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  1. canchaser3020

    canchaser3020 Member

    Does anyone get the shakes? I don't mean from being weak, although I am fatigued at the time. I shake quit often and sometimes it seems all over not just my hands.
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    I will be shaking or tremor and someone ask me about it and I never knew it. Then as you said sometimes I get a little shaky all over not just weak shake. But not often all over mainly in my hands. I have had this stuff now over 15 years and it is hard to accept. Keep thinking positive someone or something wonderful is going to help us. Has to be the man upstairs!

    I have a son who is 30 and he has a family with no job and trying to go to school. He has been told all his pain is in his head. That he has fibro and it is all in his head.

    Mom is not a happy camper about this. I have lived a life as such he is young.
    He does have depression and severe anxiety but he is on antidepressant for it and he is doing better. The pain is still there and his anxiety and panic was over the pain he was having he thought he was dying.

    Seems like more males are being diagnosed or wastebasket diagnosed. Who knows?
    He gets the shakes like you are talking about all over not from being weak.
    Take care

    Take care
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  3. canchaser3020

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    I'm so new to this I am not sure what to think sometimes. I'm just trying to figure out this d/d.
    Thanks for replying.
    I was lucky in that I had a Dr that listens to me and knew I was very active and my fatigue was not like me. I need to find out how much he knows about cfs. I was diagnosed at Mayo. They just told me to do walking and build up slowly and I would be better in a year.
    Some how that does not jive with what I have read here.
    Meanwhile I just take it day by day and hour by hour. Can't plan too much.

    Good luck to you and your son.
  4. hensue

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    Kind of hard if you are like me and you hurt in about 24 hours all over your body. I was diagnosed at Emory Clinic about 15 or 16 years ago with fibromyalgia. She a black neurologist made me accept it. I was a type A like most and cleaned, cooked, worked full time and yard work, swam and walked etc......

    When I was working about 4 years ago I kept myself in pretty good shape. I kept my weight down and did a lot of lifting and squatting at my own pace. Worked in a high end shoe and womens store. Manager so I more or less did everything the boss did all book work and stocking shoes, waiting on customers and I loved it. I was very disciplined in my eating habits too.
    Since I have had to quit work I really am not as active and can tell I have lost the muscle mass. Not a good thing and put on about 10 pounds.

    you get to be more of an introvert at home but oh well you can only do so much. Hard to plan if you dont know if the fatigue or pain will let you be there.

    I am taking my son to Miami to see Dr Klimas her speciality is Chronic fatigue or cfs. I want to see what she says if she thinks he has it. Look her up she is good at what she does and seems to be an expert in that field.
    On the message board phoenix rising cfs you can get a lot of info. Most of them are very intelligent so I dont post. Mainly I ask questions and get answers. pacing seems to be the best for us.
    Do you take vitamins or supplements? I think they are very important for me. It is most distressing to have all these things happen in our body that come out of nowhere. People cannot see it.
    canchaser we all know what you are talking about. There walking at Mayo and our walking is stretching but try to keep going as long as you can.

    As far as planning believe me we know what you mean by cant plan too much!!

    Thank you so much
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    Sorry I have not replied, I had busy weekend and then too tired to sit at computer. I have an ipad, but I am unable to login on that, I can only read boards. Thanks for phoenix rising site. I have read some.
    Fatigue is my worst, plus brain fog and I just ache, no real severe pain(thank goodness). Also sleep problems.
    I never really exercised, just work and rode my horse( I barrel race- thats what the can[barrel] chaser is). Seems like fatigue was coming on for years but not bad enough to complain, they would just say I was getting older. Then last June all of a sudden fatigue exploded. Very short of breath, sleep problems. Finally at my Pulomonary stress test showed the beta blocker was affecting me. Took 6 weeks to wear off(Ihad been on it for 20 yrs for migraines). By that time I was a little better(meaning I could get off the couch a little) but still very fatigued.
    During this they found a 13-14-mm kidney stone. With my shortness of breath I did not want the sound treatment becaus I did not want an anesthetic. While at Mayo found uroligist and had them take it out w/ laser(MUCH better). Never had pain from stone, luckily.
    If it wasn't for horse chores last summer, I don't know where I would be. I had to go to barn for chores 3xs/day, so I HAD to get up. But so week I didn't know if my leg would hold me.
    I still have to move hay bales & 50# bags of feed. Seems like the 50# bags are getting
    Am taking some supplements based on Dr order blood tests. Magnesium, b6, folic ackd, ca + d, flaxseed.
    I have COPD, asthma, Hypothyroidism, High blood pressue & colesterol and cfs.
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    hi gb66

    I don't have those chill type shakes. Mine are more like weak feeling shakes in hands, arms and sometimes my legs just feel like they are shaking.
    Good luck with the neuro.
    It has just blown my mind how long all of you have had cfs & others. Wow, I have so much to look forward to.

    It seems alot the people on these forums have both cfs/me and fibro. What happens first cfs or fibro. Do you always get both? Do I have that to look forward to also?


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