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  1. sharie

    sharie New Member

    Hi everyone,

    For the second time I have had this strange shaking sensation all over my body. After the shaking, a muscle starts to tighten up real bad. I have pain but it is not unbearable. I assume this is a muscle spasm (never had one before this).
    Does anyone else experience this? What would you recommend to stop this from happening?
    Also I have been getting this knife like pain in my ankle when I flex the muscle. Almost like 20 darts shooting me but only for a few seconds..... I have been diagnosed recently and had problems for a year but none like these.
    Would love to know if anyone else gets these strange things.
  2. billiegail

    billiegail New Member

    I get the shakes sometimes too. Most people think it is from not eating regular meals. There is a word for it, but I can't remember it right this minute.
    But, I have never been one to get light headed or shake from not eating. It just comes and goes and I am not sure what causes it.
    As far as the sharp pains, I get them too. It seems like I get them mostly in my joint areas, but I get charlie horses in my ribs now too. That is a horrible place to get one too! Very painful!
    I just thought I'd tell you that you were not alone in this, but I have no advice to give you though.
    I am still clueless.
    God bless and good luck
  3. Susan07

    Susan07 New Member

    Get the shaking, just let it pass. The pain I get in my ankle is from tarsal tunnel syndrome and at it's worst the podiatrist actually gave me a shot right into it (scary at the time), but it did make it feel better.
  4. Red1967

    Red1967 New Member

    are you taking any new meds? When I was first dx'd, the doc immediately started me on a muscle relaxant to help me sleep. I got the shakes really bad, lots of times, before I made the connection to the med. I'm now trying to keep track of what are 'real' symptoms, and what are med-induced symptoms.
    Muscle spasms, for me, are like when you have to hold your hand over your head a really long time in elementary school just to ask to go to the bathroom, lol! It's that same burning, trembling ache that I would get in my shoulder and arm then.
  5. layinglow

    layinglow New Member

    I began with what i would describe as trembling or shaking all over my body. In my opinion the muscles tighten up because this is tiring for them.

    I attribute the shaking as part of the symptoms Dr. Cheney describes (article in library here) that we suffer from being in a mini seizure state.

    I also am very sensitive to flashing lites, noise,etc.

    Had restless leg syndrome (although it occurred in legs and arms), and had myclonic jerking in legs, arms, torso, neck, head, and facial areas, such as eyes and mouth, also.

    The shaking and other neurological symptoms if they become frequent, and difficult can be alleviated by taking klonopin.

    As a matter of fact many FM/CFS Docs suggest a theory using Klonopin to stop the excessive firing or neurons in the brain, as they eventually become overworked and die.

    I intend on using klonopin indefinitely for this reason.

    I would attribute the sharp pain in your ankle as being neurological in nature as well. Part of the Central Nervous System symptoms attributable to these disorders. I believe the sharp, stabbing, and burning pains as compared to aching pain are neurological in nature.[This Message was Edited on 05/08/2003]
  6. friendtoo

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    Hi Sheri, I can realte, my legs uncontrollably shake all the time. They are constantly bobbing up and down. I feel myself tenses them to stop them but this makes the pain worse, I hate this DD. I feel paronoid about my leg shaking and the shooting pains I get that almost knock me over when I am out. I sometimes put a heating pad on my legs to ease the pain from the tenses and try to stop the shaking if I can. I find it very difficult if it continues at noight, feels like your body wants to runa marathon but ib turn knows it can not. I also wish I knew how this can be controlled, especially when I sit down my legs will not stop moving.

    Having crazy leg days too
    Take Care of yourself.
  7. friendtoo

    friendtoo New Member

    I am very intersted in hesring more about this drug and the side effects. Do you feel it stops the jerking of the legs..., my legs go non stop, and can end up tenses to compensate then have a lot of pain after.

    Let me know if you have any info, and how you have found it helpful

  8. sharie

    sharie New Member

    It is interesting about the seisure state. As it was happening to me I told my husband that I felt as though I was having a seisure(fortunately I have never had one). Reading your replies has made me think of the neuro issues.
    Prior to my diagnosis I had extreme migraines with major tingling and numbness.
    I currently see a rhuem. for my fm but am wondering if I need a neurologist. Anyone have experience with a neuro treating fm symptoms?

    Thanks again,
  9. MemoryLane

    MemoryLane Member

    See my post on Myoclonic jerking, too, for more information.

  10. sharie

    sharie New Member

    Thanks for the info. Do you also suffer from numerous neuro symptoms? As it seems my biggest problems may be the neuro ones.

  11. sharie

    sharie New Member

    Hi Betsy,

    Other than the Lyme(I don't think I have been tested but will request) we have very similar things happening. I also had all of the numbness and tingling, they thought that I had a tia at the time. I have had lupus for 16 years and all doctors kept telling me "you have lupus". Well of course I do, but I knew something else was happening to me.
    My rhuem. of 16 years diagnosed the FM about 2 months ago. My current neuro is not very open minded so I will begin the search for yet another doctor.

    I am interested in GABA, I will look thru the prohealth catalog and see if they have it. Where do you buy it from?
    It's unfortunate for all of us, but nice to know someone out there with similar complaints as myself...