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    I am very new to having fibro...I was diagnosed at a local emergency room. I have not been able to see my dr. yet for this, that's how soon it's been. It hit me like a Mac truck during a sinus/ear/throat infection. I have now suffered for a couple of weeks hoping the Dr made a mistake. I noticed today that I started shaking, my hands and legs, uncontrolably. It's not wild shaking, more like a muscle spasm or twitch. I feel very weak today also. I'm wondering if shakes are part of this?
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    hi wanderingbluedragon - welcome!

    I think one of the general rules with diagnosis of FM is that the symptoms should be over a period of several months. So you might want to take the DX from the ER doc with a grain of salt. Not saying you do or don't have it, but it needs a full checkup by a doc who knows what they're doing.

    But beyond that, whether you have FM or not, it is more important to go to your primary doctor, as you might have something else that could be more severe, or need immediate treatment. Since your symptoms have been brought on or triggered by an infection, and you may have been on a course of antibiotics, there are a number of variables to consider.

    To put it clearly, if I were you I would schedule an appointment as soon as possible, and tell them you just had a serious sinus/ear/throat infection, and now you are having shaking/spasms etc. They need to make sure what you are having isn't complications from that infection.

    I hope that helped some. There are many helpful and friendly people here, so hopefully this thread will stay up for long enough for you to get some more advice. The most important thing is to not just "write it off" as FM, as it could be something else. FM is bad enough, but you could have somethign else going on as well.

    OH! and one important thing (I think) - don't mention FM right away to whoever you go to -you don't want to color how they approach their analysis of your condition. Clean slate, then if they can't find anything wrong after lab tests, etc, mention that the ER doc thought you might have FM. If you have something that needs to be treated quickly, you don't want them to rule that possibility out at the outset.[This Message was Edited on 08/21/2006]
  3. wanderingbluedragon

    wanderingbluedragon New Member

    I actually did make the soonest appointment I could with my Dr. which won't be until Sep. 14th. Yeah, I thought that was pretty ridiculous. Anyway, here's another question for you. I have seen posts about costcochondrotis (probably spelled that horribly wrong) but since the begining of this I have had bad chest pain. My lungs are clear, but when I breathe it hurts. I also noticed shortness of breath. The dr. did a sedementation rate test on me and checked trigger points in the ER. He said I showed no signs of inflammation. I had extreme pain in each of the trigger points, so I guess this is what he based all of this on. What else can cause the symptoms I am having? I would be glad to hear that FM is not what I have, but I am worried about what else this might be from. Any ideas? I will see if I can talk my Dr. in to doing more tests if I had a direction to go in.
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    for 2 1/2years somedays it is worse than others i myself went to the er when it statred but i think it was more from chronic myofascail than fms. do you have back problems? mine feels like vibrations all the way up to shaking outside not violently though. charlene
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    I have been having shaking episodes off and on now for about 4 years. They are sporadic and I wasn't finding a common trigger for it. It just seemed like they came on at any given time.

    I just got back from a week long lengthy conference and long flight. About mid week, I was (and had been) running wide open and on very little sleep and also coming down with a cold, and I got one of the worst cases of the shakes that I've had so far. I sat in the bed for about an hour or so holding the pillow tightly to me to try and make it less noticeable to the others in the room with us. Now, I'm beginning to wonder if my shaking is a clue that I am about to hit a flare again. I know that I wasn't getting the rest that I needed. I was pushing myself entirely too hard and now I've been in the bed in pain for a couple of days, so I'm pretty sure I've got another flare coming on.

    I know that it's silly of me because it is something that I have absolutely no control over, but I think that having people seeing me shake like that embarasses me more than anything else. I don't know if it's just because of the helpless lack of control that I have over it or what.

    I think that the shakes are definitely a part of it for me, but lack of rest, running too hard, trying to do too much, and stressing out seem to make it so much worse.

    Please take care of yourself and take a look at what you have going on in your life right now. I think that the situations that we deal with sometimes make the symptoms like this much worse. See if you can find a common trigger to yours (which could be a combination of things and not just one) and if you do, please post back to my attention. I am really curious to know more about this also.

    Excessive stress seems to make mine so much worse and a lot more frequent. I also have a lot of numbness and tingling in my fingers, hands, feet and lips when I'm under a lot of stress too. I think that these are very common sympoms for alot of us, but I can't help believing that additional stress is a triggering factor.
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    I guess it would be helpful to know the timeline and how you were diagnosed and treated for your multiple ENT/sinus infection...and then at what point the ER doc spoke of FM....
    when you got sick, got treated (and how it was treated) and how long it's been since you were treated for that infection.

    Did you go to the ER for your infection and get antibiotics for that, then went back to the ER a couple weeks later with the shaking? Right now it sounds like you went in with a severe infection, and they turned you away after a sed rate check, with an ambiguous nod to FMS dx - which is pretty lax medical care.

    I hope you can see where I'm confused.
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    bumping for wanderingbluedragon
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    This is not the first time I have had this type of pain...The first time I got it was when I had Mono about 2 years ago. Since then I have had joint/muscle pain on and off. It wasn't so bad that I saw someone about it though, I thought it was arthritis cause it was in my knees to begin with and my family has a history of having arthritis in the knees even at an early age. Anyway, that's when I came down with what seemed an ordinary ear/sinus/throat infection. I went in to the urgent care at the begining of this month, around the 4th. I complained about the joint/muscle pain, which was much worse and all over my body to the urgent care doc. She, like me, just thought it was because I was sick. I didn't have a fever, but I was flushed and my skin was hot to the touch. She prescribed me Levoquin, Alistair (nose spray), and Ibuprofen for the pain. I took the meds religeously for five days with no improvement and felt like I was getting worse, at least the pain was. I tried to go back to the urgent care but they weren't seeing any more patients that day so I went to the ER. The ER doc finally took my pain seriously and did some blood work. My white blood cell count was elevated and my sed rate was 2 (normal). He did the pressure point test (at the time I had no clue what he was doing) and I reacted to him pushing on my joints and the back of my neck. He said either I was having a reaction to the Levaquin or I had FM. He switched my meds and put me on prednisone. I took all of those. I just recently went back to the urgent care because I was having chest pains. That doc (different from the first one) questioned me about what happened at the ER so I told him. He thinks it is possibly FM as well but wanted to start testing me for different stuff in case it is something more serious. That's what I have so far. By the way, nothing cuts the pain, not even oxycodone. Hope this helps as a time line.

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