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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sugarpeach, Mar 25, 2007.

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    Hi! I was searching for any posts about Fioricet this morning and read yours about it. I have been having terrible headaches recently and i also have TOS with awful neck and right arm pain. I take percocet for my arm,neck and other fibro issues. In your post you mentioned that you take fioricet. Is this for headaches from neck pain or because of migraines? I dont have migraines,my headaches are usually located in the very base of my neck and then spread up to the top of my head. The percocet I take isnt for headaches but will ease them if I happen to take meds and have a headache at the same time. I take my 10mg percocet 4x a day and was going to ask my Dr. if I should try something else on my next visit since headaches have become more frequent since my last visit. I wanted to know if I should mention fioricet but what if it doesnt work for neck/arm and FM problems. That's why I wanted to get your opinion on this. Hopefully I havent been too confusing. Thanks in advance for your help. Peace-Susan
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    I suffer from chronic migraines and take the Fioricet for them. I use it sparingly though since it is a narcotic. The Neuro doesn't want me to take it. He wants me to take Lyrica and I had a really bad reaction to that. He also doesn't want me to take Ambien but I am going to talk to the Sleep Clinic DR about that. I am having a really hard time getting used to this cpap. I think it is just so uncomfortable ... with the the buckles and stuff. You would think they would use velcro. I may do a little surgery on it ;-). Also the noise of the air is rather annoying. My cat hates it ... lol. She is not used to Mommy having something on her face. I took it off in my sleep! I have the little one that sticks up your nostrils. I am surprised your DR hasn't put you on Cymbalta or Lyrica (those seem to be the latest and greatest med trend for this FM). I was OK with the Cymbalta but maxed out on it (and it was very expensive). I also take skelaxin (which is a muscle relaxer). I am finally going to see a Rheumatologist April 17th. He is supposed to be top notch in Ohio (and is also a prof at Ohio State University). I have myself weaned off all meds but the anti-depressant (300 mg welbutrin) and some skelaxin (when I just can't cope). I also took an Ambien last night because I was sooo exhausted and needed to sleep. I don't care what the Neuro says ;-)~ I reall don't know what to suggest about the Fioricet. My sister also gets the same type of migraines (as did our Mother) and my sister eats those Fioricets like candy!!! My DR is really stingy with the script since it is a narcotic and I only take it when I have one of my really bad migraines. I also get common migraines and headaches. I do not take it for those. I just try to suffer through.

    (((((((( good luck )))))))) My name is Susan also ;-)

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