a smoothie with strawberries and plain natural yogurt. They love it.

    I make mine with just the main ingred. plus some cinnamon. Then in the morning I make a bowl of oatmeal and I dump the shake right on top and eat it. It is so good. Just like apple cinn. oatmeal.

    My shake ingred:

    I sm. gala apple (agree.. thin skin)
    2 TB flax ( I buy mine already ground and keep in freezer)
    3/4 TB of whey ( bought big thing at GNC..Natural flavor)
    1/2 TB of mollases
    big dash of cinnamon

    They have the flax at Trader Joes.. or a grocery store.. Or I found some at Walmart by the vitamins.

    It's just like applesauce..
    There are so many ways to make it..Just all in what you want.

    If you are having stomach problems.. orange juice and the banana are not a good idea for you..

    I quit taking my stomach meds. after I started the shake. I was on Nexium for about 3 months.. Then started taking Prilosec.

    I started taking the Threelac.. the shake.. aloe and lemon.. and recently started on the Pau d'arco. Each day I think I feel a little better. Getting ready to add some milk thistle and dandelion.

    Within a week of the shake I was sleeping all night. It has helped my mood a lot too. I actually crave it everyday.

    Good luck... If you still have other questions.. just ask Stormyskye.. She will help answer your questions.

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    Thanks. I have oatmeal every day so maybe I will try it with that.

    Didn't someone mention the bar before too? How do you make them?
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    The inexpensive whey powder that I buy is made by NOW Foods and is labeled "sweet whey powder". Asking for "whey protein powder" will get you the expensive stuff.