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    Hi there! Read your last post on "what do you eat..." thread about tattoos being one of your loves. I also am a tattoo lover - kind of like people who eat potato chips...once you start, you can't stop! My "last" one was 1 1/2 years ago. I'm looking forward to my next one - just waiting to have a "good" day so I can do it! The gal who has done most of mine is drawing it up for me - which she has done for a few for both me & my hubby.

    It doesn't matter the reason why people get tattoos. For me - it is a way of expressing myself. All but 2 have some sort special meaning...the 2 were for fun. One of mine is "Rocki" (the squirrel from Rocky & Bullwinkle) as that is my nick-name. My hubby & I have matching "wedding wristlets" of our bands....the list goes on.

    People are always surprised when they find out I have 17 of them. The ones on my wrists/hand you can see clearly, then when they find out there are 15 more (so far), their eyes bulge out of their sockets. Yes, I've gotten the usual comments as well. Yes, I know they won't wash off. I am who I am and proud of that fact.

    What kind of tats do you have or like? Curious, because you look so much like a friend I used to ride with - she was into celtic and frogs - yes, frogs.

    Live, Laugh, Love,
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    I do very much love tattoos. The one you can see in my picture is the start of my upper arm piece, yes just the start. It's a geisha standing in water waves. So far just the outline and shading of the first part is done and that was over a year ago. Too pooped to try to get more at the moment but hopefully soon. I have 7 in total right now. The arm, large back piece of a moth, 1 on my upper back shoulder lizard, 1 on lower back vine and heart, a tribal on my front shoulder frog, 1 on my foot lizard and 1 on my neck kanji. I don't have a particular favorite but funny you should mention the frog because the one on my front shoulder is a tribal frog!

    My fascination started because I grew up around tattoos, my mom and father both have them as well as many of my aunts and uncles. I'm also an artist at heart and love to know I have mine and friend's art all over me for life. Don't know when I will be able to get more but I do know I will never stop. At this point, the last one I got is my favorite, the geisha. It's almost a gradifying experience for me.

    I've been asked all the questions too... but my favorite by far was when some woman asked me what I was going to do when I was 80 and my skin was all saggy so my tattoos don't look like they used to. My answer "Remember when they looked like they were supposed to and laugh." Some people just weren't meant to understand. But I do love them, but they aren't for everyone. So I say to each there own! hahaha.

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    Awesome! Your geisha tat sounds so cool! A frog too! That is just too funny. Haven't seen her in a long while, but my friend Red (she got tagged with "Red" as she was very Irish and had red hair - go figure) anyway, she loves frogs and had them all over her house and when she finally decided to get her first tattoo, it was a frog - she was so very excited!

    Ohhhhhhhhh yes. I know the "what I was going to do when I was 80 and my skin was all saggy so my tattoos don't look like they used to"... funny stuff, huh? A little funny story about one of my other friends (who actually has remained a friend despite this DD) goes by "Tweety" and has lots of Tweety tats (and a housefull of Tweety stuff!). Well, she loves showing off her "Fat Tweety/Skinny Tweety". She's a tiny little gal, and this particular "Tweety Tat" is on the front of her ...hmmm...chest area and this is called "fat tweety"....then she bends over and it becomes "skinny tweety" - cracks me up when she does this!

    So cool that you are an artist. I would love to be able to draw and such, but guess I don't have that gene in me. My Auntie was an artist in California. She just passed away last year and was 92! She was a terrific lady!

    One of my favorite tats is the boy and girl which is the center piece on my back. Okay, I'm kind of a romantic sentimentalist... my hubby bought me a real cute card one time that has this picture on the front where they are sitting down, the boy has his hand on the girls cheek and is leaning in to give her a kiss - well, my hubby does this and that is why he bought the card. THAT is when I decided that picture was going to be my center piece and had it drawn up for me - no color on this one, but there is some shading to it.

    Gosh.... I've kind of rambled on there didn't I.
    Hope you are doing well today and have a restful evening!

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    Your back piece sounds beautiful and what an amazing idea. And it also sounds like a wonderful relationship. Good for you! Most of my tattoos have some sort of connection to something in my life whether it be silly or sentimental.

    My favorite part of tattoos is it gives people an amazing opportunity to meet others, whether that meeting was good or bad. People love to talk about tattoos, so if you have one, it is much more likely that they will approach you because they feel they have a reason.

    Now don't get me wrong, this isn't always a good thing... hahaha. Sometimes I just want to be left alone and people will drive me crazy with all the darn questions. But I have actually met some of my really good friends that way because it gave us a better first conversation. Starting with the question, "Wow, that's amazing, where did you get it done?" That's my favorite question because then I can promote my artists and take the attention off of me, but still make a good conversation out of it.

    Well I suppose, enough about that for now. So what else are you into, what else do you like to do? How long have you been sick? There are so many things I love to do and used to love to do, although I don't do much these days, I still love to read and write, draw when I can, sew, get a ton of ideas that I never do anything with... hahahaha... I'm good at that one... Always thinking, never doing. I've been sick for almost 6 years now, with the last 3 being the worst of it. No particular moment pinpointed that started it all, just started with getting sick more often for longer periods of time and then the pain came so I wanted answers and after almost 2 years, I got one and I have to say... I still don't like the answer. Fibro is just as bad as saying, "I don't know what it is." or "Nothing is wrong..." because they don't know why this stupid syndrome happens.... But such is my life... and I'll stop the rambling here.

    It's been nice talking back and forth. Keep in touch!

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    Great to hear from you again! It's so nice to be able to communicate with people from all over. I have made friends from this board that I either talk with here or e-mail with regularly - it's so nice to make friends!

    Wow. Okay, where to start...hmmm? Guess I'll answer your questions in order.

    There are LOTS of things that I would LOVE to do, but unable to right now, obviously (more on that later). But, I have not given up hope. Besides tattoos, I love to creativley cook (on days that I can). Being allergic to wheat & dairy kind of steered my into that direction. I like to write poetry, writing funny stories-writing in general I guess, I'm hooked on Incredimail (not sure if you're familiar with that) so I love to dress up e-mails, vegging in my pool, I'm into faeries (trying to find a faerie belly ring!), Yoga, and natural things - I use more natural remedies and research as much as I can on this DD. Since I can no longer ride my own bike, I really love getting on the bike with my hubby when I can (pay for it dearly later though). There's more, just can't think right now (insert fog horn here).

    I used to be VERY active! Worked like a dog, I rode a bike (big accomplishment for me - I'm 5'2", kind of on the little side and rode a big bike), 4-wheeling in Sedona (my happy place) and around the lakes here, went on my first helicopter ride in Sedona (of course), camping (LOVE/D it!) walking along creek beds, hiking...gosh I miss this stuff! Like you, I do a lot of these activities in my head...maybe that is where the headaches are coming from?

    How long have I been sick? Hmmm. Sometimes it feels like forever, but well over 6 years. I had weird symptoms prior and would get sick a lot with different viruses, sinus infections, etc. several years prior to being dx in 2001 with CFIDS and then later with Fibro - docs feel that I have both. I consider 11/8/01 my last "well" day because after that date, I have to this day consistantly feel like I have the "flu" (with other lovely symptoms and such). Some days better/worse than others. Yet, despite this (insert word of choice) illness, I truly try to have a positive attitude/outlook because I don't want to be a sick person - does this make sense? Okay, yes I do admit it gets REAL tough sometimes and I have my little pitty parties because I'm sick of being sick, sick of the pain, sick of not being able to budge from bed.... (stop me puleeeeeeese!)....okay, so this is where my nick-name comes in... I just have to keep fighting. Plus, I have an awesome hubby who I thank every single day for all he does for me (insert mushy stuff here)

    You are so right! Fibro IS like saying "I don't know what it is"...etc. I read somewhere else on this board that Fibro/CFIDs is like a dumping ground...well, I think we should close the dump!

    Gosh girl! Guess I just finshed another chapter here. Tag... more about you next time around.

    Take care and gentle hugs are sent your way!

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    Hello again! Sorry it took me so long to reply, but I didn't want you to think I forgot about you.... So here it is...

    I feel the same way with my diagnosis. I got dx'd in 2000, 20 years old and at first I felt such a relief, like "that explains the constant weird infections, strep throat yearly, yada yada"... but now that I've been very very sick for the last 2 years, I'm so frustrated because it still doesn't make sense, expecially since FMS isn't "supposed" to be progressive... Yeah, right. ;-)

    I hear ya on the creative cooking and food allergies. I recently found out that I'm allergic to rice, wheat, oat barley... possibly other grains and my allergist is going to test me for Celiac Disease soon. He also thinks I have asthma which I will be tested for soon. Enough about that... I'm also a vegetarian which makes cooking for me even more interesting. Although because of this, I have become quite the cook and so has my wonderful boyfriend, since it is nearly impossible for me to eat "easy" food or go out to eat. It makes life interesting to say the least.

    Wow! Being 5'2" and riding a bigger size bike is pretty impressive. I hope to have my own bike someday, but right now I highly doubt I could handle it. I haven't been on a bike in years! I grew up in a Harley family. Used to go riding with my uncle and my step dad all the time... I miss those days. These days I pour all of my extra energy (what little I have) into my doggy. I do my best to give him as much exercise as possible and take him for walks around town. I'm thrilled to be able to walk more than a block these days. The last couple of months I've been able to walk up to six blocks and still make it home. I do still have to be very careful how far I go otherwise I pay for it for the next week. I have been doing better, but I still get a lot of leg pain and just overall fatigue. I was just diagnosed with CFS as well, 2 years ago.

    Since I found out I have had all of these food allergies, I have cut those foods out of my diet and I have felt so much better! My digestive system works better and some of my pain has depleted. It really has been a wonderful discovery, I'm glad I finally thought it may be a problem, because I don't think any of my doctors would have come to that conclusion. I can't believe how clueless doctors can really be! But what can ya do ya know?

    Well I suppose I'll stop here since it looks as though I've written a book! hahaha... hope to hear back from you sometime and I hope you are doing well.