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    I've had arthritis/fibro/cfs symptoms and other disabling conditions for about 15 years now, on SSDI/SSI for most of that time--anyway, about 5 weeks ago I sent in my review form (short form) and I just a few days ago I called Social Security (but it was a a regular clerk that I talked to, not someone in the Disability dept--if they have one!)

    Anyway, I told him about my stress about the review form and did he know if they were going to do any more this time, and were they going to send me a letter re: not having to do anymore reviews.

    He said if I haven't heard from them, that they are probably not going to ask for further info at this time.

    It's kind of hard to make plans (it's always hard to make plans in the first place, because of the fibro, et al!) and I wonder if I will get a letter definitively stating that they don't need any more at this time?

    Anyone know? MY SSDI/SSI as tiny as they are, are my only lifeline for survival (and they've cut the SSI so much here in Calif over the last two years!!)

    And/or need some good thoughts so as not to be so panicked.
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    I think you should probably be just fine. They sent me the short review form last year and it took about 6 weeks after I returned it, but I finally received a letter from SS stating they were not going to conduct a review at that time.

    So I think you should get a letter soon - take some deep breaths and try to let go of your anxiety - it doesn't solve anything, and only makes you feel worse. I don't know if I believe in God, but always remember this little bit if wisdom: If you pray, why worry? and if you worry, why pray?

    Take care -