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    Has anyone ever experienced what I call internal shaking or tremors? Sometimes you can visibly see my hands shake, but the rest of my body feels like it is shaking on the inside, from head to toe. This is such a weird feeling and it makes me think maybe I have Parkinson's or MS or something more serious. My PCP says she thinks it's the fibro along with the anxiety I've been going through. Any help would be appreciated. Terry
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    It's kind of a weak, shaky feeling inside, and sometimes my hands shake and my knees get weak and I worry I'll fall down. From what I understand, this is common with FM.

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    Hi Terry,

    Yes, I also feel like I'm "shaking." At first you could see my hands shake a bit and my right thumb would twitch a lot. I also describe the shaking as "twitching." Sometimes I get these little twitches throughout my body. It's very strange.

    I have never been to any doctor that can tell me why or what happened. I've had it 24 hours a day for the past 7 years. During times of stress or if I exercise a lot (overdo it with anything) it gets "amplified" as I call it. Other times it's less noticible to me.

    Because of this symptom, I am unable to sleep on my own. If I tried, I'd be awake for days. I take lorazapem for "anxiety" (it actually helps me sleep) and Ambien when needed.

    I don't know if I've helped!

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    Yes you've helped me alot. My shaking has been going on for the last six months. The Dr. told me it's just the fibro,and since I'm obsessing over it it is causing me anxiety. She put me on klonopin to see if that would help. It does help, but as soon as my dose wears off it starts all over again. Thanks for your input. Terry