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  1. KristyW

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    Hi everyone. I have been having a problem the last week (i've been having a really bad flare)I am in terrible pain and have been shaking. I have never had this happen before, alos my feet and ankles are killing me lately. Anyone else have this problem?

    Please help me i feel like i'm going insane.

  2. Nellie2

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    Hello Kristy

    I too have shaking, and joint pain with Fibro. I have been diagnosed with Essential Tremors but do have periods with whole body shaking. Neurontin seems to be helping with the hand shaking, at least I can write out my name with out shaking now. There is no real dx on the whole body shaking, except that I do know its NOT epilepsy.

    Have you changed shoes lately? Sometimes I get feet and ankle pain when I wear any kind of heel, or if I get new shoes that don't fit quite right.

    Maybe someone else here on the board can give you some advice on a supplement or tea that will help.

  3. nechcake

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    I have been afraid to ask that one
    every time I have a new thing going on hubby wants me to go somewhere new to get a better diognosis .